15 Popular Armenian Last Names With Meanings And Origins

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Let’s get this out of the way first: There is so much more to Armenia than simply being the ancestral home of the Kardashians. It’s a country with a long, sometimes tragic history, and rich culture, including a unique structure for Armenian last names. If — like Kim, Khloe, and the rest of the krew (sorry) — you can trace your lineage back to Armenia, there’s a lot you can learn about your own family history from your last name.

For example, nearly all Armenian last names consist of a root and at least one suffix that offer clues about your past. Roots typically include identifying information like titles, personal characteristics, jobs, or place-names. Suffixes can have a variety of meanings as well, but the most frequently used suffix (by far) is -ian and its variations, such as -yan, -jan, -ians, which means “issued from” or “family of.” Other suffixes include -ji or -chi (which refers to being a merchant), and -uni (which indicates a family connection to Armenian nobility). Want more examples? Here are 15 popular Armenian last names, along with their meanings and origins.

  1. Abajian
    Meaning: Maker or seller of coarse woolen cloth or garments
    Origin: Turkish

  2. Azarian
    Meaning: March
    Origin: Turkish

  3. Donabedian
    Meaning: Head of a festival
    Origin: Classical Armenian

  4. Garabedian
    Meaning: Leader, precursor
    Origin: Armenian

  5. Gulian
    Meaning: Son of rose or laughter
    Origin: Armenian

  6. Kartashyan
    Meaning: Son of the stonemason
    Origin: Armenian

  7. Kassabian
    Meaning: Son of the butcher
    Origin: Turkish

  8. Manoukian
    Meaning: Child
    Origin: Classical Armenian

  9. Margaryan
    Meaning: Prophet
    Origin: Old Armenian

  10. Misakian
    Meaning: Son of Misak
    Origin: Hebrew

  11. Najaryan/Najarian
    Meaning: Son of a carpenter
    Origin: Arabic

  12. Nalbandyan/Nalbandian
    Meaning: Son of a farrier
    Origin: Persian

  13. Sarafyan/Sarafian
    Meaning: Son of a banker
    Origin: Arabic

  14. Saroukhanian
    Meaning: The mountain prince
    Origin: Armenian

  15. Tumasyan
    Meaning: Son of Thomas (the Armenian equivalent of “Thompson”)
    Origin: Armenian

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