20 of the Most Romantic Ways to Propose on Valentine's Day

20 of the Most Romantic Ways to Propose on Valentine's Day

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Asking for someone’s hand in marriage is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of confidence and nerve to muster up the courage to propose to your significant other. Even if you’re positive that your boyfriend and or girlfriend will say “yes!” you can never be 100% sure until you ask. That glaring fact can send any marriage hopeful into a full-on panic.

And finding the perfect way to ask, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?,” takes incredible bravery. In fact, it could easily be one of the most vulnerable moments of a person’s life. Plus, it requires a lot of time, effort and thoughtful planning — especially if you want to do it on the most romantic day of the year: February 14.

Stumped on how to make your Valentine's Day proposal stand out? Don’t worry — we’ve taken the guesswork out and compiled a list of some of the most romantic Valentine’s Day proposal ideas to help bring your special moment to life.

Whether your future spouse is an adventurous thrill-seeker or is more of a homebody who prefers private, intimate settings — we’ve got you covered. From a scenic helicopter ride to scrumptious sentiments, these unique proposal ideas are sure to impress Cupid, and of course, your sweetheart.

No matter what idea you choose, don’t forget to incorporate personal details and special touches that your significant other will notice and appreciate. After all, you know them best. Also, be sure to seal the deal with Valentine’s Day gifts that will make the day even more memorable.

So go ahead, follow your heart and ask the question that could lead to your happily ever after.

A Chauffeur

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Drive your lover crazy by taking them on a chauffeured ride to their favorite romantic restaurant. This romantic gesture takes the pressure off of you so you can spend time in the backseat asking your sweetie to go on the journey of a lifetime. For the ultimate experience, skip rideshare apps and opt for a luxury black car service to elevate the unforgettable trip.

Say It With Sweets

When it comes to expressing your feelings with pastries, nothing takes the cakes like donuts. Surprise your love with “Will You Marry Me” donuts to spell out your heartfelt sentiments. No local bakery to fulfill your unique request? Don’t worry, Angel Food Bakery via Goldbelly offers nationwide delivery to your doorstep.

Helicopter Ride

Take your love to the next level by escorting your significant other on a helicopter ride. Once you’re soaring above the city, take out the ring and watch their face light up the sky. Good luck coming down from this high, but we’re sure your future will be just as bright.

Hire a Professional

Some things are better when left to professionals. For perfectionists who fear their proposal may go wrong, hiring an engagement planner takes away the stress. Working with a trusted planner will give you more time to focus on your special moment without worrying about the details. Planners can work within your budget and create an experience that suits your heart’s desire.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Weather permitting, take your love to new heights with an intimate hot air balloon ride. As soon as you take flight, you'll experience breathtaking views, creating a romantic mood with memories that will last a lifetime. Of course, this exhilarating adventure is not recommended for those who like to stay grounded.

Recreate Your First Date

Paying attention to details always pays off. Those skills will come in handy when you recreate your first date for your proposal. The key is to recreate as much as you can remember. For example, if you took a walk in the park, go back to that exact location. If you were lucky enough to score a kiss on the first date, recreate that special moment too.

Hire a Private Chef

They say food is the way to many people’s hearts. If that’s the case, hiring a private chef to prepare a delicious meal might be a good way to win over your sweetheart. This exclusive multi-course dining experience will make them feel special and loved. Plus, popping the question after dessert will be the cherry on top!

14 Days of Gifts

Start February off by showering your honey with small tokens of affection. Whether it's homemade cookies or tickets to a show, give a gift that shows your love every day leading up to Valentine's Day. Finally, on the 14th, give the most precious gift of all: the sparkling ring.

Sentimental Local Tour

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Take your partner on an all-day tour of some of your most memorable spots as a couple. Whether it’s the coffee shop where you first met or a restaurant where you had your first meal, spend the day visiting several of your sentimental haunts. End the day by asking one of the most important questions of your life.

Solve a Puzzle

If you’re the couple who enjoys playing board games and working on puzzles, this proposal idea is a no-brainer. You can order a jigsaw puzzle online that spells out the big question and put it together for the big reveal.

Hire a Singer to Serenade

Is music the way to your sweetie’s heart? If so, let the music play and hire a professional singer to provide the soundtrack to the special day. Depending on your budget, you can hire a favorite from services like Cameo or contact the desired artist’s management to work out a deal.

Say It with a Song

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If you’re musically inclined, why not tap into your talents and propose with a song? The lyrics can be tailored to fit personal aspects of your lives. You can include cute quips that only the two of you will understand, making it an instant favorite to add to their romantic playlist.

Write Your Proposal in the Snow

X marks the spot. Make your mark by writing your proposal in the snow. When you’re by yourself, simply take a stick and spell out “Will you marry me?” Whether you’re at a ski lodge or at home in your backyard, ask away and you’re sure to get a more than warm response.

Make Them the Main Attraction

Take a page from the aforementioned Adele fan who popped the question on a concert stage in front of throngs of people. This swoon-worthy proposal takes a lot of planning, approval and cooperation from your desired musical act. Once all cleared, get ready to profess your everlasting love in the limelight.

Arrange Multiple Flower Deliveries

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Who doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet on Valentine’s Day? Take things up a notch for this extra special occasion by ordering flowers to be delivered throughout the day, with the final delivery including a notecard that reads: “Will you marry me?”

Use a Drone

If you’re tech-savvy, why not program a drone to capture this precious moment? Don't hesitate to use a drone to deliver the ring to your love interest if you’re skilled in this area. Get ready to impress your partner with this proposal idea because it flies above all the rest.

Say, Cheese with a Fake Photoshoot

In the age of social media, couple photoshoots are commonplace. You don’t have to be engaged or married to partake. That's why staging a just-because photoshoot is the perfect way to ask for your sweetheart’s hand in marriage. Bonus: you’ll both look your best and have someone ready to capture the precious moment.

Incorporate Chocolates

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Chocolates are virtually synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Why not use something that’s expected to bring the unexpected? Ask the chocolatier if they offer personalization, if not, simply use icing to spell out the heartfelt proposal on top of the chocolates. Trust us, nothing is sweeter.

Paint a Picture

If your significant other appreciates art, this proposal idea will be a masterpiece. Commission an artist to paint a portrait of the two of you illustrating your ideal proposal. Present the work of art and let the painting speak for itself. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Plan a Psychic Date

Your future looks bright! Take the object of your affection to a psychic for an out-of-this-world date. Let the reader in on your plans beforehand and have them tell your partner that they see them walking down the aisle very soon. After that prophetic cue, deliver the proposal!

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