17 Garden Path Ideas That Perfectly Showcase Your Plantings

From modern and bold to cottage core aesthetics, these garden path ideas suit every style.

Historic Beaufort Foundation
Historic Beaufort Foundation

A garden serves as your very own slice of nature—a quiet oasis filled with foliage and flowers you love. And it’s only a few steps from your doorstep. Carving out a pathway within your garden certainly serves a functional purpose, allowing you to meander as you wish from one point to another and tend to your plants. Garden paths also provide an opportunity to experiment with form and can help enhance and guide your experience.

"Garden paths should provide a sense of direction and guide one through a garden," says Keith Williams, founder of Nievera Williams, a landscape architecture firm in Palm Beach, Florida. "I believe when designing a garden path, it should offer interaction with the garden, whether walking through a parterre or passing by moving water."

Maybe you’re drawn to that English cottage core look, in which case a gravel walkway or organic stepping stones fit seamlessly into your yard. Or perhaps you appreciate a more modern aesthetic, which calls for symmetry and simplicity. And, of course, there are no hard rules—it’s your garden, after all. Combining different design approaches into one space can make for a striking garden, too. To help inspire your own outdoor space, we’re showcasing some of our favorite garden path ideas.

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Organic Flagstone Steps

<p>Sarah Shields, Susan Yeley Homes</p>

Sarah Shields, Susan Yeley Homes

At this Scandi-modern home, an organic garden pathway along the sideyard adds a soft and earthy contrast. Designed by Susan Yeley Homes, the flagstone steps are lined with simple leafy foliage in varying textures and colors.

Flagstone and Gravel

<p>Avery J Klein, Hommes + Gardens</p>

Avery J Klein, Hommes + Gardens

Simple organic flagstone married with neutral-toned gravel makes for a rugged and earthy garden pathway in this design by Hommes + Gardens. A wall of greenery lends privacy, while varied flora creates intrigue.

Grass Pathway to the Ocean

<p>Domes Miramare Corfu</p>

Domes Miramare Corfu

For a less-is-more garden path idea, consider creating a simple walkway made entirely from grass, as pictured here on the grounds of Domes Miramare Corfu. Perfectly lined plants help create the path-like effect without any additional need for stones, gravel, or mulch.

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Simple Flagstone Pavers

<p>J Ashley, Serenbe</p>

J Ashley, Serenbe

In this quaint garden reprieve designed by Serenbe, a row of stepping stones nestled into the grass serves as the perfect walkway.

Raised Garden Beds With Gravel



If your garden features a series of raised garden beds, consider creating a setup similar to this design by Farmscape. Gray gravel is all that's needed to create a clear walkway from bed to bed.

Elevated Boardwalk

<p>Michael Stavaridis, Nievera Williams</p>

Michael Stavaridis, Nievera Williams

Boardwalks—like the one pictured in this design by Nievera Williams—serve as an idyllic garden path for those who have wetlands, have water on the property, or simply prefer an elevated walkway.

Wide Concrete With Pebbles

<p>Avery J Klein, Hommes + Gardens</p>

Avery J Klein, Hommes + Gardens

Keep your garden path simple with wide, low-profile concrete steps surrounded by multi-toned pebbles. Minimalist solar lights illuminate the path once the sun sets.

Pavers With Grass Borders

<p>Christian Daw Design</p>

Christian Daw Design

This striking, criss-cross garden path, by Christian Daw Design, combines the hardness of concrete with a soft and fluffy grass "grout."

Gravel Bordered With Mulch

<p>Ali Harper, Serenbe</p>

Ali Harper, Serenbe

Here's an ultra-simple garden path that you can complete in a day. Simply lay gravel in a winding walkway through the garden, allowing contrasting garden mulch to melt into the rock for a soft and organic feel.

Framed Gravel

Historic Beaufort Foundation
Historic Beaufort Foundation

Gravel is a low-cost and easy option for garden pathways that still delivers impressive, intentional results. In this beautifully lush garden, crisp walkway edges are created by lining the path with simple bricks.

Rustic Blocks

<p>Michael Stavaridis, Nievera Williams</p>

Michael Stavaridis, Nievera Williams

This stunning garden by Nievera Williams feels as if it's been here forever. A retaining wall lined with foliage creates a clear boundary for the garden, while the same rugged, lived-in stone is used to create a path around the perimeter and into the center.

Large Stepping Stones

<p>Jay Eriv, Grounds Keeper</p>

Jay Eriv, Grounds Keeper

Jay Eriv, landscape designer for Grounds Keeper, opted for huge stepping stones as the pathway of choice in this beautiful garden. The stones stand out well against a dark mulch and the path is accompanied by a sweet blue bench and greenery.

Small Circular Stepping Stones



For a playful and creative take on a garden path, take your cue from this unique design by Farmscape. Beige gravel serves as a backdrop to small circular stepping stones in a contrasting gray tone.

Tiered Garden With Cobblestone

<p>Michael Stavaridis, Nievera Williams</p>

Michael Stavaridis, Nievera Williams

Steps are non-negotiable for tiered gardens or homes that sit on a slope. Here, Nievera Williams opted for serious texture via cobblestone steps.

Flagstone and Grass

<p>Avery J Klein, Hommes + Gardens</p>

Avery J Klein, Hommes + Gardens

If you can't decide between creating a fully stone garden path or keeping things softer with grass, why not combine the two? This ultra-wide pathway, by Hommes + Garden, uses spaced-out flagstone placed directly into the dirt, which allows soft grass to grow between.

Gravel Leading to a Gate

Noe Dewitt
Noe Dewitt

Tall hedges, a trellis gate, and overflowing bushes create an atmosphere out of The Secret Garden, where a loose gravel walkway allows for access through the space without distracting from the lush landscape.

Pavers Edged With Pavers

<p>Anna Blazhuk / Getty Images</p>

Anna Blazhuk / Getty Images

Pavers set upright define the edges of this stone pathway, while trailing greenery softens the look of the sharp edges. Uneven stones set into natural-colored grout create an organic complement to the nearby paver staircase.

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