16 Unhinged Things Celeb Couples Have Done In The Name Of Love

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1.When Machine Gun Kelly designed Megan Fox's engagement ring to "hurt" if she ever removed it:

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly posing for a picture at an awards show
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for iHeartMedia
A close up of Megan Fox's engagement ring

That's...a choice, I guess?

@machinegunkelly / Via instagram.com

2.When Pete Davidson got not one, but TWO tattoos for Ariana Grande weeks after they started dating:

A closeup of Pete Davidson's "dangerous woman" tattoo
A closeup of Pete Davidson's tattoo of "AG" on his thumb

I would say tattoos are forever, but we know that that's not the case anymore.

@londonreese / Via Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/londonreese/?hl=en

3.When Ariana Grande put a song called "Pete Davidson" on her album:

4.When Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton wore vials of each other's blood around their necks:

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton posing together on a red carpet

Quite literally a walking biohazard.

Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

5.When Travis Barker got Kourtney Kardashian's name tattooed on his ribcage:

6.When Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson married each other after only knowing one another for four days:

I've had headaches longer than they knew each other before getting married. 

I've had headaches longer than they knew each other before getting married.

Steve Grantiz / WireImage / Getty Images

7.When Offset purchased a billboard for Cardi B's birthday:

8.When Drake purchased a billboard for Rihanna after she won the Vanguard Award:

9.When Serena's husband purchased billboards for Serena Williams to welcome her back to tennis:

10.When Taylor Swift bought a $4.9 million dollar Cape house next door to Conor Kennedy's family compound:

Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift canoodling on the Cape

Sadly, they broke up a couple months later before Taylor could even throw a sick party in her new pad!

Splash Online

11.When Robin Thicke released Paula, a love album dedicated to his estranged wife, Paula Patton:

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton posing on the Grammys red carpet

A valiant effort I guess, but much like the song "Too Little Too Late," Paula Patton still ended up filing for divorce.

Dan Macmedan / WireImage / Getty Images

12.When Ben Affleck took out a page-long ad in the Hollywood Reporter AND Variety to congratulate Jennifer Lopez:

"You have shown kindness, dedication, diligence, humility, graciousness of spirit, beauty in courage, great empathy, astonishing talent, real poise and true grace...It has been nothing but an honor and a pleasure to work with you. I only wish I were lucky enough to be in all your movies. With love, respect and gratitude, Ben Affleck."

This was back in 2002 — clearly Ben has been playing the LONG CON!

13.When Justin Bieber rented out Staples Center to watch a movie in private with Selena Gomez:

Justin Bieber kissing Selena Gomez on the cheek on the red carpet

As someone who lives in LA, I know that there's an AMC close by that he could have rented, but to each their own...?

Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

14.When Tom Cruise ruined Oprah's couch while professing his love for Katie Holmes:


You can profess your love while remaining seated, methinks.

15.When Kanye West bought a Birkin for Kim Kardashian...and then finger painted it:

16.Last, but not least, when Johnny Depp purchased a vineyard for Vanessa Paradis:

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis posing on a red carpet

Wine is also my love language, so I'm on board for this one.

Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images