I Use 15 of These Strong Wall Hooks to Solve Storage Headaches at Home, and Now They're Under $3 Apiece

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They’re holding up dish towels, bathrobes, pots, pans, and plants

<p>People / Marcus Millan</p>

People / Marcus Millan

It all started innocently enough last summer. I just needed a place to hang dish towels in my new kitchen that wasn’t the oven door. But no such spot existed — so I had to create one.

I searched for “wall hooks” and came across these well-reviewed adhesive hooks on Amazon. The double hooks are available in a bunch of luxe-looking finishes and styles, had a bunch of recent five-star customer ratings, and were relatively cheap at about 10 or 11 bucks. I chose the skinny black style to match my black kitchen countertop. With Prime shipping, they arrived the next day.

And after that? Well, I was hooked. (Sorry.)

Yigii Adhesive Hooks, $10 for four (Save 41%)



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The hooks come in a pack of four, and since I only had three dish towels to hang next to the sink, I placed the extra one above the stove for oven mitts. To hang the sticky hooks, all I needed to do was peel off the protective film and press them against the wall for a few seconds — easy-peasy.

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Mark off where you want to place the hooks with a measuring tape and pencil before sticking them on the wall. For safe removal, a product like Goo Gone may help.

Once I saw how well the adhesive hooks held up, I bought another matching pack to hang pots and pans, since the product description says each hook can hold up to 23 pounds. I love the easy access they provide when cooking, and I really think it completes the “look” of my small kitchen.

<p>People / Laura Gurfein</p> These adhesive hooks are the perfect kitchen storage solution.

People / Laura Gurfein

These adhesive hooks are the perfect kitchen storage solution.

I also bought a pack of wide silver hooks to hang four robes on the back of my bedroom door. (They’re not on Amazon as of this writing, but the same shape is available in matte black.) And they even stick to tile: Two more hooks are currently holding up this plastic shower caddy filled with shampoo bottles and hair masks.

Just keep in mind that the wall hooks won’t work when wet, despite the brand’s waterproof claim. I learned that the hard way: After I hung a sopping washcloth on one in the bathroom last fall, the shower caddy crashed into the tub. But to my surprise, the hook’s stickiness was still just as strong once it dried. I reapplied it to dry tile and rehung the shower caddy, and it hasn’t fallen again in the seven months since.

Yigii Adhesive Hooks, $14 for four



In case you’ve lost count, I’ve mentioned 14 of the adhesive hooks I’ve hung so far. The 15th is propping up an overgrown plant in my bathroom window, and the 16th? Well, I’m still deciding.

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