16 Movie Characters Who Should Have Been Killed Off, And 15 Who Basically Saved The Entire Film

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which movie characters were so bad they should have been killed off, and which ones were so good they saved the movies they were in. Here are the wild results.

1.Should have been killed off: Mark from Love Actually (2003)

Mark professing his love to his best friend's wife, then kissing her outside their house

"He was trusted with Peter and Juliet's wedding photos/video, but he only photographed the bride (who was his best friend's new wife?!?!) in a really creepy way. So not only did he ruin their wedding pictures, but he also betrayed his friendship and trust with Peter. Maybe his feelings were supposed to seem a little more innocent, but the execution of everything made him look like a self-centered asshole who was hard to like."


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2.Saved the movie: Old Deuteronomy in Cats (2019)

Judi Dench as a cat in "Cats"

"Cats was a disaster, but I was impressed with Judi Dench's performance. It was pretty much the worst movie I've ever seen, but the character of Old Deuteronomy was really well cast and the only reason I didn't stop watching entirely."


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3.Should have been killed off: Annie from Bridesmaids (2011)

Annie complaining to Megan while sitting on the couch with her

"All she does the entire movie is whine and complain about her extremely fixable problems instead of, I don’t know, FIXING THEM. She just b*tches about them. Yeah, the movie has its funny parts and Melissa McCarthy’s character is incredible, but I cannot watch Bridesmaids because of how horrendous Kristen Wiig’s character is."


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4.Saved the entire movie: Brenda Meeks from the Scary Movie series

Brenda at the movie theater

"The only reason I didn't turn off Scary Movie right away was because of Brenda Meeks. She made everything 100% funnier and had some of the best comedic timing I've ever seen in a movie. A true legend in her own time!"


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5.Should have been killed off: Lilly Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries (2001)

Lilly telling Mia that her haircut/makeover look terrible

"You have to admit that she was a terrible friend. She was so rude to almost everyone, especially Mia! Lilly was only nicer after she found out Mia was a princess and could help get people to watch her talk show."


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6.Saved the movie: Silva in Skyfall (2012)

Silva talking to a tied-up James Bond

"I’m a big James Bond fan, but this particular movie would have been completely 'meh' if not for Javier Bardem’s incredible supervillain performance as Silva. He gave me chills and freaked me out as the villain. His monologue about the rats on the island (and his speech to M about how he was tortured) completely won me over. Those scenes prove how amazing the character was."

daniellestevenss and generalhux

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7.Should have been killed off: Andy's friends from The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Andy giving her friend a really expensive Marc Jacobs bag at the bar

"All of them (especially Nate) should have gotten hit by the car instead of Emily. They treated Andy so terribly, made fun of the way she looked, and even gave her crap for working long hours at a demanding job, simply because that meant they didn't see her as much. Also, Andy gave them super-nice, expensive gifts, but they repaid her by stealing her phone and playing hot potato with it while Miranda called. Then they got upset with HER when she left the bar. They were terrible people."


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8.Saved the movie: Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Nigel and Andrea talking in his office

"His character was so strong, and he had worked so hard to get where he was. Also, his sassiness and humor were amazing. I wish there were a movie about his life growing up in Rhode Island with six brothers and how he got the job at Runway. His monologue was extraordinary and very eye-opening for Andy."


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9.Should have been killed off: Rose's mom from Titanic (1997)

Rose standing up to her mom in "Titanic"

"Let me preface this by saying that I fully understand that Rose's mom was a product of her time/society. However, let's be real: She was way too controlling of Rose and actively tried to make her life difficult (and even miserable), forcing her into a loveless and emotionally abusive relationship with Cal because of how it would look to the outside world. Then, when the ship was sinking, she was more concerned about being seated with other first-class passengers than worrying about the hundreds of people who were about to drown in freezing cold water. She can choke, TBH, and she should have gone down with the ship instead of Cora."


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10.Saved the entire movie: McLovin in Superbad (2007)

McLovin trying to buy beer at a convenient store

"The movie itself was just OK, but McLovin was by far the best part of the whole film. Christopher Mintz-Plasse played the role so perfectly, and I loved seeing his character transform throughout the film. For me, he totally made the film. I would so watch a spinoff that's just about his character."


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11.Should have been killed off: Star-Lord from the Avengers series

The Avengers almost getting the Gauntlet off of Thanos's hand in "Infinity War"

"I will never, ever forgive that selfish idiot for ruining everyone's chances of getting the Gauntlet from Thanos. It feels weird to be so invested, but the first time I saw this scene, I screamed. There's certainly a time to break down emotionally, but there's also a time to get the freaking job done. Saving half of the universe seems like a time to pause your grief for a few seconds."



12.Saved the entire movie: Luis in Ant-Man (2015)

Luis talking to Ant-Man in the lab

"It was a good movie with a strong cast all around, but he was by far my favorite character. Despite the fact that he wasn’t really central to the story, he stole every scene he was in and made it comedy gold."



13.Should have been killed off: Murray Duvall from Clueless (1995)

Murray talking to Cher and Dionne in the car

"He was the worst boyfriend to Dionne and was honestly kinda sexist. He treated her like garbage. He assumed she was on her period just because she was angry and upset, and he also kept calling her names that she hated being called."


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14.Saved the entire movie: Sharpay in the High School Musical series

Sharpay singing in the cafeteria

"Sharpay was easily the best character in the franchise and had all the best songs. Her character actually made you care about what was going on. You can’t change my mind."


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15.Should have been killed off: Percy Weasley from the Harry Potter series

Percy showing his rank in the dungeon at Hogwarts

"Percy Weasley should have been the Weasley who died in Deathly Hallows, not Fred. He sold out and only came to reason when it was too late. He was a brat who should have been redeemed by sacrificing himself or something. I know the films brushed him aside, but fans of the book series know what I'm talking about."


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16.Saved the entire movie: Sue Ann in Ma (2019)

Sue Ann talking to someone at the liquor store

"This was a genuinely AWFUL movie, but Octavia Spencer's Sue Ann was the glue that held the bungled mess together."


Universal Pictures

17.Should have been killed off: Franklin Hardesty from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

Frank spitting in a dark, abandoned house

"OK, so technically Franklin DID die in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre, but I wish he died sooner. He was so annoying. I've never wanted someone to get killed in a movie as much as that guy."


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18.Saved the entire movie: Loki in Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Thor and Loki fighting in Asgard

"Whenever Loki is on the screen, he truly makes the movie. His hilarious back-and-forth with Thor is great, and the whole time you're trying to work out if he's really helping Thor or just tricking him. Also, his grief over his mother, his fake death, and his taking over of Odin at the end were the only parts of the movie worth watching."

fionaconner19 and pennyguide


19.Should have been killed off: Briony Tallis from Atonement (2007)

An elderly Briony admitting that she never admitted the truth, which led to her sister's death

"She destroyed two lives because of her childhood jealousy. Then she tried to make you think she did the right thing at the end of the movie, but she didn't. That ending gutted me."


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20.Saved the movie: Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Freddie singing at the Live Aid concert

"Unpopular opinion here, but Bohemian Rhapsody was an extremely underwhelming movie. Luckily it had a stellar lead actor. Rami Malek gave that role his all. I just wish the actual movie was on par with his acting skills."


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21.Should have been killed off: Legolas from the Hobbit series

Legolas with his bow and arrow aimed at a dwarf

"He’s a fantastic character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but his character is just ruined in the Hobbit movies. He wasn’t in the book, so when he turned up it was a shock, and it felt like you were watching a brand-new character because of how different he was. He was so out of place and unnecessary, and I wish he never appeared in those prequels."


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22.Saved the movie: Magneto in Dark Phoenix (2019)

Magneto and Young Jean talking at the end of the movie

"Magneto from Dark Phoenix was the only good character in that movie, and he was just trying to find peace. It was a really interesting and new portrayal of a classic villain."


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23.Should have been killed off: Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series

Harry claiming he's the chosen one, then Hermione slapping him with a newspaper in the library

"Harry was so dumb and wouldn’t have lasted 10 seconds without Hermione. He mostly learned from trial and error and made a bunch of deadly mistakes that cost people their lives, while Hermione spent the whole time methodically saving him and everyone else. The series should have been called Hermione Granger."


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24.Saved the movie: Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (2016)

Harley Quinn talking to the soldiers

"She was one of the very few things that actually made Suicide Squad somewhat watchable. She had depth and character and made you actually care about what was going on, while everyone else was just there."


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25.Should have been killed off: Julianne Potter from My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)

Julianne trying to convince her best friend to marry her instead of his bride-to-be

"She was so obnoxious and cruel. Like, she tried to destroy her so-called best friend's life just because she was jealous that he was getting married. I honestly struggled to watch the film because I hated her character so much."


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26.Saved the entire movie: Thomas in The Maze Runner series

Thomas talking to everyone at the start of the maze

"Dylan O'Brien carried the Maze Runner series as Thomas! The movies had so much potential because the books were great, but the script ended up being so boring. However, the character of Thomas (thanks to Dylan's acting) was SO good."


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27.Should have been killed off: Jake Sully from Avatar (2009)

All of Pandora getting destroyed and blown up because of Jake

"He spent all that time with Neytiri, and at ANY moment he could've told her that the humans were there to destroy her people and abuse her planet, but nope. Instead, he slept with her and stayed silent when her people welcomed him. By not warning them, there was a sh*t ton of destruction and death, and then they forgave him for practically no reason. He should have been killed off in the final battle."


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28.Saved the movie: Cliff Booth in Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood (2019)

Cliff talking to Bruce Lee on set

"I know this movie was nominated for tons of awards, but I was bored out of my mind. I thought it was Leo DiCaprio's least interesting role, and the scenes with his character were so boring. But Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) was awesome — that character kept me interested when he was on the screen."


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29.Should have been killed off: Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire from Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Daniel as Mrs. Doubtfire throwing a lime at Stu's head by the pool

"It's a great film and performance by Robin Williams, but let's be real...he disguises himself and lies to everyone in order to get his own way! There's no reason why he couldn't have been patient and taken the time to get his sh*t together. Honestly, his kids were more mature than he was when it came to the divorce."


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30.Saved the entire movie: Grandma Annie in The Proposal (2009)

Grandma Annie helping Sandra Bullock's character try on her old wedding dress

"Ryan Reynolds was handsome and funny, and Sandra Bullock was Sandra Bullock, so their characters were totally fine. But Betty White as Grandma Annie was the heart and soul of The Proposal. That character made the absolute funniest jokes throughout the movie, and she absolutely made it 10 times better."


Walt Disney Studios

31.And should have been killed off: Kevin's entire family in Home Alone (1990)

Kevin's mom sending him up to the attic, alone

"Seriously, did no one recognize that Buzz was incredibly mean and at fault for every conflict? And Kevin's mom provided zero guidance on packing a suitcase before banishing him to a scary attic as punishment? Every single person in his family was terrible to him. I know it's supposed to be exaggerated so they can all come together and appreciate one another at the end of the movie, but geez — I didn't realize just how mean everyone was until I became a parent myself. Kevin was basically better off on his own."


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Did your favorite or least favorite characters not make the list? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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