15 Things Japan Does Sooo Much Better Than The U.S. (Sorry But I'm Not Sorry)

I love living in the U.S., but after visiting Japan, I noticed quite a few things we might want to adopt here ASAP. These are, IMHO, some of the best aspects of Japanese culture that I wish I could have brought home with me.

1.Sushi for breakfast

A piece of tuna sushi.

2.Next-level vending machines

A soba vending machine in Japan

3.Heated, fancy toilets with built-in washlets (and even music)

A Japanese toilet.

4.Convenience store food — but not in the way you'd expect

An egg salad sandwich.

5.Pizza, if you can believe it

A pizza in Japan.

6.Public transportation

A bullet train going past Mt. Fuji.

7.Fresh fruit

A fancy Japanese melon.

8.Craft cocktails

Two craft cocktails.

9.Candy and snack foods — especially the savory variety

Japanese Kit Kats in many flavors.

10.Department store food courts

Boxes of fancy sushi.

11.Crime rates and overall safety

A quiet Japanese street at night.

12.Photo booths.

A photo of me and my husband from a Japanese photo booth.

13.The pets

A poodle wearing clothing.

14.Street food

Onigiri street food.

15.Train cafe carts

A Japanese bento box lunch.

16.Cherry blossoms and fall foliage

Cherry blossoms on a riverbank in Tokyo.

Have you visited Japan? What was your favorite thing about it? Share in the comments!