15 Parents Whose Days Went So Hysterically Wrong They Found Themselves Begging For A Redo

1.This parent, whose kid figured out how to change the face of their parent's watch from their phone and promptly did this:

a teen singer as the background
u/Greenman-of-England / Via reddit.com

2.This parent, who opened up a box of Hot Pockets for their kid, only to find a totally empty package:

empty wrapper
u/carolinachickenhawk / Via reddit.com

3.This dad, who went to the fridge to find that his kid had gone to town with the magnet letters:

4.This mom, who turned her back for a split second and her kid got into the diaper cream:

5.This parent, whose son dropped his phone in the toilet, then opened up a brand new bag of risotto to dry it:

phone in the bag of risotto
u/Xcyelm / Via reddit.com

6.This mom, who ordered her kids a cheese pizza, and it arrived curiously light on the cheese:

pizza with only the sauce
getloudadvocacy / Via Instagram: @undefined

7.This mom, whose kids accidentally threw their football over into the neighbor's yard, and then found it returned into their yard the next day looking like this:

football cut open
u/buddahsumo / Via reddit.com

8.This parent, whose son put a golf ball into the bathtub drain:

golf ball clogging the tub
u/Honeycombz99 / Via reddit.com

9.This parent, who got home to find that their kid's chicken nugget box was just full of diced onions instead:

box opened to diced onions
u/Pit_it_and_quit_it / Via reddit.com

10.And this parent, who was so tired they couldn't find the remote...until they did:

remote in the fridge
u/Sinfire420 / Via reddit.com

11.This parent, whose toddler took literally one bite out of each strawberry in the container, then put them all back:

strawberries with one bite
u/Kel_Varnsen89 / Via reddit.com

12.This parent, whose daughter leaves her toy cube like this, just to irritate her parents:

cube with one wrong color tile on each side
u/Brilliant_Shelter918 / Via reddit.com

13.This parent, whose daughter accidentally dropped the Chick-fil-A bag, and this happened:

soup all over the car seat
u/NurseCrackie / Via reddit.com

14.This parent, whose kid requested uncrustables, and still found it necessary to take the "crust" off:

spiral of bread on the counter
u/Outlawed_inlaw / Via reddit.com

15.And this parent, who went to the store for a birthday candle for their kid's third birthday, and found this:

the number 3 missing
u/wtfbananaboat / Via reddit.com

Hang in there, parents! You're doing great!