I Have 17 Plants at Home, and They're All Healthy and Growing - Here Are My Secrets

Few things bring me as much quiet joy as tending to my plants. I've always had a knack for growing things, and 17 plants later, gardening has become a treasured pastime. It frees up mental space so I can fully be in the moment, plus there's something fulfilling about watching them grow.

No, you don't need a green thumb to keep plants alive, but it does require a level of commitment. With the different types we have, including monsteras, philodendrons, a snake plant, a majestic palm, and a fig tree, my husband and I spend at least two hours performing a variety of plant-related hacks, whether that's watering, repotting or pruning.

In two years, we've managed to keep our plant babies healthy and growing. We occasionally have to deal with brown leaves, but for the most part, our urban jungle is alive and well. If you're a new plant parent struggling to maintain your indoor plants, shop these must-have tools and get ready to tend to your very own garden.

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