14 Nausea-Inducing Photos That'll Make You Feel Like A Teeny Little Speck Of Dust

These 15 photos are about to make you feel itty bitty as hell:

1.This bridge in Japan:

A large bridge in Japan
u/starrgarita / Via reddit.com

2.This guy's job:

A man spelunking down a massive pipe
u/Simunai / Via reddit.com

3.This giant emoji sphere in Las Vegas:

A giant emoji
u/ryckae / Via reddit.com

4.These construction men who look like LEGOs:

Aerial view of construction workers

5.This enormous chunk of stone falling:

A giant piece of stone falling
u/MINTEDCLICKS / Via reddit.com

6.This eye of the storm in Texas:

A storm
u/hankolijo / Via reddit.com

7.This giant Gundam in Japan:

A Gundam in Japan
u/freudian_nipps / Via reddit.com
a giant Gundam
u/freudian_nipps / Via reddit.com

8.This rainfall:

u/Odd_Masterpiece9092 / Via reddit.com

9.And this icefall:

A massive ice fall
u/Mad_Dumpster8566 / Via reddit.com

10.This whale spine:

A little boy standing next to a whale spine
u/neapolitanbby / Via reddit.com

11.This birds eye view of Buenos Aires after the World Cup final:

Aerial view of Argentina during the World Cup
u/graciousds / Via reddit.com

12.These redwood trees compared to the person standing beneath them:

A person standing in the midst of the redwoods
u/M17hr4nd1r / Via reddit.com

13.This cloud resembling a human silhouette in Indonesia:

A cloud in the shape of a person
u/iwasasin / Via reddit.com

14.And finally, this Ronald McDonald towering over a rural town:

A giant Ronald McDonald inflatable
u/Gnosys00110 / Via reddit.com

H/T: r/Megalophobia