16 Royally Funny Tweets And Memes About King Charles's Coronation

King Charles's coronation somehow ended up being really chaotic — so of course, people made tweets and memes about it. Here are 16 of the funniest.

Very much here for Prince Louis’ waving style #Coronation pic.twitter.com/rxtisW6xRn

— Louise Quarmby (@LoulaQ) May 6, 2023

Major “fight in the car” energy from all four of them. pic.twitter.com/khPLl4WFip

— My Royalty Account (@BurnerRoyalty) May 6, 2023

Andrew Milligan — WPA Pool/Getty Images

*your driver is in a silver 2012 Toyota Corolla*Gays: pic.twitter.com/JRwZysxiYp

— 💫 (@heyjaeee) May 6, 2023


Still dying that Meghan Markle was like “sorry the coronation doesn’t work with my schedule”. American queen.

— jennifer (@themissjenn) May 6, 2023

This was a surprise. pic.twitter.com/VsWKPWSOUX

— Elliot Gonzalez (@elliot_gonzalez) May 6, 2023

“So Princess Anne, you have one mission. Just sit right in front of Harry with a massive red feather on top of your hat. Perfect. Nailed it. Mission accomplished.”#Coronation pic.twitter.com/HGRIqHXN9k

— James Melville (@JamesMelville) May 6, 2023

The Royal Family/YouTube

Megan, you’re not fooling us… pic.twitter.com/Ni5wh27keT

— Bob Cryer (@bobbicee) May 6, 2023

The Royal Family/YouTube

Wait didn’t King dude cheat on Princess Diana with Queen what’s her face

— Hannah-Kate (@freedomsbride) May 6, 2023

Camilla being crowned queen. pic.twitter.com/dzp14a3b5H

— Kevin Daly (@kevinddaly) May 6, 2023


The only Queen I'm interested in watching this #Coronation weekend... pic.twitter.com/DoD9giTlqx

— ThisIsRochelle (@RR416) May 6, 2023


Penny Mordaunt dressed like she's about to go stab a Lannister. #coronation pic.twitter.com/D8fmVQPkBk

— Tom Donnelly-Sutton 🔶️🇬🇧🇪🇪🇺🇦⚪🔴 (@PushTheSutton) May 6, 2023

Harry already gone… he left so fast he brought the hanger with him😂 Good King Harry😂 pic.twitter.com/A5Sz1hvvw4

— Merta Light 🐘🔥 | BrazenHussy - Royal ''Expert'' (@MTrebaldt) May 6, 2023


harry leaving the coronation https://t.co/9jIAZUPRwk pic.twitter.com/w9xXAx6vQv

— Saint Hoax (@SaintHoax) May 6, 2023

HBO/Sky News

American Airlines: Do you have any luggage to check in?Prince Harry: pic.twitter.com/fulEKrvTVz

— Linda 🐳 (@lindar_lou) May 7, 2023

I heard Harry didn't go to the reception for beans and toast. He has jollof rice at home.

— Olori Isabella Royal Expert (@GodmotherOlori) May 6, 2023

Well, overall, I can say the coronation exceeded every one of my expectations, from Camilla coping with a wedgie to William and Kate pulling up late, red faced and angry. Harry looked fresh and unbothered and the royals looked like the Burger King. Perfect.

— Moderna Times🐝💛 (@MumsyNancy) May 6, 2023

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