17 Outdoor Doormats You Need to Greet the Season...and Your Guests

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Outdoor doormats are one of those under-appreciated pieces of home décor. People trample all over them without thinking twice, and it’s their actual job to be dirty so that your floors aren’t. But they’re also the first thing guests see when they come to visit and the piece that will greet you each night before you head inside. Since these mats are even more necessary with the new season at hand, when it’s more likely than ever that your new fall boots will be unintentionally trekking in some...souvenirs from all of your outdoor adventures, it makes sense to find one that will add a touch of personality to your home.

A great outdoor door mat will welcome only the things and people you want inside your house, keeping dirt, mud and water outdoors—where it belongs. Here are a few other things to look for when shopping for your perfect pick.

Material: The material of your doormat will not only affect its look, it will have different benefits.

  • Coir: Many outdoor doormats are made of coir, which is a natural fiber made of coconut husk. Not only are its thick, coarse bristles naturally water-repellent, it's good for scraping dirt and debris off of shoes. This eco-friendly material is versatile in design, and can be dyed, printed or left plain for a natural look. It’s also naturally UV-resistant, so a good coir rug can reportedly last upwards of 10 years.

  • Synthetic fibers: These are popular materials for outdoor doormats due to their durability. Polypropylene, for example, is breathable, water-resistant and stain-resistant. Polypropylene mats are also easy to clean—simply sweep, vacuum, shake, wipe or hose them off.

  • Rubber: Rubber is a durable, low-maintenance option that couldn’t be easier to wash, though it tends to have fewer design options. It won't soak up water that lands on it, either, so it tends to stay pretty dry. Beyond that, rubber is über-durable and doesn't move around easily.

  • Cotton: While less commonly used for doormats, cotton can actually be super absorbent and handy, as it's largely machine washable. Cotton mats with a mottled appearance can also help to disguise dirt.

Size: Your outdoor mat should cover most of the deck, patio or step leading to your door. It should also be big enough for someone to stand on with both feet, so they’re not doing a hokey pokey dance trying to wipe off their shoes one by one.

Backing: You should look for a doormat that has a rubber or anti-slip backing, so that it stays in place and doesn’t become a tripping hazard.

Ahead are 17 outdoor door mats that will greet the new season—and your guests—all at once.

The Best Outdoor Doormats at a Glance

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1. Avera Welcome Coir Fiber Doormat

Best overall outdoor doormat

Use this mat to welcome guests to your home, sweet home. Its natural coir is made for indoor/outdoor use and there’s a PVC non-slip backing to keep it in place. While it can handle dirt and grime from your wet shoes, you’ll want to make sure it’s under an awning or covering to keep its multicolored leaves looking their best.

$26 at Amazon

2. Fall Plaid Pumpkin Doormat

Best personalized door mat

For something a little less “square” at your front door, try this fun semi-circular rug. It’s made with a water-resistant polyester surface to make it waterproof and easy to clean. More than that, however, you can make it your own, with room for up to two lines of personalized text on its perfectly autumnal plaid pumpkin design. It has a non-skid, durable rubber backing, and you can order it with or without a weatherproof rubber frame that’s not only elegant and festive, it has patterned grooves to help trap dirt and water and prevent it from being trekked inside your house.

Buy It (From $22)

3. Gorilla Grip Rubber Door Mat

Most durable doormat

With this doormat, you won’t have to worry about how many pairs of feet show up at your front door. It has a woven polypropylene fabric that’s soft on shoes but tough on dirt and water, as well as a rubber border that’s beveled to trap any unwanted water or grime. When it needs a refresh, you can vacuum, rinse or wipe the mat clean with the hose. Better yet, it comes in more than 20 colors/patterns, so you’re sure to find one that suits your porch.

$39 $25 at Amazon

4. Buffalo Plaid Welcome Mat

Best large outdoor doormat

This doormat is cotton with reinforced edges, which makes it extremely moisture-absorbent for wet feet—and simultaneously machine washable. At 23 inches by 51 inches, it’s also bigger than most doormats you’ll find, making it easy to cover the entirely of your outdoor entry space.

$23 at Amazon

5. Embossed Leaf Doormat

Best rubber doormat

You won’t have to worry about how your doormat is faring outdoors with this 100 percent rubber mat, which has an attractive embossed leaf design. When it gets a little grimey, you can easily pick it up and shake it or hose it off when needed.

$23 at Amazon

6. Floral Greeting Doormat

Most colorful doormat

This gorgeous pick comes with a bold, bright floral and leaf pattern that will look great any time of year, but is particularly comely for autumn. The coconut fiber design is eco-friendly, though you will want to make sure it’s covered from the sun and elements to keep it looking vibrant for as long as possible.

Buy It ($48)

7. Artoid Hello Pumpkin Doormat

Best holiday doormat

This cheeky “hello pumpkin” design is everything you’ll need to get into the autumnal spirit. Made with a mostly 95 percent rubber construction, it will stay right where you put it while also resisting stains from dirt and debris. Its low-profile will also ensure no one trips coming in or going out.

$22 at Amazon

8. Donna Wilson Coir Leaf Collage Doormat

Best coir doormat

Doormat, or work of art? This leaf collage coconut husk coir doormat from textile artist Donna Wilson is a little bit of both. It’s hand-loomed by artisans in India and can be used both indoors or outside for a quick and homey pop of color. To keep its hues vibrant, however, you’ll want to keep it out of direct sunlight.

Buy It ($30)

9. Weather Guard Nature Doormat

Best weatherproof doormat

When you want something really heavy-duty, you can’t go wrong with a Weather Guard doormat, like this one, which also happens to come in multiple fall hues. It’s made of a super rugged rough and tumble polypropylene and rubber that customers say stands up against the elements, and there’s a skid-resistant backing to keep it from slipping and slipping around outside your door.

Buy It ($40)

10. mDesign Welcome Mat

Best non-slip mat

We all know how important first impressions are, so make sure the one your home makes is a good one with this welcoming coir mat, which is reinforced with a flexible, non-slip backing to keep your visitors free from any mishaps. Its tough bristles, meanwhile, will protect your house from dirt or dust, and you can choose from nine different colors/designs to best suit your aesthetic.

$20 at Amazon

11. Grandin Road Pumpkin Hooked Doormat

Best cute doormat

If you really want to up the fall ante, this hand-hooked pumpkin-shaped doormat is for you. Not only is it one of the most unique pieces around, with vivid colors that customers say make it look just like a real pumpkin, it’s generously sized to fit under both feet. Note that you may need to add a more sturdy backing to it to keep it it in primo shape.

Buy It ($100)

12. Juvale Coco Coir Mat

Most versatile doormat

This eco-friendly coconut coir mat is great for fall...and winter...and spring...you get the idea. With its neutral cross design, UV- and water-resistant fibers and non-slip backing, you can use it in any area of your outdoor space at any given time of year. Customers say it's of a nice quality, too.

$17 at Amazon

13. Elrene Come In and Cozy Up Doormat

Best cozy doormat

This rug may be made of 100 percent coir, but you’d never know it at a glance. The black, white and red plaid pick will make you feel just as warm and cozy as you would throwing on a favorite flannel shirt. It’s thick enough to collect dirt and grime from even the busiest stoops, and it’s weather- and UV-resistant besides.

Buy It ($60 $25)

14. Autumn doormat

Best initial doormat

This charming autumn design has a personal touch with the ability to customize it with one initial and a last name of up to 15 characters. While reviewers say it’s on the thinner side, it can double as a low-pile indoor mat when more wintery weather starts to settle in. It’s also got a nice skid-resistant backing.

Buy It ($43)

15. Weather Guard Bombay Doormat

You can customize this all-weather door mat, which is available in eight jewel tones, with the first letter of your last name. It has an anti-static polypropylene top and a rubber border to trap water and dirt, and it's also mildew- and fade-resistant, so it won't easily be damaged by the sun.

Buy It ($60)

16. Hello Cat Doormat

Best funny doormat

Put a grin on your houseguests’ face before they ever enter your abode with this darling cat mat, which is handmade with natural coir. Its strong fibers are absorbent and it has a heavy duty non-slip rubber backing, too.

Buy It (From $28 $14)

17. Mohawk Home Ornamental Entryway Doormat

Best mosaic doormat

This tasteful doormat is made with recycled rubber and comes in two subtle-yet-classy color patterns that will harmonize with your home’s décor. It also stretches slightly longer than most doormats, giving your porch more coverage without being overpowering and leaving the perfect first impression. Simply spot clean it with water to keep it looking fresh.

$70 $30 at Amazon

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