15 Rules All Pet Owners Need to Follow During Covid

Lizzy Francis

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly everything about our lives. One aspect of that change is that most of us are spending more time with our pets than ever, keeping them constant company when we might have left them at home to go to work, go to the movies, go see friends, or go to bars. 


While this certainly isn’t a bad thing it does present a problem that can compound over time. Though dogs and cats, our beloved, furry companions, might be happy to see us at home, they also thrive on structure and routine. At some point, people will return to their offices and their more-normal lives, and pets who have become accustomed to us being home at all times might be scared, confused, or even suffer from separation anxiety. It’s our job as pet owners, then, to ensure that we provide the closest possible structure to their normal, pre-COVID routine, so that when things calm down, it’s not a struggle for the pet and their owner.

But there aren’t just rules about routine, or exercise. In the age of the coronavirus, pet owners need to have care plans for their pets in case they get sick, ways to exercise their pets without violating social distancing, and more. Here, then, are 15 rules for raising dogs and cats in the era of COVID-19.

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