16 Fun and Romantic Car Date Ideas That Are Perfect For Valentine's Day

Simrin Purhar

Despite not being able to go out to a fancy restaurant or head to the movies this year for Valentine's Day, every true romantic knows that you don't need an elaborate date to have fun or show your partner that you care. And one of the funnest ways to do that this year is by getting into your car! Car dates can be spontaneous, full of adventure, and really romantic (remember how exciting it was in high school to drive around with your crush?!), and there are lots of great options that'll make this Valentine's Day one of the best. From seeing a drive-in movie to listening to a romantic date night playlist to stargazing, these car date ideas are the perfect mix of thoughtful and sweet. So, if you're ready to plan a night to remember, buckle up and keep reading for our favorite car date ideas for Valentine's Day.


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