16 Awesome Movies And TV Series That Feature The Cast Of "Squid Game"

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Squid Game has created a storm all over the world and overtook Bridgerton to become Netflix's most watched show.

Several masked men standing with their guns

The series has earned rave reviews not only for its story and its deeper meaning, but also for its sterling cast. If they intrigued you a lot and if you wish to watch more of their movies and TV series, here are some of their best works that you shouldn't miss.


Lee Byung-hun, who played the role of Front Man, the masked coordinator in Squid Game.

A man smiling and standing.

You can watch Lee Byung-hun in...

Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

1.A Bittersweet Life

A man is dining.

Like Squid Game, Lee Byung-hun stars as the enforcer (“front man” if you will) of a powerful crime boss, Kang. But that’s where the similarity ends. He ends up in his boss’s bad book after he refuses to kill his boss’s young mistress, who is having an affair behind Kang’s back. Guess what, the mistress hates him too. What follows is a bloody saga of revenge and betrayal.

Cj Entertainment / CJ Entertainment / courtesy Everett Collection

2.Joint Security Area

A North Korean soldier holds a South Korean soldier hostage

A mystery thriller that’s set in one of the most tense and explosive regions of the world: the DMZ between the two Koreas. Lee Byung-hun stars as Sergeant Lee Soo-hyeok, a South Korean soldier who, along with a North Korean soldier, finds himself at the center of a new crisis that threatens to pull both the countries into a destructive war. What’s interesting is that Sergeant Soo-hyeok himself has acted suspiciously. Is he guilty?

Palm Pictures / ©Palm Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Lee Jung-jae, who played the role of Seong Gi-hun.

Actor Lee Jung-Jae attends the press conference

You can watch Lee Jung-jae in...

The Chosunilbo Jns / ImaZins via Getty Images

3.Svaha: The Sixth Finger

A man looks at something

Lee Jung-jae stars as a pastor who, along with his assistant, investigates and debunks cults and emerging religions. He is hired by a group of Buddhist monks to investigate a mysterious cult called Deer Mountain. There's also a parallel story of a police investigation into the murder of a teenage girl, and there's another story of two twin sisters, one of whom is not a normal human. All three stories intertwine at the end in a horrific reveal.

CJ Entertainment

4.New World

A group of men standing in an elevator.

Lee Jung-jae stars as an undercover cop who has infiltrated the mob for eight years. Now after the mob boss's death, he finds himself involved in a civil war between the boss's son and the boss's deputy for the new leader of the mob. He also finds himself questioning his loyalty to the police. New World is the first installment in a planned trilogy.

Next Entertainment World

5.The Housemaid

A man looks at something

Lee Jung-jae stars as a lustful and rich man who starts having an affair with the nanny of his daughter behind his pregnant wife's back. Licentiousness, manipulation, and betrayal ensue. The movie also takes a jibe at class difference à la Parasite.

Ifc Films / ©IFC Films/Courtesy Everett Collection

Park Hae-soo, who plays the role of Cho Sang-woo, the scheming "friend" of Gi-hun.

A man waves his right hand

You can watch Park Hae-soo in...

The Chosunilbo Jns / ImaZins via Getty Images

6.Time to Hunt

A wounded man fires a gun with his right hand

Set in a dystopian South Korea, Park Hae-soo stars as a psychopathic hitman who is hired by very powerful and corrupt people to kill four young men who robbed an illegal gambling den. Although he easily catches up with them, he isn't interested in killing them. He wants to hunt them!


7.By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture

A man looks at something

Park Hae-soo stars as the owner of a nightclub who, along with his club manager, joins forces with a cop to fight organized crime and police corruption.

Finecut Co., Ltd.

Wi Ha-Joon who played the role of Hwang Jun-ho, the police officer who infiltrates the game.

A man looks at something

You can watch Wi Ha-Joon in...

The Chosunilbo Jns / ImaZins via Getty Images

8.Romance Is a Bonus Book

A man looks at something

Ha-Joon stars as Ji Seo-joon in this romantic drama series. It tells the story of Cha Eun-ho, a successful author, and Kang Dan-i, a former successful advertising copywriter, who deal with love, friendship, loss, and unrequited feelings for people in their lives.

©Netflix / Courtesy: Everett Collection


A man talking to two ladies.

In a role quite contrary to his beautiful face, Wi Ha-Joon stars as Do-shik, a psychopathic serial killer who dispatches his unassuming victims at night. He marks down a girl as his next victim after she sees him murdering her sister. The girl's mother and brother are determined to protect her at any cost.

CJ Entertainment

Heo Sung-tae, who plays the role of gangster Jang Deok-su.

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You can watch Heo Sung-tae in...

The Chosunilbo Jns / ImaZins via Getty Images

10.The Age of Shadows

A man looks at something

This period action-thriller film was selected as the South Korean entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards. The story is set in colonial Korea, when the Japanese had occupied the region. Sung-tae stars as Ha Il-soo, an important player in the game of cloak and daggers being played by Korean resistance fighters and the Japanese colonial government. It also stars Gong Yoo (played the salesman in Squid Game) and Song Kang-ho, who played the family patriarch in Parasite.

Warner Bros. Pictures

11.The Fortress

A man looks at something

This historical drama film is based on the novel Namhansanseong by Kim Hoon. It tells the story of the Manchu invasion of Korea when it was ruled by the Joseon dynasty. Heo Sung-tae stars as a vicious warlord who somehow figures into the whole scheme of things.

CJ Entertainment

12.The Outlaws

A man is talking on his mobile phone.

One of the best South Korean action movies, it was inspired by real incidents that took place in the Guro district of Seoul in 2004. Sun-tae stars as the leader of a local gang that becomes the target for new criminals in the area. It also stars Ma Dong-seok, who will be next seen in Eternals as Gilgamesh.

Megabox Plus M

Gong Yoo, who played the role of the mysterious salesman who recruits people for the game.

A man looks at something

You can watch Gong Yoo in...

The Chosunilbo Jns / ImaZins via Getty Images

13.Train to Busan

A man looks at something

This is one of the best-known Korean blockbusters. Gong Yoo stars as a workaholic and divorced father who is taking his daughter on a high-speed train to, you guessed it, Busan. A zombie outbreak derails his itinerary and makes it into a game of survival. Also travelling on the train is Yoon Sang-hwa, played by Ma Dong-seok.

Next Entertainment World


A man looks at something

Gong Yoo stars as a former intelligence agent who is assigned to guard and accompany the world's first cloned human, Seobok. There are many parties who want to get their hands on this clone, as that could possibly mean getting the secret to eternal life. It's all up to Yoo's character to save the day.

CJ Entertainment

15.Kim Ji-young: Born 1982?

A man looks at his wife

Gong Yoo stars as the husband of the titular character, Kim, who's apparently possessed by the spirits of her mother and grandmother.

Lotte Entertainment

16.Space Sweepers

A movie poster

This space Western movie concerns a space debris collection crew who come into the possession of a dangerous robot that looks and acts like a human child. Anupam Tripathi stars as the assistant of the CEO of the company that buys all the space debris.

© Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection