15 Mental Health Resources for People of Color

As an Afro-Latinx woman, I’ve often felt left out of the mental health conversation. In my search for a therapist, I found myself scrolling through photo after photo of people who didn’t look like me. I was already anxious and upset, so feeling a lack of representation in the mental health space didn’t help in the slightest.

According to a 2015 study by the American Psychological Association, 83.6 percent of psychologists are White, while only 14.6 percent combined are Black, Latinx and Asian (and that doesn’t even account for Native Americans and other minority communities). While therapists specialize in a variety of areas regardless of their background, I found these stats so disheartening. Identity is important and it’s hard to speak up about the struggles plaguing our society (aka racism, economic disparities and microaggressions, to name a few) to someone who has the privilege to not see those issues in their everyday life.

When we’re faced with the cycle of news showing Black men and women are dying in the hands of the police, cultural appropriation flooding our social media pages and a lack of representation in award shows, our mental health can suffer. Luckily, there are resources catered specifically to people of color. From help finding a therapist to inspiring podcasts, here are my favorite mental health resources for people of color.


1. Therapy for Black Girls 

Created by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, the organization has become an outlet for Black women to seek therapy and break the stigma surrounding it. Browse the directory on the site, join the private Facebook community, listen to their podcast or sit in on their weekly group support sessions.

2. Latinx Therapy

Type your city and state into the search bar to find a list of therapists in your area (it’s an especially great way to find bilingual professionals). The site also provides mental health resources like podcasts, YouTube channels and books that represent the Latinx community. They also have COVID-19 resources for immigrants and undocumented folks dealing with the pandemic.

3. National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network

Browse through their interactive Google Map and find an array of therapists catered to queer and trans people of color. The organization also provides financial assistance for those who can’t afford therapy, training for companies and a digital space for queer and trans people of color to connect.

4. Black Emotional and Mental Health

If you’d prefer telemedicine, Black Emotional and Mental Health (BEAM) features a virtual directory to connect you with mental health professionals online. Whether you’re into email, video-chatting or just simply talking on the phone, you can choose which virtual platform works for you.

5. Inclusive Therapists

Austin-based therapist Melody Li created Inclusive Therapists, where you can find mental health professionals that specialize in racial trauma. (They also provide reduced-fee teletherapy.)

Social Communities

1. Ethel Club

This Brooklyn-based working space has become a safe haven for people of color, both on and offline. But if you’re not from the Big Apple, you still have a chance to be a part of the digital community. Members can receive free mental health counseling (which has turned into virtual sessions as a result of the pandemic), watch discussions with cultural leaders and connect with others online.

2. Dive in Well

Originally created as an event to talk about a push for diversity in the wellness sector, Dive in Well is now a full-fledged platform for people of color to participate in the wellness conversation. They provide virtual workshops on a variety of topics like astrology, meditation and self-empowerment while offering workbooks to incorporate into your daily life.

3. Viva Wellness

An NYC wellness space that combines mental health and holistic care. They offer therapy sessions, workshops, coaching and e-guides to help you stay active physically and mentally. Here, you'll find a service that works for you and your schedule while offering both online and offline support.


1. Black Girl In Om

Join founder Lauren Ash as she dives into what self-care and self-love mean to women of color. Each episode strives to inspire, motivate and uplift Black and Brown women featuring interviews with beauty, wellness and business professionals.

2. H.E.R Space: Uplifting Conversations for the Black Woman

Listen every Friday as Dr. Dominique Broussard and Terri Lomax touch on topics related to Black women. H.E.R (aka Healing, Empowerment, Resilience) is working to inspire women and help them deal with daily obstacles.

3. The Secret Lives of Black Women

Follow along as two close friends work to uplift Black women and share their own experiences when it comes to self-care, anxiety and many more topics related to women of color. Each episode, they give helpful advice about how to create your own safe space and strive to be your best self.

4. The Black Girl Bravado 

Two L.A. besties have weekly conversations about self-care, spirituality and entrepreneurship to motivate women of color to reach their potential. Each episode highlights tips and tricks to tackle issues and create goals in the wellness and health space.


1. National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI’s research has determined that a lack of access to information and treatment has had a major effect on the Black and Latinx communities (only 30 percent of African-American adults receive treatment each year). The organization also provides questions to ask mental professionals when finding the right therapist and features the Sharing Hope Program, which strives to bring mental health awareness to Black communities.

2. Mental Health America

Learn more about how history, today's societal issues and racism affect the mental health of African Americans. The org uses numbers and studies to break down how Black individuals are more likely to deal with PTSD, anxiety and depression while dealing with the lack of access to care and treatment.

3. Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Find tips on how to choose a provider, resources for overcoming anxiety and up-to-date stories about how people of color are changing the stigma of mental health in their communities.

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