These Spring Hair Colors Are About to Be All Over Your Feeds

These Spring Hair Colors Are About to Be All Over Your Feeds

After months of dreary winter weather (like, can we get one sunny day, pls?), I've been itching to get into the salon to test out a new spring hair color, especially after talking to a bunch of professional hairstylists about the best 2023 hair-color trends. New season, new me, right? I’m talkin’ a full head of highlights, or a monochromatic at-home hair dye, or even a vivid, peekaboo-rainbow-hair situation. Because unlike the dark and subtle winter and fall hair colors and winter shades, spring 2023 is calling for bold, warm, bright hues.

And as I compile inspo for my new hair, I also connected with celebrity hairstylists Laura Rugetti, Scott King, and Glenn Ellis for all the details on the most popular spring hair colors for 2023. Keep scrolling for all of their picks, as well as a few tried-and-true favorite shades for spring:

✔️ FYI: We updated this article in March 2023 to give you the most up-to-date spring hair colors, including hairstylists' most-requested looks and new styles celebrities are trying. Plus, we checked in with experts for their take on the best spring hair colors, just for you.

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