20 Black-Owned Brands You Need to Add to Your Beauty Hoard

A 2013 study forecast that African-American buying power would reach $1.3 trillion by 2017. That research also revealed that these consumers spend nine times more of their money on ethnic beauty and grooming products than those of any other background. All this is to say that black women and men are obviously willing to invest in quality products that make them look and feel better. Not only are they buying these products, they are also rapidly becoming owners of huge beauty brands that are found on shelves at mass retailers and selling out quickly online as well.

There are some companies you may recognize from shopping at the drugstore, and there are others quickly climbing to make a massive mark. From hair care to makeup and skin care, so many unique black-owned beauty businesses are catering to the needs of their consumers and building amazing empires to become household names.

For Black History Month (and every month to follow), Yahoo Beauty is celebrating these major players. Here are 20 of the best black-owned beauty brands in the business. Scroll ahead, and prepare to be exceptionally inspired.

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