These $17 Pores Strips are Millie Bobby Brown's Secret to Blackhead-Free Skin

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Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Her Acne on InstagramArturo Holmes - Getty Images
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Battling acne can be an isolating experience, especially when everyone else around you seems to have perfect skin without even trying. Chances are we all know that person who washes their face in the shower with body wash, yet has had maybe one pimple in their life. The beauty of social media is finding community with those who share your struggles, especially a celeb with over 63 million followers watching her every move. Stranger ThingsMillie Bobby Brown has never been shy about speaking on her own skin struggles, mostly to assure fans that acne is perfectly normal and something she deals with, too.

A recent Instagram post from Florence by Mills, the Enola Holmes star’s makeup and skincare brand, reveals a makeup-free selfie of Brown where blemishes dot her hairline, chin, and cheekbones. In the caption, she said, “My journey with acne is something very personal to me. We all deserve to feel confident and comfortable in our own skin, and I hope by sharing my experience, you feel inspired to embrace your skin and love it no matter what stage it’s in!”

Fans responded in the comments, expressing gratitude for her transparency. Instagram user @millie.lov.e said, “thanks to millie [sic] I feel comfortable in my skin,” while @carlaluvsmilliebb1.5 gushed, “Thank you for showing this as I have had very bad acne growing up and just seeing this photo makes me so inspired.”

Brown also interacted with followers on Instagram stories and answered a series of beauty-related questions. When one fan asked, “How do you stay confident in your own skin when you’re having a breakout?” she wrote back, “Knowing that breakouts are temporary moments in life and that this shall eventually pass! Loving and accepting your skin at any stage is one of the most freeing feelings.”

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Additionally, she revealed her secret to blackhead-free skin: the Florence by Mills Pore Power To You Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. “Lately, my go-to trick is using our Pore Power to You Deep Cleansing Pore Strips,” she said. “I like that each set includes strips for both the chin and nose and they are super gentle when helping to remove any blackheads.”

It’s always refreshing to see someone embrace imperfection on social media, and we welcome any sign that the acne positivity movement is still alive and well.

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