17 Signs From This Week That Are Way, Way, Way, Way Too Funny Not To Look At

Hear ye, hear ye, it's time to gather 'round and laugh at the funniest signs from this past week, courtesy of r/funnysigns. There's at least one on this list guaranteed to make you chortle:

1."Kids menu, plz."

menu items listed as, "i don't care", "i want to go home", "i'm not hungry"

2."We could actually use this guy."

flyer for an apology writer offering their services promising their apologies are hot hot hot

3."At the Pentagon?"

no drugs or nuclear weapons allowed inside the restroom

4."Sooo many questions..."

warning this property is protected by highly trained chickens

5."Was driving across upstate New York and thought I had to turn back to snap a photo of this."

road sign that says be prepared but the rest of the sign is cut off

6."Hey, calm down!"

marquee reading, never in the history of calm down has anyone calmed down by being told to calm down

7."So Australia has helicopter sharks now."

warning sign at the beach with a list of things and sharks is listed next to a photo of a shark with helicopter wings


door mat says dont. stop. be leaving

9."Cake up here."

note on the fridge points to a cake on top reading cake up here so the cat doesn't sit on it but the cat is sitting on the cake

10."Energy drink?"

sign reading unattended children will be given an energy drink and taught to swear

11."The end is nigh!"

every disaster movie starts with the government ignoring a scientist

12."Farm fresh."

egg with a stamp reading, farm fresh butt nugget

13."What do you mean by that?"

sign above pickles on the shelf reading, if you would like your pickle drained ask an employee thank you

14."Ever have this?"

hate when i go out in public and the public is there

15."Humorous anti-speeding sign."

who hates speeding tickets? raise your right foot

16."The blinker."

back of a truck has insructions for driving, an arrow points left for the passing lane and an arrow pointing right for the cruising lane, also with arrows to the blinkers

17."Darned disobedient tree."

a do not eat sign looks like it's being eaten by a tree

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