15 Sectional Sofas That'll Have You Sprawling Out in Style

Making the choice to shop for one of the best sectional sofas over a pullout couch or lounge chair means investing in your comfort: More couch equals more space to sprawl out. And couches are supposed to be comfortable. By some definitions, that’s the singular goal. If you’re asking us, you want to make sure you aren’t introducing a hulking mass of wood, metal, and performance fabric into your home that looks anything less than stellar. And sectionals can be just that: too big and way too far from stylish.

One thing to keep in mind as you’re window shopping: Sectionals, by nature, are modular and very easy to customize any which way. You may be tempted to make a purchase simply on curb appeal, but we'd suggest taking a beat to consider your options: Are you a chronic snack spiller? Opt for performance fabric that will hold up against stains and crumbs. Is your apartment on the smaller side? Look for a design with minimalist, metal legs: Adding some negative space between the floor and the bottom of the couch can make it appear lighter in form. And for the love of all that is holy (and your back), please measure—and double measure—before you attempt dragging a bulky sectional up the stairwell.

Below, we did a deep dive into the many buildable designs on our radar and pulled out the best of the best sectional sofas to block out your space.

The Best Sectional Sofas, at a Glance

That sunken mess you call a sofa won't replace itself. Shop our top picks for sectional sofas right here without dealing with all the fluff.

The Best Sectional Sofa, Overall: Floyd Two-Piece

Floyd two-piece sectional

$2112.00, Floyd

Floyd started with one design (a furniture leg) way back in 2013 and has since grown to sell the most Instagram-famous bed frame of all time, plus a range of thoughtfully designed chairs, storage shelves, and more. This two-piece design topped our 2022 Home Awards as the best sectional and we stand by it for its buildable design. The modular construction means it can grow—or shrink—as you move from place to place. Plus, there's ample room to play with color between over a dozen shades that range from neutral performance fabrics to boldly hued sisu textiles. With five couch configurations at your disposal, you'll never get bored rearranging the shape to suit your current lounging position.

The Best Leather Sectional Sofa: Crate & Barrel Wells

Crate and Barrel Wells leather 2-piece sectional sofa

$5298.00, Crate and Barrel

Leather sectionals can quickly veer into “musty den” territory but the fluffy, pillow-like shape of the cushions on this design from Crate & Barrel makes it just a little more fun—consider it the younger and much cooler sibling of your therapist’s well-worn confession couch. We’re leaning toward the rich, camel color, but there are five others to mix and match with your interiors (chocolate, graphite, pewter, and taupe). The slight black-metal base gives the entire sectional a contemporary vibe and the deep seats allow you to get a little lost in the crease during your weekend naps.

The Best Budget Sectional Sofa: Ikea Söderhamn

Ikea Söderhamn sectional

$1349.00, IKEA

Where there’s more couch, there’s more of a cost… usually. Finding the perfect balance between quality, style, and size on a budget can be tough, but count on Ikea to offer up a gem that checks all three boxes. The Söderhamn sectional is one of those timeless designs the Scandinavian chain occasionally offers up, joining the ranks of the ever-versatile Kallax shelving unit and the classic Malm bedframe. The sectional is made of three pieces: a chaise and two deep, single seaters. It’s also possible to add or remove pieces—all the better for last-minute room rearrangements. While the fabric is far from performance-level, the Söderhamn system manages to maintain an airy look despite packing in a ton of seating area.

The Best Splurge-y Sectional Sofa: Sarah Ellison Float

Sarah Ellison Float 3-piece modular sofa

$10995.00, Design Within Reach

For certain designheads, Sarah Ellison's sofas are the ne plus ultra, worth shelling out thousands of dollars for the elevated shapes, extreme comfort, and sumptuous fabrics. Last year, we anointed her marshmallow-esque “Muse” sofa with a Home Award for its groovy '70s appeal. The designer's latest, the Float, is a big ol' sprawler  with extra deep cushions and horizontal channels designed to make you feel like you're suspended off the sofa, or “floating on air.” It's a beast of a couch (available in a two modular arrangements), but this three-piece iteration captures the true essence of the conversation pit vibe it's going for: We'd recommend it for people with ample square footage.

The Best Sectional for Small Apartments: Hay Mags

Hay Mags one-arm sectional

$4195.00, Hay

Best known for its bold color options, Danish design company Hay is responsible for one of our favorite sectionals. High armrests take the building-block silhouette one step further, leaning into the concept of sinking into a cloud formation of high-density foam. Plus, peep the adorable solid-wood legs peeking out from underneath the body of the sectional, which may inspire you to give this squat little guy a name of its own. But back to why the Mags couch is a great pick for a small apartment: It’s far from the “good for now” pick. You won’t want to get rid of it when you size up your space.

The Best Eco-Friendly Sectional: Sabai

Sabai essential sectional sofa

$1920.00, Sabai

Sabai is a newish direct-to-consumer furniture “disruptor” that flatpacks its products. Except unlike other brands that are creating a fast furniture marketplace where it's easier to just buy and dispose of your sofa every few years, Sabai is all about selling sustainable pieces that you'll have for a lifetime. Not only is its sectional produced with eco-friendly materials, from its fully upcycled and recycled upholstery to its low-impact wooden frame, but also shipped plastic-free. The certified B-Corp also offers an extensive repair program that'll help you maintain your furniture over time, or the option to trade it in once it's time for something new. Sabai offers its sectional in two fabrics—velvet and polyester—and a wide array of colors, whether you're feeling bold with a mustardy yellow color or mellow with a muted grey hue.

The Best Customizable Sectional: Benchmade OG Couch Potato

Benchmade OG Couch Potato

$6713.00, Benchmade

At the end of the day, all you want to do is sink into your sofa and chill. Benchmade, a company that specializes in custom designs, makes an excellent sofa in the form of the OG Couch Potato. Besides its excellent name, this nap-worthy gem is one piece of furniture you'll never want to get rid of. It's about as soft and plush as you'd expect given its marshmallow-like appearance, and because it's from Benchmade, it is customizable to the nth degree. Adjust the dimensions to fit your exact specifications, and don't get us started on how many fabrics and colors you can choose from. The brand also makes it easy to visualize what it'll look like (otherwise a-near impossible task!) by offering a free swatch kit.

9 More Sectional Sofas We Like

Hem Kumo

$6699.00, Hem

Joybird Bryant petite modular sectional

$4527.00, Joybird

DWR Pastille sectional chaise

$9895.00, Design Within Reach

AllModern Lonsdale 10-piece upholstered chaise sectional

$3000.00, AllModern

Maiden Home Muir sectional

$9895.00, Maiden Home

Burrow Range 3-piece open sectional lounger

$1235.00, Burrow

Rivet Revolve modern upholstered sectional sofa

$844.00, Amazon

West Elm Harmony double wide chaise sectional

$2898.00, West Elm

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