16-Year-Old Flea-Ridden, Rotten-Tooth Abandoned Dog Has Everyone Falling in Love


We will never understand how someone can abandon a dog, that goes without saying, but there's always something so unfathomable about someone who would abandon a dog that is basically the dream dog of so many of us.

Like this tiny little old toothless lady that was found in a car parking garage  in a video posted October 31st. This dog is ridiculously cute.

The video, shared by the TikTok account for @ericaroslyn shows that one man's trash, or abandoned 16-year-old pup, is basically my treasure. She is my dream dog. I am not joking, my eyes filled with tears when she yawned. What a beautiful baby.

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I'm not the only person in love with this little old lady, and @Celia comments, "She is beautiful, you are so lucky." @ Sherrie adds, "Thank you so much for saving her. She is just so cute. She is my #1 favorite TikTok dog and I really mean this."

Senior dogs really are so special and deserve all the love and care in the world. To imagine this girl was found in such horrible, neglected shape just dumped in a parking garage is so heartbreaking.

If for any reason you have to re-home your pet, please contact your local animal shelter, humane society or animal control. Ask friends and family if they can provide a home for your fur baby. Place ads on social media, get references and try to find someone looking for a pet. Whatever you do, don't just dump your poor dog or cat somewhere and expect them to fend for themselves.

We are so happy this precious girl is safe and will only know love for the rest of her days. She really deserves it.

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