The 16 Best Eye Creams for Puffiness, After 889 Hours of Testing

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They actually do everything they say.

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The best eye creams for puffiness can be hard to find — not because there aren’t that many options (because there are, as we found firsthand), but because they aren’t always that effective. Puffiness can result from nearly a dozen different things: Sodium consumption, allergies, a lack of sleep, your diet, or even genetics, and often, puffiness appears alongside other common under-eye woes, like wrinkles, and dark circles, in addition to your everyday under-eye dryness.

To be up to the task, a genuinely terrific eye cream for puffiness should be packed with ingredients that can tackle a variety of eye-area concerns. “You’ll want something hydrating, brightening, and supportive of collagen and elastin synthesis,” says Dr. Deanne Robinson, a Connecticut-based board-certified dermatologist and professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine.

Expecting one product to address a handful of concerns all at once is stressful, but InStyle editors were not going to let a sleepless night stand in the way of brighter, smoother under-eyes. And so, we tested the 24 most popular eye creams for puffiness out there, integrating each cream into our morning and evening skincare routines for four weeks. Collectively, we spent 889 hours testing, judging each one for consistency and feel, absorption speed, and most importantly, the results it delivered both immediately and over time. After rigorous testing, we can definitively declare that these eye creams for puffiness are the next best thing to a full night’s rest.

Best Overall: Macrene Actives High Performance Eye Cream

$225 at

$135 at

What We Love: The lightweight cream felt cooling and nourishing, and it improved our puffiness and fine lines almost instantly.

What We Don't Love: We didn’t see a huge improvement in our dark circles.

An eye cream is nothing if it doesn't deliver results, but it's a unicorn if it does so quickly — which is exactly what this lightweight cream did. We were impressed not only by how quickly it sank into skin, leaving it hydrated, smooth, and soft, but also how it immediately minimized the puffiness under our eyes. Plus, the results had staying power, with a long-term improvement in our puffiness as well.

We also appreciated that the eye cream took care of the dry skin near our eyelids in a single application, and didn't feel irritating despite us having sensitivity around the eye area. Instead of using the included pearl spoon to apply the cream, we preferred to use it to deposit a small amount of the product on skin, then use our fingertips to tap it into skin until it absorbed.

While this eye cream did a great job at reducing puffiness, lax skin, and crows' feet around our eyes, it didn't work as well for our dark circles.

Key Ingredients: Peptides, resveratrol, caffeine|Usage: Apply it twice daily around the eyes|Fragrance-Free: Yes|Size: 0.5 oz

Best Drugstore: La Roche-Posay Redermic R Retinol Eye Cream

$50 at

$50 at

What We Love: It contains retinol, a time-tested and science-backed ingredient to firm and smooth skin.

What We Don't Love: We didn’t see results after a few weeks of use.

Retinol is a go-to ingredient among dermatologists for its ability to speed up skin cell turnover and boost collagen production, so we had high hopes for this eye cream. We were happy to find that we only needed to use a small amount under each eye, and the gel-like cream felt light and hydrating on the skin — with zero burning or tingling despite having sensitivities under our eyes.

We applied it only at night due to the gradual-release retinol, and after 20 minutes, our under-eye area felt noticeably softer. While we didn’t see an improvement in how puffy our eyes are, our eyes still looked more refreshed and youthful.

However, we didn't notice any tightening or smoothing effect after three weeks of using it, but that kind of makes sense: Retinol can take some time to work, so we plan to stick with it and see if we notice even more improvements after a few more weeks of nightly use.

Key Ingredients: Retinol, caffeine, glycerin|Usage: At night, apply and massage it from the inner corner of the eye outward|Fragrance-Free: Yes|Size: 0.5 oz

Best Budget: The Inkey List Caffeine Eye Cream

$11 at

$11 at

What We Love: A little goes a long way, and it hydrates with a comfortable, cooling sensation.
What We Don't Love: It takes a long time of regular use to see results.

Few brands offer potent ingredients with a gentle price tag quite like The Inkey List, and this formula is proof that, so long as you're game for a few trade-offs, you can tackle puffy under-eyes for roughly the same price as a weekday lunch. While the formula feels lightweight, we found that a little went a long way; just a dab covered both our under-eyes with extra to spare. It's infused with caffeine, which can help stimulate circulation and thus move stagnant fluids out from beneath the eyes, as well as a peptide that helps reduce the look of fine lines.

Once the formula finally sank in, it really did work to decrease puffiness. Our under-eyes also seem to be tighter, firmer, and all-around less wrinkly. But most impressive was how well it hydrated; we wore it overnight and noticed that the skin of our under-eye area looked more hydrated and supple by morning. We also appreciated that it was gentle enough for everyday use; we used it twice a day.

We did have to have some patience, since we didn't see any changes until the fourth week of using it — and it took about 10 minutes for it to sink in. 

Key Ingredients: Albizia Julibrissin bark extract, caffeine, peptides|Usage: Apply a pea-sized amount and gently pat it in with your ring finger|Fragrance-Free: Yes|Size: 0.5 oz

Best Brightening: Ilia Bright Start Retinol Alternative Eye Cream

$46 at

See at

What We Love: It feels hydrating and protective off the bat, and it layers nicely with other skincare products.
What We Don't Love: Because of the shimmer and tint, it’s best for morning use only.

When it comes to daytime eye creams, few are better than this formula. For one, we found that it brightens on the spot, thanks to the peachy tint and the subtle shimmer, which is enough to catch the light but not so much that it doubles as makeup.

Contributing to its de-puffing abilities was the applicator: While some eye creams come with a scoop or spatula, this one has a ceramic-tipped applicator, which gave it a cooling sensation that we loved. It also helped the formula glide on nicely, so we only needed a pea-size amount to cover both under-eye areas. It has a silky finish that we found layered really nicely between other skincare products without pilling. But most of all, we liked the immediate brightening effect and slight depuffing effect it had on our skin.

However, we noticed that the results, while they were immediate and visible, weren’t long-lasting beyond one full day, and we’d still wake up the next morning with puffy eyes. But since we loved the feel of the cooling applicator and hydrating cream so much, we would have continued to use it every morning regardless.

Key Ingredients: Sea fennel extract, avocado extract, caffeine|Usage: Squeeze the tube to swipe a small amount under your eye, then use the cooling side of the ceramic tip to massage it in|Fragrance-Free: Yes|Size: 0.5 oz

Best for Puffiness and Dryness: Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

$37 at

$37 at

What We Love: It surpassed all of our expectations, hydrating, smoothing, brightening, and de-puffing the eye area immediately.
What We Don't Love: It doesn’t have any sensorial features like a cooling sensation or added scent.

Like the fruit that inspired it, this eye cream is as thick and velvety as it gets — so much so that it felt more like an eye mask than an eye cream when we tried it. That said, despite its rich consistency, we found that it sank in immediately in small amounts, providing a ton of hydration and an indulgent feel. It also worked really nicely under our makeup, creating a smooth canvas and effectively acting like an eye makeup primer.

The results were impressive, especially the visible improvements in the appearance of our under-eye area on the very first day of using it. We also noticed that it tightened and firmed the skin beneath our eyes, too, giving us a more rejuvenated, youthful look (in fact, we could even feel a tightening sensation as soon as we applied it).

The only drawback is that the price point is a little high, especially if you’re looking for the larger jar, but we think it’s worth the extra splurge for the results.

Key Ingredients: Avocado oil, beta-carotene, sodium PCA|Usage: Apply a rice grain-size amount and tap it in with your ring finger|Fragrance-Free: Yes|Size: 0.51 oz

Best Dermatologist-Recommended: Dermalogica Awaken Peptide Eye Gel

$59 at

$59 at

What We Love: The formula sinks in quickly and doesn’t pill under makeup,

What We Don't Love: We were split on how well it hydrated our skin — a few of us found it to be plenty hydrating, while others found it lacking on their drier skin.

For a unique consistency, consider this lightweight, refreshing, and not-at-all-sticky eye gel. We noticed a difference in our dryness after a single application — and while we were already a fan of the brand, we're happy when products like this live up to the hype. The gel formula feels like a combination of a serum and a moisturizer, but it wasn't runny or greasy, nor did we have any issues with pilling or creasing under makeup. (In fact, we felt like it enhanced our makeup look.)

It left our under-eye area feeling moisturized and bright, and our skin was almost bouncy. And even though we struggle with chronic puffiness and dark circles, this eye gel has made a huge difference in our puffiness on a day-to-day basis.

The only caveat is that while it's great for puffiness, it didn't seem to tighten or firm the under-eye area. Plus, the product came out of the bottle really quickly, so we often ended up with more product than we actually needed, since only a dab is needed.

Key Ingredients: Peptides, rosemary leaf extract, lactic acid|Usage: Apply it beneath the eyes and around the orbital bone|Fragrance-Free: Yes|Size: 0.5 oz

Best for Instant Results: Kopari Niacinamide & Caffeine Eye Bright Cream

See at

What We Love: It’s hydrating, comfortable, and works on the spot.

What We Don't Love: One of us with extra sensitive skin had a reaction to the formula.

For those who want less puffiness ASAP, we found the fastest and most striking improvements with this plant, fruit, and vegetable-extract filled eye cream. Since our eyes tend to be puffier in the mornings, we used this in our A.M. routine — and saw a difference in our skin immediately and throughout the rest of the day.

It made our eyes look brighter and less puffy on a daily basis, and we even reapplied the product on the days when our allergies were acting up and it never failed to give us a refreshed and well-rested appearance. It layered seamlessly under makeup and didn't feel heavy or oily; instead, it took just 30 seconds or so for the formula to sink into our skin. It left our skin firmer and smoother, making it a great option for any skin-texture issues.

That said, we were disappointed that the results didn't last for more than a day, even after using it daily for a month, but since we regularly saw an improvement in our puffiness every time we used it, we’ll likely keep this as a staple in our skincare routine.

Key Ingredients: Caffeine, java berry extract, niacinamide|Usage: Morning and night, apply a pea-sized amount onto ring finger and gently pat around the eye area|Fragrance-Free: No|Size: 0.5 oz

Best Eye Serum for Puffiness: The Ordinary Caffeine 5% + ECGC Depuffing Eye Serum

$10 at

$10 at

What We Love: The price point can’t be beat, and it offers both caffeine and antioxidant protection.

What We Don't Love: The results are decent, but they don’t stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to effective active ingredients at an accessible price, few do it better than the Ordinary. The same goes for this formula, which pairs caffeine with EGCG, a compound derived from green tea that serves as an antioxidant.

We immediately loved the smooth, silky texture of the serum, which isn't runny, sinks in quickly, and layered well under our moisturizer. It had a refreshing cooling sensation, and our skin felt hydrated with a lovely dewy glow and looked a bit more taut and firm. As far as reducing puffiness, the results were a bit more subtle. The good news is that the generous size of the bottle (and relatively low price point) meant that we could stick with it beyond the testing period to see if the visible benefits become more enduring.

Key Ingredients: Caffeine, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, glycerin|Usage: Morning and night, apply a small amount onto the eye contour|Fragrance-Free: Yes|Size: 1 oz

Best for Under Makeup: Herbivore Botanicals SUPER NOVA 5% Vitamin C + Caffeine Brightening Eye Cream

$48 at

$48 at

What We Love: It leaves skin so smooth and sinks in so quickly that it works seamlessly beneath makeup.

What We Don't Love: We had to keep using it to maintain the benefits (versus getting long-term results).

Some eye creams don't pair well with concealer, since they can lead to pilling or interfere with the texture. That's not the case with this eye cream, which is packed with vitamin C and caffeine. It made getting ready in the morning a breeze; even though it has a thick, velvety texture, it doesn't veer into greasy territory or sit on skin's surface.

In fact, we found that the formula's slight yellow tint helped to neutralize our dark circles and create a smooth, hydrated base for the under-eye concealer we layered on top. In fact, it made our concealer and tinted moisturizer look even better, brighter, and more even than usual. It also didn't cause our eye makeup to smudge, and the fine lines beneath our eyes appeared less noticeable. We also noticed that after every application, our entire eye area simply just looked better and more supple, giving us a fresh, well-rested glow.

That said, this eye cream worked better as a daily fix rather than a long-term solution. That might be because the vitamin C is known for being a rather slow burn when it comes to improvements in discoloration and skin laxity.

Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, caffeine, turmeric|Usage: Tap a pea-size amount with your ring finger around your orbital bone|Fragrance-Free: Yes|Size: 0.5 oz

Best for Puffiness and Wrinkles: Clinique All About Eyes Cream

$26 at

$39 at

What We Love: It felt cushiony and nourishing, and improved a variety of our eye concerns.

What We Don't Love: The formula can be a little oily, and it doesn’t always jive with makeup.

An oldie but a goodie, this formula has staying power for a reason; the ingredient list reads like a who’s who of powerful and effective actives, notably vitamin C, glycerin, and (of course) caffeine. Right after we applied it, our skin felt softer, more hydrated, and even protected — which is a big deal, seeing as the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate on the entire body.

And, over time, we saw improvements on multiple fronts, with our eye area looking tighter, smoother, less puffy, and refreshed even on days we felt especially tired. In fact, we felt like it upped the long-term hydration of our under-eye area, and we started to need less product to achieve the same visible result.

The only downside is that the formula could feel a little greasy, and it took a while for it to fully absorb into our skin. We had to be careful to use a tiny amount of product, and think it would be a good idea to wait a few minutes before applying makeup.

Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, caffeine|Usage: Twice a day, apply a small amount to entire eye area and pat it in|Fragrance-Free: Yes|Size: 0.5 oz

Best for Puffiness and Dark Circles: Isdin K-Ox Under-Eye Brightening Cream

$102 at

See at

What We Love: It sinks in immediately, and delivers impressive results.

What We Don't Love: Considering the price tag, we wanted to see more transformative results.

While some eye creams can feel too occlusive, sitting on top of under-eye bags and exacerbating them rather than fixing them, this lightweight, silky-smooth eye cream had the opposite effect. Despite the cushiony texture, it melted into our skin within a matter of seconds and got straight to work, leaving our under-eyes feeling more moisturized, brighter, and a little bit firmer. Another bonus is the scent: While fragrance can be off-putting, this was a very slight floral scent that made the application feel luxurious.

While the improvements in our dark circles and puffiness were subtle (although they became more prominent over the testing period), they were enough to make us look less tired and more energized. We're also big fans of the ceramic applicator, which has a cooling effect and made us look forward to the spa-like moment. We've been using it twice a day and are impressed by how well it's lightened our dark circles.

For the price, we thought we'd see more drastic results after using it for four weeks — but the brand promises more significant results after eight weeks, so we plan to stick with it and see if results get even better.

Key Ingredients: Vitamin K oxide, hyaluronic acid|Usage: Use the pump to dispense a rice grain-sized amount onto your fingertips, then massage it in with the applicator|Fragrance-Free: No|Size: 0.5 oz

Best for Puffiness and Anti-Aging: SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Advanced Eye Cream

$116 at

See at

What We Love: It address signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines

What We Don't Love: It can take a minute or two to sink in.

Developed by dermatologists, this eye cream reverses the body's glycation process — a natural reaction that causes collagen and elastin proteins to break down, effectively speeding up the aging process. This makes the delicate under-eye area especially vulnerable to premature laxity and crepiness, but this cocktail of peptides, blueberry and pomegranate extracts, and a hearty dose of proprietary actives, this cream fires up collagen production to rebuild and strengthen the skin structure quickly. While we certainly had our doubts, we watched in awe as our skin became visibly firmer and less droopy within weeks, and have only gotten better.

It's the thickest formula of the creams we tested, with an almost peanut butter-like consistency, but somehow it didn't feel greasy or oily. It did leave a slightly tacky feeling under our eyes, but it wasn't unpleasant; if anything, it felt rich and nourishing, transforming our dry and purple-hued under-eye into a supple, even-toned surface. But the real magic was the way our but best of all, the typical puffy, cloud-like pillows we've had underneath our eyes for years were suddenly taut, smooth, and youthful.

Worth noting, though, is that the product could take some time to fully sink into skin, which might pose an issue if you plan to wear makeup — and the price can be a sticking point.

Key Ingredients: Proprietary actives and blends, caffeine, peptides, wild fruit extracts|Usage: Twice a day, apply it under the eyes|Fragrance-Free: Yes|Size: 0.5 oz

Best for Puffiness and Sensitive Skin: Dr. Loretta Tightening Eye Gel

$65 at

$65 at

What We Love: It’s as lightweight and fast-absorbing as an eye treatment can get.
What We Don't Love: It didn’t improve our dark circles.

Sort of like Spanx for your skin, this eye gel targets loose, wrinkled skin with a blend of peptides, algae extract, and antioxidants. Since it's so lightweight, it sank in really quickly and left behind the sensation of a very light layer — which we assumed to be the tightening effect.

We liked that a single pump of the bottle gave us just the right amount of product to use for both eyes, and our under-eye area really did look less puffy and smoother (the latter is worth a shout-out since we're prone to milia around our eyes). We saw results quickly, in about a week, and the effects seem to be long-lasting.

But while the eye gel claims to address dark circles, we didn't see any improvements on that front; rather, it was more a matter of the texture and puffiness. It also wasn’t especially hydrating.

Key Ingredients: Peptides, algae extract, antioxidants|Usage: Twice a day, apply it to the under-eye area|Fragrance-Free: Yes|Size: 0.67 oz

Best with Caffeine: TULA Skincare 24-7 Power Swipe Hydrating Day & Night Treatment Eye Balm

See at

What We Love: It’s incredibly easy to use, and the payoff was immediate.

What We Don't Love: It won’t do much to address wrinkles or other signs of aging.

If applying yet another skincare product feels like a chore, this eye balm might help. Designed as a stick, you can simply swipe it on and go, adding seconds — not minutes — to your routine. The balm is thick but surprisingly lightweight, and you don't have to massage or dab it in like some other formulas. It also delivers a host of nourishing ingredients, like squalane and hyaluronic acid as well as the requisite caffeine.

We found that the results were almost immediate in reducing the appearance of our under-eye bags and smoothing the eye area as a whole. And we especially liked it as a base for our makeup, since it layered well under our foundation and eye makeup.

That said, it was missing the more heavy-hitting hydrators found in other formulas, and we’re not sure it would do all that much to address our bigger concerns over time.

Key Ingredients: Squalane, caffeine, hyaluronic acid|Usage: Twice a day, apply it directly to the under-eye area|Fragrance-Free: No|Size: 0.23 oz

Best for Long-Term Results: SkinBetter Science InterFuse Treatment Cream Eye

See at

What We Love: It can tackle a variety of eye concerns in one fell swoop, improving puffiness, dryness, dark circles, and even skin texture.

What We Don't Love: You have to apply it twice a day, every day — bar none — to reap the strongest visible reward.

Good results can take time, and that's especially true when it comes to skincare. But we could appreciate some aspects of this eye cream from the jump, like its weightless, silky texture, which has a nice slip that allows it to glide on easily. We had to wait a few minutes for it to fully absorb, but the wait was worth it: We felt that our under-eye skin appeared more plump, and looked refreshed and moisturized after we applied it.

After a few weeks, we noticed even better changes in our under-eyes, which began to look tighter and firmer — not to mention less puffy in the mornings. There was also a big improvement in the discoloration under our eyes. We loved that it offers both short-term results (thinking hydration and brightening) and long-term benefits (like less puffiness in the A.M. and overall smoothness).

The only downside is that it's one of the more expensive eye creams we tested, although a little goes a long way.

Key Ingredients: Peptides, caffeine, niacinamide|Usage: Twice a day, apply a rice grain-sized amount and pat it in|Fragrance-Free: Yes|Size: 0.5 oz

Best for Bags and Puffiness: Lâncome Absolue Revitalizing Eye Cream

$150 at

$150 at

What We Love: It feels incredibly moisturizing and can give eyes a more refreshed, youthful appearance.

What We Don't Love: Its scent is polarizing.

This silky cream delivers a ton of moisture without feeling oily or greasy on skin, and we were immediately drawn to the soft, silky consistency, which layered nicely with our moisturizer and hyaluronic acid serum. While it doesn't have a dedicated cooling effect, it still felt refreshing to apply, and the formula — which is packed with rose extracts and shea butter — was so thick that a small dab took care of both under-eyes.

It made our skin feel really soft, and reduced both the redness and puffiness under our eyes; in fact, we found that our under-eyes didn't feel as raw and sore as they usually did in the midst of allergies. It worked quickly, too: Within a week, our skin was smooth and soft, and our eyes looked younger and brighter.

The price point, however, makes this a bit of a splurge, and the floral fragrance might not be appreciated by people with sensitive skin or those who don't like scented products.

Key Ingredients: Rose extract, shea butter, linseed extract|Usage: Apply several "small pearls" beneath the eye and and onto the brow bone, then pat them in|Fragrance-Free: No|Size: 0.7 oz

What to Keep in Mind

  • Your Skin Type + Concern: First, it helps to identify two things: What your skin type is, and the concern you’re aiming to treat. That can help you identify the right active ingredients to seek out. For instance, “those with dry or sensitive skin may do better with a hydrating eye cream, rather than one that contains a retinol,” says Dr. Marisa Garshick, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. 

    Meanwhile, if you have oily skin, a gel or more lightweight option may be your best bet. And, of course, if your major concern is dark circles, then you might seek out vitamin C, which helps even out skin tone. While these factors aren’t the sole factor to guide your eye-cream purchase, they can point you in the right direction — and get you closer to the results you want.

  • Active Ingredients: If there’s a single ingredient that can be found across eye creams for puffiness, it’s caffeine — and for good reason. It can help reduce a swollen or puffy eye area, says Dr. Garshick, since it boosts circulation and can help shuttle fluids (which contribute to swelling) away from the under-eye area, quickening their deflation.

    Another popular pick is retinol, “which is a derivative of vitamin A to help boost collagen production and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,” says Dr. Garshick. In other words, it’s a winner for those targeting signs of aging like crow’s feet. And even if you use a retinol elsewhere around the eye, it’s important to find one formulated specifically for the eye area, according to Dr. Robinson.

    For those who want the perks but can’t use or tolerate retinol — which can be drying — Dr. Garshick recommends looking for a product with bakuchiol, a gentler, plant-based alternative. Peptides are another good pick; these help carry out cellular functions, and can help signal for more collagen production or up hydration (depending on the exact peptide).

    When it comes to dark circles, ingredients like niacinamide and vitamin C are solid options. The latter comes with bonus benefits: It can “support overall skin health by protecting against free radical damage and helping to brighten the skin,” says Dr. Garshick. 

    Finally, your eye cream should moisturize. “For skin texture and tone, focus on hydrating and plumping ingredients — but the good kind of plumping,” says Dr. Robinson. Both she and Dr. Garshick call out hyaluronic acid as a good option to deeply hydrate skin, while she also calls out ceramides; these are naturally found throughout the skin barrier and can help keep moisture trapped in skin, prolonging hydration.

  • Applicator: You can often find eye cream in a jar or a tub, but some options come with a dedicated applicator. While it’s not a dealbreaker, “having a cooling, metal-tipped applicator can be helpful to provide an instant depuffing effect and help reduce swelling,” says Dr. Garshick. Many of those on the market have ceramic, which has that cooling sensation and is easy to wipe clean.

  • Consistency: While the texture of an eye cream comes into play with your skin type, it can also be a matter of personal preference and lifestyle. “Some people may prefer an eye serum versus an eye cream, as it may be more lightweight,” says Dr. Garshick. And, if you usually wear concealer, foundation, or both beneath your eyes, a more weightless consistency might make layering easier and create a more natural finish.

Your Questions, Answered

How do I get rid of puffiness under my eye?

If you’ve been using an eye cream specifically developed for puffiness for several weeks and you’re still experiencing lingering puffiness, it could be from the build-up of fluid that collects in the eye area as a result of crying, your sleep position, or even your diet.

Allergies and inflammation related to dietary sensitivities can also play a role here. “Gentle facial massage with a gua sha or a jade roller may help to move this excess fluid to reduce puffiness,” she says. “Always work your way out from the center of your face and then down the neck with your approach.”

Does any eye cream work on under-eye bags?

It depends on what “eye bags” are. If they’re puffy and if you’re working with lax skin that appears to droop, then a formula that helps tightening skin could offer some subtle improvement. But fat can also move into the area as you age, and a topical cream won’t be able to help with that.

How do you apply an eye cream for puffiness?

While the exact method depends on the applicator, if you’re working with an eye cream in a jar or standard tube, “pat a pea sized amount on each eye area using the tip of your ring finger,” says Dr. Robinson. “This prevents you from tugging too hard on the delicate skin.”

How should you store an eye cream for puffiness?

As you should with all of your skin “keep out of direct sunlight and in stable room temperature,” says Dr. Robinson. She also recommends storing your eye cream in the fridge, “which keeps it cool, so when you apply it you may get some additional anti-inflammatory benefits,” she says. (However, this won’t make or break your results.)

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