Washington’s alleged culture of sexual harassment

Fifteen women leveled accusations of a culture of sexual harassment and misconduct that reached upper management with Washington’s NFL team under Daniel Snyder’s ownership.

Video Transcript

- For days, social media has been abuzz about a forthcoming "Washington Post" article that was said to expose Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Washington football team, alleging that he participated in numerous lewd acts. It seems as though that article has been published.

And it implicates Snyder as well as five other men, three within his inner circle and two who were part of the Washington football team's personnel, in acts of sexual misconduct ranging anywhere from overt flirting and sexual harassment to the encouragement of female employees and colleagues to flirt with ticket holders, so perhaps some peer pressuring going on as well.

Obviously, Snyder is in an interesting position right now given the pressure he's feeling from sponsors to change the name of the team. This is also a franchise, by the way, that was embroiled in a controversy a few years back with their cheerleaders. So I imagine many more details will come forward. And this is a developing story.

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