15 Top-Rated Hair-Growth Products at Sephora For Fuller, Stronger Hair

If you're wishing for thick, healthy hair with no luck, you may be sabotaging your shampoo-commercial dreams without even knowing it. Even things that seem to be good choices - like conditioning and brushing - may be hurting your chances at an Ariana Grande-level ponytail.

Or, perhaps you're like me (and many others) and your hair grows in very full . . . but has a tendency to break off at the edges, or has thinned from chemical processes. Whether you're trying to get your hair to grow or trying to get it not to thin, know that you're not alone.

Plenty of Sephora shoppers have faced these same problems and discovered helpful solutions. Ahead, find the top-rated products for hair growth (and healthier scalps), including serums, shampoos, and sprays.

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