Prepare To Be Disturbed: These 16 Real-Life Photos Are Completely Unsettling

Every morning when I open my eyes, I prepare myself for all the possible horrors I'll see in the coming day.

Bill Murray suddenly rising from sleep
Columbia Pictures

If you're one of ~those people~ as well, here are 16 photos that'll validate your daily fears and anxieties (sorry):

1."What my Pre-K son brought home from school today":

"Run Hide Fight"
u/Natural_String_967 / Via

2."This smiling dog."

A dog smiling
u/Avonturian / Via

3."The kind of accidents these stairs could cause in the future..."

very narrow stairs
u/steikul / Via

4."An iris growing over a pupil."

Closeup of someone's eye
u/RAt_gutZluvsy0u / Via

5."'Human feet' on a language learning app."

Closeup of someone's feet
u/PastCalligrapher1624 / Via

6."This 'carnival ride' in Mexico."

People hanging on ropes
u/OMGLMAOWTF_com / Via

7."The actual size of traffic lights."

Traffic lights
u/teddytherian / Via

8."This snack is looking at me."

Closeup of snacks
u/borislab / Via

9."Roach infestation."

A bunch of roaches on the floor
u/YogurtclosetOk8113 / Via

10."We can simply scroll into years we'll definitely be dead in on our phones."

"August 7, 2555"
u/Rigidcorner / Via

11."This vacant unit next to the studio I'm recording in."

A scary, empty room
u/fallbrook_ / Via

12."My single serve coffee machine was not making a full cup, and was spitting water everywhere. I assumed there was a clog, so I cleaned it. I did not expect this to be the cause."

A wet bug
u/natali9233 / Via

13."This chair for children at my local McDonald's."

A creepy smiling chair
u/marryman01 / Via

14."Avoid the garden after dark."

A flower that looks like it's smiling
u/EditorRedditer / Via

15."The reflection of this statue."

A statue's reflection in the mirror
u/Isyadoi / Via

16.And finally, "This rabbit having dental work creeped me out."

A rabbit getting dental work
u/k90de / Via