16 "White Lotus" Fans Share Their Theories For Who Will Die In The Season 2 Finale

We're getting down to the wire in Season 2 of The White Lotus, and while hints have been dropped, there's still no telling who's going to die.

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I asked the White Lotus fans of the BuzzFeed Community to share their theories, and there are definitely some popular ones.

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Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!

Here's what people think is going to happen on Sunday:

1."My final four candidates for the bodies are Tanya, Albie, Lucia, and Jack. Jack's 'uncle' is tied to the mafia, clearly a psychopath (inability to love), and obviously willing to abuse and exploit people to fulfill incredibly shallow goals. It would follow that the two people in the main cast closest to him would be in danger. The other two candidates, Lucia and Albie, obviously have a conflict that's about to boil over with Alessio."


2."Well, we know from Episode 1 the bodies found are guests of the hotel. So, I think that rules out Alessio. It won’t be Tanya since she’s supposed to be the glue holding all the seasons together. I could see it being Cameron."


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3."I feel like Cameron will die (and I'm about 80% sure Ethan will kill him), but I doubt he’s the one in the water (Daphne would’ve recognized him). As far as the dead body in the water, my top suspects are Albie, Lucia, or Portia."


4."There's no confirmation that's Cameron who catches Daphne when she runs out of the water, though the guy does look like Theo James. We see her alone at the beach talking to the two American women who just arrived, then she goes for a swim. The guy she runs into on the beach had been sitting on the other side of the two American women, so I don't think he is meant to be Cam."


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5."It'll be Albie. Lucia's pimp is pissed because Cameron hasn't paid her yet, and the two men look alike at a quick glance. The pimp saw Albie with Lucia when they were walking and eating ice cream, but again, at a quick glance, you could mistake the two guys. [It looked like] Cameron was there when Daphne came screaming out of the water, so he's still alive."


6."I worry about Mia and Lucia. Valentina is someone who could turn on a dime, and Dom carries enough anger and self-loathing to murder someone."

Mr. Teeny

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7."[I think] Ethan is going to drown Cameron. Quentin’s Italian hitman will fail to murder Tanya because Portia is going to save her. Dominic is going to kill Lucia. Jack is going to kill Greg. Valentina is going to hire Mia permanently to sing in the bar. Bert will suffer a heart attack."


8."It wasn’t until about two hours after I watched [the penultimate episode] that I realized that Jack purposely took Portia away from that party so that Tanya wouldn’t have anyone looking out for her. 😮 I am starting to get a sneaking suspicion that we’re going to get a tie-in with Season 1 where we'll learn that Greg meeting Tanya has been a setup since the beginning and that he is somehow tied in with the gays to get her money."

Traveling Rae

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9."I unfortunately think Tanya because it's building up to that but after the first season, I can definitely see a plot twist and it being the least expected person: Dom. But like Dwight said, the person you middle suspect is it, lol, so Portia."


10."I guess it's Jennifer Coolidge's husband. I think she killed him and put him inside that massive suitcase of hers. Maybe she'll find a way to dump him in the ocean."


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11."I think the gay guys Tanya is hanging out with and her husband are going to try to kill her for her money but accidentally kill Portia instead."

"I think that Albie is going to get in an argument and kill Cameron for not giving Lucia her money because he thinks she needs it to pay her 'pimp.'"


12."Albie for sure has hero complex and is going to kill Lucia’s pimp."


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13."Maybe the guy following Lucia is her brother. Didn’t she say that the doorman at the hotel was a friend of her brother? Wouldn’t he have known where the group was heading given that the hotel had arranged for the car? Looks like they didn’t notice they were being followed until they had arrived at the town. If the guy stalking her had followed them from the hotel, wouldn’t he have pulled them over earlier? Looks like they all met up there."


14."I think it’ll be some random guests who die! And all the characters that we’ve come to know must return to their miserable lives with their newfound vacation baggage."


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15."What if it's all a red herring and the bodies are just guests that we've never been introduced to? All the characters live, and those dead bodies were just background actors...JUST TO MESS WITH US!"


16."It should be Portia just for wearing those sneakers."


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What do you think will happen in the White Lotus Season 2 finale?