15-Year-Old Dog Sweetly Greets Everyone at Her Surprise Party in Tear-Jerking Video

As the mom of two senior dogs (don't make me think about it for too long), I find myself compelled to celebrate every little milestone. Every birthday is a big deal, and I love finding fun, new ways to involve my boys in every holiday and family event. We are always trying new dog-friendly recipes, and I try to bring them on as many weekend trips as I can.

There's no wrong way to celebrate your dog and each special day you have together, but one dog mom has everyone in tears after sharing a memory of her late dog's 15th birthday party. In recognition of what would've been Emi Lou's 17th birthday, Rachel posted the sweetest clip of Emi greeting everyone who showed up to celebrate her at her surprise party. As you can imagine, it's just about the sweetest thing you'll ever see!

Aww--pass the tissues, please! Emi Lou looks so happy to see all of her favorite people (and a furry friend) gathered in her home just for her. And what's not to love? This beautiful pup had all the attention on her, and she had birthday snacks to munch on, too. It's every dog's dream come true!

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Rachel's beloved TikTok video has stolen hearts for the third year in a row, and I'm not surprised one bit. Viewer @missingdisney noticed "The way she looked around to make sure she didn't miss anybody," while others were enchanted by the smile she gave the crowd. Whatever your favorite detail was, there's no doubt just what a special day this was!

When is a Dog Considered a Senior?

It's hard to deny that this dog's birthday party is even more special because of her age. Every year is worth celebrating, of course, but there's an extra sense of importance when a dog is considered a senior.

But how do you know when a dog is a senior? It's not as simple as reaching a designated age, but it's not impossible to calculate either. Because small dogs tend to live longer than large dogs, you'll actually use your dog's weight to figure out what age makes them officially over the hill.

For tiny dogs weighing 15 pounds or less, they're not considered seniors until age 11. For those between 16 and 50 pounds, 9 years old is the cutoff. Dogs weighing between 51 and 80 pounds become seniors at age 8, while giant dogs weighing over 80 pounds are already seniors at just 6 years old.

But look at Emi! This old Husky dog was a larger dog who lived to be 15, and she's a testament to the power of love and care. Happy heavenly birthday, Emi!