These 15 Makeup Mirrors With Lights Will Change Your Beauty Routine

Expansive windows that flood the bathroom with natural light come with tons of perks, like being able to apply makeup without resembling Bozo the clown. But natural lighting isn't always an option, and even if it is, we typically need to call in backup to brighten up the space when getting ready for a night out. So to ensure we apply and blend our makeup flawlessly, we scoured the web for the best makeup mirrors with lights that also enhance pretty interiors. Whether you're looking for a compact travel mirror with lights, a full-on vanity, or something in between, you'll meet your match in the roundup below. Click through the 15 options at various price points to take your pick.

Artisan Mirrors Co. Round Lighted Hollywood Vanity Mirror ($309)

If you love the Hollywood vanity look but want something round instead of rectangular, here's your best option. It comes with a support stand too.

Vintage Ultrafragola Mirror by Ettore Sottsass ($9800)

As if we needed to point this out, this is not your average make up mirror with lights. Tall, shapely, and neon, you'll probably want to put it on display rather than tuck it away in the bathroom. With a groovy, sinuous shape and pink ombre hue, it doesn't get any cooler than this when it comes to makeup mirrors with lights.

Jedron Halo Lighted Wall Mirror Double Arm Brass ($51)

If you want something a little more permanent, try this double-sided wall mount mirror. It has a softly sleek aesthetic and features both magnification and built-in lighting. Plus, it's fog-free so you won't have to wait for it to clear up after taking a hot shower in the bathroom.

Antique Brass Candelabra Vanity Mirror ($86)

This vintage mirror will make a unique addition to your vanity while also providing the functional perks of modern, lighted mirrors vis-à-vis the two candelabra bulbs.

Electric Mirror Elixir Cosmetic Mirror ($425)

For a makeup mirror that adds geometric style and functionality to sophisticated bathrooms, here's your match. It's super durable and high-quality.

Zadro LED Lighted 15X Spot Mirror ($45)

With a magnification feature, this mirror is also tiny enough to bring with you in your purse or carry-on when you travel. Or you can leave it at home since it mounts to flat surfaces with suction cups.

Krugg Lighted Hollywood Vanity Mirror ($230)

This wall-mounted mirror gives homage to the retro-feeling Hollywood vanity mirror. You can mount it on the wall or set it on your tabletop.

IKEA Storjorm ($99)

This rectangular wall mirror can go above the bathroom sink or above a vanity. It offers a lovely, diffused light, so it's also good for spreading light into larger areas of a bathroom and not just makeup application.

Vintage Art Deco Mirolite Illuminated Vanity Mirror ($350)

This Atomic-era table mirror boasts a ton of personality with its quirky silhouette and bright red paint. The mirror tilts up and down and is illuminated from behind by an incandescent light bulb.

Harry Koenig Accordion Wall Mount Mirror ($88)

This accordion-style lighted wall mirror is another great option for those who want to fasten theirs to the wall to free up some surface space in the bathroom.

Zadro Dual LED Lighted Travel Mirror ($5)

If you're looking for something to bring with you on the go, this lighted travel mirror is great, especially for touch-ups when you're on the go.

Nameeks Vanita and Casa LED Vanity Mirror ($504)

Similar to the Hollywood vanity but with smaller twinkle lights on either side, this wall mirror is as functional as it beautiful. It also has a built-in defogger so you can apply makeup in steamy rooms when you're in a hurry.

Tonin Casa Sunset Mirror ($2035)

Illuminated from behind, this bathroom mirror has a gorgeous glow that reflects lighting that brightens up the whole room softly. You could also place it in the bedroom and use the built-in wooden shelf as a place to put your makeup.

Vintage 1930s Illuminated Vanity Mirror ($4808)

With a pearly iridescent frame and flanked by two rectangular lights, this Art Deco vanity mirror will make a seriously stylish statement in any room.

Conair Cosmetic Mirror Matte Finish ($34)

This touch-controlled lighted mirror can be adjusted to low, medium, and high illumination and rotates 360° so you can see pretty much everything.

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