16 Celebrities Who Joined the Copper Hair Color Craze

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Once upon a time, copper hair color was a common complaint from salon clients—usually the result of overgrown highlights or base colors that fought with the bleach woven into their follicles. As with many hair woes of the past, however, this former faux pas has become au courant. And we're confident the recent influx of celebs donning the shade is driving the trend.

Ahead, we rounded up 16 of our favorite examples of celebs with copper strands. Plus, we tapped celebrity colorists Jenna Perry and Sharon Dorram to give us the scoop on the trendy color. Read on for more.

Meet The Experts

  • Jenna Perry is a celebrity colorist and Redken partner. She is the owner of Jenna Perry Hair Salons in New York.

  • Sharon Dorram is a celebrity colorist and owner of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon.

Serena Williams

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Despite its label as a "high maintenance" color, copper is still winning over the likes of celebs like Serena Williams every day. That said, "Copper hair color and all shades of red hair color are highly volatile," Dorram tells us.

Emily Ratajkowski

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"I loved my recent transformation on Emily Ratajkowski," says Perry. "She's such a cool and confident woman, and the color matched her personality." We couldn't agree more.

Tessa Thompson

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Every hair texture carries copper color well, Dorram tells us. Tessa Thompson's natural curls in a rich copper color prove her point perfectly.

Kendall Jenner

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There aren't any prerequisites to achieving a covetable shade of copper like Kendall Jenner's. But if you have had pre-existing chemical procedures on your strands, consult with a colorist before making your appointment. "Hair that has been over-processed by too many chemical procedures may not take the color as evenly," says Dorram. "I always say, opt for no more than two chemical treatments, i.e., single process and highlights; highlights and keratin or straightener; highlights and permanents."

Chrissy Teigen

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Chrissy Teigen's copper highlights are a great way to extend the time between salon visits. "If you're only doing highlights, you can go up to 12 weeks," says Dorram of touch-up maintenance. "I generally say between four to six weeks for a single process, and if it's a semi-permanent copper rinse, you could wait up to eight weeks but no further."

Grace Van Patten

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To keep copper color as vibrant as Grace Van Patten's, Perry suggests using color-safe shampoo and color-depositing products as a part of your at-home care between appointments. "My favorite products for this are Redken's Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo ($32) and Conditioner ($32), which help repair colored hair and protect against fading while reducing environmental impact," says Perry. "Both products are packaged in bottles with 94 percent recycled plastic, and the shampoo is 93 percent biodegradable, reducing the impact on soil and waterways once rinsed off."

Maude Apatow

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Maude Apatow's copper strands have a golden strawberry tint, giving her color a lot of warmth. To get the desired depth and color you're looking for, Dorram suggests frequently applying semi-permanent blends of the same tone at different levels. "It will eventually last longer and will be less likely to fade," she says.

Megan Thee Stallion

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For those with darker natural base colors and no pre-existing highlights, you can still get that covetable copper color, like Megan Thee Stallion. Perry's only formal notice: "Plan to be in the salon for a while."

Gigi Hadid

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Gigi Hadid is not one to change up her golden streaks very often, but this rusty copper tone works well on her. "In my opinion, there's a perfect shade of copper for everyone," says Perry. "Reference photos [like this] are always great when searching for the perfect shade of copper." When browsing the web for photos to show your colorist, Perry recommends finding a muse who has a similar skin tone and eye color as you.


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Some of us are ready to plunge into the copper color transformation, but others might need to ease into things to keep our hair healthy. "If you're not ready to go all-in [for whatever reason], you can play around by adding some copper highlights and lowlights," says Perry, and Ciara's dimension is an excellent example of this. "Getting a gloss service in the salon, like Redken's Shades EQ, is always a great first option. It has a vegan formula and adds incredible shine and conditioning."

Sydney Sweeney

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To get a shiny, healthy appearance to your copper strands, like Sydney Sweeney's, at-home care will make all the difference. Aside from gentle, sulfate-free shampoos that won't strip the color out, finding the right conditioner will provide the soft, smooth finish of a closed, nourished cuticle. "An excellent conditioner won't weigh the hair down," says Dorram. "My favorite conditioner is Virtue's Restorative Treatment Mask ($34)."


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SZA's copper curls look so good it's hard to imagine her hair was ever a color other than copper. If my copper locks looked that good, I would be posing in bodegas, too.

Megan Fox

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Megan Fox has had many changes to her hair color in the last year, but copper hair has looked the most natural. "Celebrities who rock this hair color well are Jessica Chastain, Megan Fox, and Sophie Turner," says Dorram. It's so close to their natural base color, which is why she finds copper so flattering on them; it highlights their natural features.


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Anitta's thick mane, chock full of copper highlights and lowlights, is giving major copper hair #goals. Consider the density of your hair when choosing a color as high maintenance as copper. "Fine hair tends to grow slower than thick hair, and the amount of grey hair will also affect how well the color holds," says Dorram.

Abigail Cowen

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Ask your colorist about dying your eyebrows to match your copper strands. Even with the most subtle copper tint, it can give a much more natural look, like Abigail Cowen's.

Issa Rae

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When styling your copper strands, keep in mind that an excessive amount of product can dry out the hair and slowly strip your color. "Try to sparingly use styling products [such as] hair sprays and mousse, which contain alcohol, because they will dull the copper color and leave hair looking and feeling dry and brittle," says Dorram.

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