16 Work-From-Home Essentials That'll Help You Live Your Most Productive Life

India Yaffe

I've been exclusively working from home for the better part of a year, and I've learned some valuable lessons along the way. Initially, I think there was some apprehension around productivity; will I be able to get as much done at home, when there are so many more distractions? The reality is, yes, actually, I can be quite productive when working from home, so long as I am prepared. If you're looking to reorganize and jump start your productivity this year, start here.

There are a few basic principles that I've tried to apply when working from home, with the caveat that every day is different. First, having a clean, organized space really does wonders for my mentality. Also, making sure I have a good chair, enough light, and some snacks and water on hand is all essential. Plus, a great pair of headphones is always a necessity. Keep on reading to shop my picks for a productive work from home day.


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