16 Cool Baby Boy Names You Haven’t Thought Of

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In your quest for the perfect little boy baby name, you’ve been over both the standards and the too-weird-to-actually-consider options. (Zeus? No thank you.) You just want something…cool. Think outside the box with these smart, effortless and timeless names. The hipness of your future child depends on it.

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1. Roscoe

This guy’s an adventurer. Baby pickaxe, anyone?

2. Milo

Old-fashioned and quaint, without feeling twee or overdone.

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3. Harry

Bonus points if he wears big tortoiseshell glasses.

4. Finn

Irish in origin and contemporary in nature.

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5. Anders

Scandinavian and cool…just like your favorite Ikea table.

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6. Ellis

Is it a first name? Is it a last name? Either way, this kid is going places.

7. Ansel

As in Adams.

8. Linus

As in Peanuts.

9. Colson

Funny, erudite and oh-so-sophisticated.

10. Atlas

He’ll travel the world one day.

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11. Archer

Think of it as an alternative to Hunter or Walker.

12. Ollie

Shortened from Oliver, of course.

13. Otto

This guy is always happy.

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14. Murphy

Or “The Murph,” as he’ll forever be known.

15. Fitz

And the “throws tantrums”.

16. Dax

Does Harley make a Big Wheel?

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