15 Funny "Ted Lasso" Scenes, 14 Sad Ones, And 3 Scenes That Manage To Be Both

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For a show that's supposed to be a comedy, Ted Lasso sure does make me cry a lot.

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Sure, there are seemingly 1 million jokes per episode, but let's not kid ourselves. Sometimes it feels like Ted Lasso and its creators are hellbent on our collective emotional devastation.

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To prove it, here are a bunch of funny Ted Lasso scenes, a bunch of sad ones, and some that manage to be both:

Spoiler warning! This list is roughly in episode order, so if you haven't seen either or both seasons of Ted Lasso, you're about to be spoiled. YouTube clips provided when possible to aid in your laughter (or tears).

1.Ted's first conversation with Rebecca in the pilot effectively lays the groundwork for their dynamic, but it's also chock-full of jokes.

Rebecca and Ted talking

Every single person in my life who watched Ted Lasso on my recommendation laughed at this line and texted me about it.

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2.But it became clear that it wasn't going to be all chuckles when Ted got to his new London apartment and called his estranged wife back in the US.

Ted on the phone

It's the first time we learn that Ted's marriage is struggling and that his upbeat, positive exterior might be covering up a lot of sadness. It's hard to hear Ted talk to Michelle, who clearly doesn't have the same feelings for him anymore.

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3.The panda vs. lion debate featured hilarious moments from Keeley, Ted, Rebecca, and Jamie.

Keeley and Ted standing by a door

This scene set up the friendship between Ted and Keeley — two actual rays of sunshine — and the occasionally grumpy Rebecca, who initially dismissed them only to turn around and make a passionate case in favor of being a lion.

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4.But when Rebecca finally confessed that she'd been sabotaging the team ever since she hired Ted, there was nothing funny about it.

rebecca talking to ted


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5.Roy's horrendous impression of Ted was very awful but also very funny.

roy talking to keeley
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6.But Ted's final conversation with Michelle, in which he finally agreed to get a divorce, was crushing.

a closeup of Ted

Every single thing about this scene was designed for maximal emotional devastation; the rain, the music, the juxtaposition between Ted/Michelle and Roy/Keeley, and Ted's tears all joined forces to make me blubber. Throw in Beard showing up to support Ted, and I was a mess.

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7.The first Diamond Dogs meeting was funny, adorable, and exemplified Ted Lasso's rejection of toxic masculinity.

Ted smiling and talking to Roy
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8.But when Ted had a panic attack during a team outing and Rebecca comforted him, there was nothing funny about it.

Rebecca comforting Ted
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9.Roy and Ted passing the captain's badge back and forth was delightfully childish, and I giggled the whole time.

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And it led to this absolutely magical reaction from Beard.

10.But Roy's career-ending injury after tackling Jamie was a bittersweet end to his Season 1 arc.

Roy being hugged
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11.Nate's harsh but fair speech to the team was a Season 1 highlight that was funny and moving in equal measure.

Roy and Nate talking

And, I'll say it: Roy ripping the bench off the floor was pretty hot.

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12.Meanwhile, Ted's speech after Richmond got relegated was somewhat hopeful, but also REALLY FUCKING SAD.

Ted talking
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Here's one last spoiler warning since the rest of these scenes are from Season 2!

13.Ted and Sharon's whole dynamic was a Season 2 highlight, but one of its funniest moments was when Ted walked Sharon home after her bike accident.

Ted holding a broken bike and talking with Sharon next to him

He was being so chivalrous and she was not having any of it. I love Dr. Sharon.

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14.But one of its saddest moments was when Ted had a panic attack in the middle of a game and finally agreed to make a therapy appointment.

Ted saying he wants to make an appointment
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15.Ted became "Led Tasso" and pretended to be a jerk in order to get the team to be nice to Jamie, and it was completely preposterous...but also hilarious.

Ted gesturing on the field
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16.Nate, however, was very much not pretending when he viciously berated Will for giving him a "Wonderkid" jersey. This was just one of MANY heartbreaking Nate moments during the second season.

nate smiling and talking
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17."Man City" was probably the saddest episode in Season 2, but it did have one moment of levity: Isaac giving Sam a haircut to help him prepare for a date while the rest of the team watched in awe.

Isaac giving Sam a haircut while others watch

The Richmond boys are so silly, and they own my whole heart.

TV+ / Courtesy Everett Collection

18.But the episode's last scene in the Richmond locker room broke me into a million tiny little pieces.

Roy hugging Jamie

Jamie came to blows with his abusive father, ROY HUGGED JAMIE, and of course, Ted called Dr. Sharon to tell her that his own father died by suicide when Ted was 16.

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19.Watching a team of professional soccer players rehearse the choreography from N'SYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" was never not gonna be chuckleworthy.

team rehearsing choreography on the field
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20.But Richmond's promotion at the end of Season 2 was worthy of a river of tears.

Richmond in a suit standing by the bleachers

Sure, it's a happy scene overall...but it's also the moment that Nate stormed off the pitch to rip up the BELIEVE sign. Plus, Higgins cried so obviously we were all gonna cry, OK?

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21.I don't know what made me laugh hardest during the scene when Jamie asked Roy to stop ignoring him.

Roy talking to Jamie

This was a conversation that they both handled with the maturity you'd expect.

TV+ / Courtesy Everett Collection

22.But seeing Ted talk about his father's suicide while Rebecca talked about her father's infidelity had me in tears.

closeup of Rebecca; closeup of Ted
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23.I can't explain why flipping people off is funny — it just is. So it was highly amusing when the Richmond coaches gave Jamie a unique signal to let him know when it was time to be "a prick" to the other team.

coaches giving the finger; a soccer player giving it back
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24.However, it was HEARTBREAKING when Trent texted Ted to let him know he wrote a story about Ted's panic attack, and also revealed that Nate was the anonymous source.

the text thread between Trent and Ted
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25.Brett Goldstein might just win his second Emmy for playing Roy with this hilarious reaction to Phoebe's bad breath.

Phoebe breathing and Roy looking at her seriously and telling her she might be dying
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26.But maybe someone could remind him and Juno Temple that this is a comedy, so that they don't break my heart with scenes like Roy and Keeley confessing a bunch of secrets to each other in the middle of a photo shoot.

Roy and Keeley sitting next to each other on a couch

If they break up, I will cause a scene.

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27.If you didn't cackle with glee when Sassy told Rupert exactly what she thought of him at Rebecca's dad's funeral, your funny bone is broken.

Sassy talking to Rupert and telling him she can't wait until he dies
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28.And if it didn't crush you when Nate finally told Ted why he was so angry at him, you might not have a heart.

a closeup of Nate
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29.And finally, it's possibly the quickest joke of the season, but Ted's description of the team as "a Renaissance painting portraying masculine melancholy" was perfect.

the team in the locker room posing
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Now before I let you go, I have to give a special mention to a few Ted Lasso scenes that are somehow both funny and sad at the same time.

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30.Roy Kent rushing through London to get back to Richmond is a moment that will live in my mind forever.

Roy walking on the field in a suit

Roy loves three things (in no particular order): Keeley, Phoebe, and soccer. It's bittersweet that his injury won't let him play anymore, but this scene was Roy Kent in full rom-com hero mode.

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31.The show literally rickrolled us all by having Rebecca sing "Never Gonna Give You Up" at her dad's funeral. Was it funny? Yes. Was it sad? Also yes. Was it oddly joyful? That too.

Rebecca singing and Ted looking at her
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32.And of course, no conversation about Ted Lasso would be complete without mentioning the darts scene from Season 1.

Ted throwing a dart
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Did I miss anything? What are your favorite Ted Lasso scenes? Discuss!

I could've included the whole show here — please know that it was very difficult to narrow it down.