17 Modern Bathroom Wall Ideas

Here are some decadent bathroom walls that bring rococo flare to modern living.

A little panel of wallpaper against sunny yellow tile feels fresh without being twee.

There is nothing like the feeling of visiting a home and finding yourself pleasantly surprised by a particularly charming or well-designed bathroom. If your powder room or primary bath could use a little refresh, this collection of bathroom wall ideas will inspire you to upgrade your bathroom to true throne status.

1. Accent with Marble

Adding a visually stimulating accent piece in any room is a great idea to change the atmospheric quality of the space. 

This marble slab holding bathing fixtures in this home is a great example of a simple yet striking way  to change the dynamics of a space.

2. Decorate with vintage finishes

The designers of this home selected a Barclay Stanford 550 pedestal sink to replace a short, built-in vanity in the shared bathroom.

3. Add curved trim detailing

The curved trim detailing along the tile and mirror of this bathroom easily allow the eye to trace edges of different wall elements, which adds tactile value to the intersection of materials.

Curved trim is a little unexpected in the best way—it draws attention to the mix of materials in this bathroom.

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