These 16 People Are Sharing The Time The Mandela Effect Got Them

At this point, I think we've all fallen victim to the Mandela Effect once or twice.

trevor noah looking dumbfounded
trevor noah looking dumbfounded

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For those who don't know, the Mandela Effect is when a large group of people believe an event occurred when it did not.

Ewan McGregor visibly confused in Star Wars prequel series
Ewan McGregor visibly confused in Star Wars prequel series

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community about times they've gotten caught up in a Mandela Effect memory, and here's what they shared.

1."On the double stuffed Oreo packaging, it’s 'double stuf' with one F instead of two, so it’s not 'doubled stuFFED' Oreos, they're 'double stuf Oreos.'"

Stack of packs of oreos including golden, double stuf, lemon, birthday cake, golden double stuf, and mega stuf
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2."Devon Sawa did not exist. The movie Casper existed, sure, but I never heard of Devon Sawa until adulthood."

Devon Sawa during a Comic Con panel

"I'm still baffled that he was such a big star because I had no idea he existed. My sister says she had a huge crush on him, which confuses me even more, because my sister and I always went through all the teen magazines picking out the cutest boys, so I absolutely would have remembered him. It's not a huge or widespread Mandela Effect, but it still baffles me."


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3."JCPenney vs. JCPenny. I swear when I was younger that second ‘e’ wasn’t there. Still bugs me that they changed it!"

JC Penney store from curb
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4."That Neil Armstrong is dead. I feel like it should have been such a big deal and more common knowledge that he died, but a lot of people still think he's alive."

Neil Armstrong in his space suit smiling

"It happened in 2012, so the only thing I can think of is that it was overshadowed by election coverage."


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5."Bob Barker died, and I grieved him. But this week, he’s turning 99!"

Bob Barker standing near the wheel with his microphone on "The Price Is Right"
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6."I don’t know if this is a Mandela Effect, but I thought the cheddar flavor of Goldfish crackers was the original flavor. I swear it said 'original cheddar,' and they are the ones that are orange in color."

Goldfish crackeres in a triangle shape

"BUT I was watching the YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning, and they tried every goldfish flavor. One was cheddar, and a different one said original??? And the ones labeled original were a very light color. Even the men trying them, Rhett and Link, said they thought the cheddar flavor was the original. That was the first time I’ve seen that original flavor, and there was no ‘original’ on the cheddar package. … Confused me so much!"


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7."Fruit of the Loom not actually having a cornucopia in their logo fucked me up for a long time. I swear I remember as a kid doing laundry and seeing their brand with the cornucopia!"

Fruit of the loom logo
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8."I have a super clear memory of when I was a kid walking in Blockbuster and looking through movies, seeing the cover of Shazaam with Sinbad on it, and my mom asked me if I wanted to watch it, and I put it back on the shelf, and said, 'Maybe next time.'"

Sinbad posing in a red button down shirt in the 90s

"Still fucks me up because I remember it as clear as watching The Nightmare Before Christmas in school around Halloween a year earlier. I legit didn't even know Kazaam was a thing until I tried looking up Shazaam. It still boggles my mind. Also, it's Bernstein Bears not Bearstain."


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9."For me, I always thought Mister Rogers said, 'It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood' when he came into the house."

Mister Rogers Neighborhood

"Later, I find out it’s actually 'it’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood.' And Froot Loops! I always thought it was FRUIT loops; what’s up with FROOT loops."


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10."I swear I once saw the Sesame Street pinball counting song go up to 13, but Wikipedia says they only animated to the number 12."

Abby Kadabby, Oscar the Grouch, Zoey, Rosita, and Elmo in Sesame Street
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11."I'm still not over the 'We Are the Champions' Mandela Effect. ... I'll keep singing '...of the world' just because I can lol."

Freddie Mercury performing in an all white outfit, belting into a microphone
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12."I thought the monopoly man had a monocle because I was confusing him with the peanut man on the Planters peanut cans. In my mind, they are one and the same."

Monopoly man on Community Chest card posing with walking stick and thumbs up
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13."I was gonna say the bagel chips in Chex Mix, but they brought them back for a limited edition or something just now, and I'm still going, 'I knew it! I knew it!' 'cause I had asked my father, who ate that stuff practically weekly when I was a kid, and he said there were never bagel chips in there."

pile of chex mix spilled out

"I even googled it, and it said, 'No, bagel chips were never a thing.'

Sadly, the bagel chips weren't as good as I recalled them being. Not worth the dimensional jump, IMO."


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14."Pikachu did have a black tip on his tail. If he doesn't anymore, someone must be messing with the time stream."

Pikachu being picked up by Ash Ketchum who is on the ground
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15."When I was 11, I would've sworn on my LIFE that the Pussycat Dolls were saying, 'I wanna have boobies,' but listening to it now, it's obviously 'I wanna have GROUPIES.'"

Pussycat Dolls at a 2005 event

"I consider it less of a Mandela Effect and more like in The Polar Express when only kids can hear the bells."


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16."This is my own Mandela Effect, but I swear that Ron Livingston used to be on CSI: Miami, yet when I looked at the cast members, he’s not listed, and when I looked at his filmography, there’s no CSI!"

Ron Livingston smiling in a chef's jacket in a soap opera photo

"I’m losing my mind. I KNOW he was on that show, and his character died or something! Somebody back me up and tell me I’m not crazy. I remember seeing him on Sex and the City and thinking, 'Oh, I know him, he was on CSI: Miami,' but there’s no info about it. Wtf."


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These are some big ones, but what about you? Have you been caught by the Mandela Effect? Share your experiences in the comments.