17 Signs a Destination Has Jumped the Shark

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This week, former reality television star and socialite Paris Hilton arrived in Cuba for a vacation. And so, before the island country even really had a chance to have its day as an “it” destination, it may already be over.

Here are 17 ways to know if a hot spot has jumped the shark.


The Kardashian-Jenner clan stormed Greece.  (Photo: Splash News)

1. D-list celebrities start going there. This includes but is not limited to any former cast member of “Saved by the Bell” besides Mario Lopez, anyone with the last name Kardashian, the Real Housewives, and Chris Harrison.


Thanks for the suggestion, Nana. (Photo: Stocksy)

2. Your grandma starts raving about it.


(Photo: Groupon)

3. You get a Groupon for it.


Fiji is where Ashley and JP got engaged. (Photo: ABC)

 4. They shoot “The Bachelor” proposal there.

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Spot one of these and it is all down hill from there. (Photo: Jelly Dude/Flickr)

 5. It becomes a sea of fanny packs and selfie sticks.


Giant flip-flops say fun. (Photo: Flickr)

6. They open a Jimmy Buffett/Margaritaville restaurant. 


Guess where I am? (Photo: Jodie Griggs/Getty Images)

7. The most basic girl in your Instagram feed posts a picture from there.


(Photo: Flickr/CoffeeHero)

8. They open the first Starbucks/McDonald’s there. 


(Photo: Stocksy/Alejandro Moreno de Carlos)

9. Tinder guys start taking selfies with locals there.


They have arrived. (Getty Images/Dennis Macdonald)

10. The first pack of cruise passengers descend there.

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(Photo: Instagram/alepanci)

11. They start printing T-shirts that say “I Went to X Awesome Destination and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt.”


(Photo: Flick/Tom O’Donoghue)

12. Taylor Swift writes a song about it.


(Photo: Instagram/thefatjewish)

13. @thefatjewish starts ripping on it on Instagram.


Did someone say booze cruise? (Photo: Flickr/Keith Parker )

14. Someone starts a booze cruise there.


You’re entering the Wi-Fi zone. (Photo: Flickr/Erin Pettigrew)

15. The entire location has free Wi-Fi.


(Photo: Today show)

16. You hear about it on the “Today” show.


Only memories now (Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian)

17. They woo you by naming all of the A-listers who previously vacationed there but will never return, due to its current popularity.

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