15 Tweets From Millennials And Gen X'ers Who Are Starting To Feel Really, Really, Really Old

*Cracks back.* As a millennial inching further up in age, I've had more than one time when my Gen Z sister made me feel old. She doesn't remember picking movies out from Blockbuster, she's fascinated by vinyl, and she just called yesterday to ask what a 401(k) is. Am I officially an elder? Help.

Woman saying "I am old"
Woman saying "I am old"

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And I'm not alone. Millennials across the internet are being hit with day-to-day moments that make them remember how fast time can move. So here are some of my favorite laugh-so-you-don't-cry jokes from those of us who are gettin' up there:


I am in Target. I am trying to buy a photo album. I asked where they might be. Worker did not know what a photo album was. I said it was a place to keep pictures. He sent me to the tech aisle. He assumed I wanted memory to store more pictures on my phone. I am 1 billion years old

— Monica Hesse (@MonicaHesse) March 29, 2023

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My daughter just asked why we say "hang up" the phone and now I feel 90.

— Jason English (@EnglishJason) June 2, 2015

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In the "I'm getting old" department.., a kid saw this and said, "oh, you 3D-printed the 'Save' Icon." pic.twitter.com/rwgCpSjfDQ

— Bill Gross (@Bill_Gross) October 17, 2017

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Hello. All of the actors from Friends are now older than the youngest Golden Girl was in that show’s first season. Have a nice day.

— Eli McCann (@EliMcCann) September 3, 2022

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Ya'll, visited my mom today. My niece asked what this was.I now feel old.😦 pic.twitter.com/BYjcyAqjBu

— Veronica Colon (@L0stPh03n1x) August 17, 2019

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I’m this old..... 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ if you know, then you know pic.twitter.com/p0qOlDQkl3

— IG:Brotha_Hobbs (@Brotha_Hobbs) May 19, 2019

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Kids today: Find out school is cancelled via textMe: Had to wake up at 5 a.m. and watch the bottom of the tv screen like the NFL Draft

— Dan Kaufman (@D_Kauf11) November 16, 2022

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My son just asked me what this is, he's 11 years old....have times changed THAT much?! #OldMan #KidsTheseDays pic.twitter.com/lJSa1Uan5s

— Gil_6:30 (@Gil_630) August 8, 2016

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We memorized phone numbers. We memorized driving directions. No one knew what we looked like. No one could reach us. We were gods.

— Omri Elisha (@AnthroOmri) November 13, 2021

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"I'm nothing like my parents" I say to myself as I stuff plastic bags inside other plastic bags

— Laurent Perrier (@itslaurentbtw) May 31, 2021

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me: when I was your age a paperclip named Clippy would help me write letters to my friends kid: sure grandpa let’s get u to bed

— Josh Trebach, MD (@jtrebach) July 16, 2022

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I regret to inform you that my brain will think it's the year 2000 until the day I die. When is 30 years ago? 1970. How long ago were the '90s? 10 years ago. thank you for your understanding in this matter.

— Lane Moore📕Denver 5/12-5/13, NYC 5/26 (@hellolanemoore) October 19, 2020

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If you want to know why Gen X’ers are always mad it’s because we had to replace our record collections with a tape collection that was then replaced with a cd collection that was then replaced with MP3’s and damn it how many time must I pay to listen to grunge

— Boog (@bewgtweets) October 17, 2021

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When is the last time someone aged you? Let me know in the comments.