15 Laundry Room Colors So Pretty, You'll Even Look Forward to Wash Day

Whether you add small pops of color or go all in on a bold hue, these laundry room colors prove this space can have personality, too.

<p>Brian Bieder</p>

Brian Bieder

For a chore that’s as never-ending as laundry, it only makes sense to create a laundry room that feels like a joy to work in. That can be done through smart organizational systems, high-quality appliances that work like they ought to, and small decorative details that feel intentional.

Color is another way to infuse some personality and dimension into this working space, and you’ve perhaps got more options to choose from than you may imagine. Here’s your sign to forgo the stark white and instead reach a bit further into the color spectrum. To get the wheels turning, we’re sharing some of our favorite—and sometimes unexpected—laundry room colors.

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Aged Salmon Pink

<p>Amanda Bock, Erin Kelly</p>

Amanda Bock, Erin Kelly

Those seeking a cream or white-adjacent hue with colorful depth should consider an aged salmon pink color like the one chosen in this laundry room created by interior designer Amanda Bock.

"We wanted even the most task-oriented spaces in the home to feel romanticized, and our choice of Dead Salmon by Farrow & Ball for this laundry room created an effortless femininity about the space," says Bock. "We wanted to contrast that against the white but earthy Zellige tile and get some texture in the veining with the black hex floor tile."

Charcoal Blue

<p>Paige Rumore Photography, Brad Ramsey Interiors</p>

Paige Rumore Photography, Brad Ramsey Interiors

Dark charcoal blue radiates sophistication anywhere in the home and feels especially beautiful in a laundry room. Interior designer Brad Ramsey painted both the upper and lower cabinets in this rich hue (Sherwin Williams Outerspace), then paired it with a cream herringbone backsplash, black hardware, and soft curtains with a subtle pattern. "This is one of my favorite deep charcoal colors with a strong blue undertone. It is a great option when you want a dark hue, but you don't want it to be too dull," Ramsey says.

Creamsicle Orange

<p>Regan Wood Photography, Clean Design</p>

Regan Wood Photography, Clean Design

In a nod to Pantone's Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz, let this juicy creamsicle laundry room designed by Claire Paquin inspire your very own. (The wallpaper here is Mojave Coral on White by Quadrille.) Her approach with laundry rooms is to make the space functional but to infuse some whimsy and personality.

"The design of this laundry room was intended to create a happy and fresh, clean vibe for a task of drudgery," Paquin says. "It’s all about making a typically mundane space into a fresh, welcoming, and inviting room so that the daily task of doing laundry is happier."

Cool Blue Gray

<p>Brian Bieder Photography, Maggie Griffin Design</p>

Brian Bieder Photography, Maggie Griffin Design

For a not-quite-white option, dip your paintbrush into a cool gray-blue color. You can keep things simple with white backsplash or walls or incorporate a playful wallpaper like interior designer Maggie Griffin did here.


<p>Gieves Anderson Photography, JAM Design</p>

Gieves Anderson Photography, JAM Design

When the thought of sidestepping a white color palette breeds a bit of fear, know that you don't have to move the needle too dramatically. In this design by JAM Design, a buttercream tone takes center stage.

"We chose to keep the palette simple and bright and selected a warmer white paint so the space wasn’t too cold," says Megan Prime, co-founder and principal of JAM. "The barn door was existing, but we added statement hardware to liven things up." The color is Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

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Subtle Sage

<p>Lauren Engel, Victoria Holly Interiors</p>

Lauren Engel, Victoria Holly Interiors

Those who prefer a slightly vintage aesthetic may feel pulled to the warm, subtle green hue (Benjamin Moore Avon Green) used by interior designer Victoria Holly in this small laundry room. The matching retro wallpaper ties the color together while feeling playful and sweet. "We loved the hidden laundry room and wanted to create a special moment with it," Holly says. "So, we opted for this fabulous wallpaper and green cabinets for an adorable surprise when you opened the faux cabinet doors."

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Bright Yellow

<p>Avery Nicole Photography, Blueberry Jones Design</p>

Avery Nicole Photography, Blueberry Jones Design

Yellow is a quick way to liven up any laundry room, and the addition of a funky print adds to the playful aesthetic.

"The homeowner really wanted the laundry room to be a bright and cheerful surprise when you peer around the corner from the kitchen," says Lindsie Davis of Blueberry Jones Design. "The room is adjacent to a large picture window that looks out onto the tree line, which was a great jumping point for the design scheme."

The owner's favorite color was bright yellow (here, the cabinets are Sherwin Williams Funky Yellow), and the citrus garden wallpaper nods to a thriving garden. Both are grounded by an embossed blue and white tile in a classic pattern.

Moody Black With Blue

<p>Avery Nicole Photography, KozyKasa</p>

Avery Nicole Photography, KozyKasa

Combining black and white laundry room colors is a dramatic option that'll stand the test of time. "This color is Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron and is truly one of my favorites," says interior designer Kristin Marino of KozyKasa. "We were going for a moody look without being too dark. Wrought Iron has a tint of navy to it so it paired well with the blue tile floor."

Tonal Whites With Wallpaper

<p>Stacy Zarin Goldberg, GreyHunt Interiors</p>

Stacy Zarin Goldberg, GreyHunt Interiors

"When designing this home, our client loved the initial design so much that she didn't want to leave any room untouched," says Sallie Lord of GreyHunt Interiors. "We worked on a light, bright, and welcoming space to greet her when completing daily chores, making them feel more enjoyable." Shades of white (Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White and Pure White) are complemented by a touch of colorful wallpaper on the ceiling.

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Soft Mint Green

<p>Zeke Ruelas, Brad Ramsey Interiors</p>

Zeke Ruelas, Brad Ramsey Interiors

A soft, minty green (Green Trance by Sherwin Williams) is equal parts fresh and modern. In this design by Brad Ramsey Interiors, mint green is paired with a cool gray tile backsplash and gold hardware for contrasting warmth amid all the cool.

"We chose to go with this color as it softens the room and brings a cheery feeling. Laundry rooms can often feel stale, so we wanted to create a happy and inspiring room for the client," Ramsey says. "Green Trance paired perfectly with the plumbing fixtures, tile, and countertops and is really enhanced by the touches of brass in the space."

He says the color is the perfect pale green with enough blue in it to soften it and make it a more universal color. It is uplifting without being too bold or bright and soft without feeling pastel or juvenile.

Slate Blue

<p>Nicole Dianne Photography, Collected Interiors</p>

Nicole Dianne Photography, Collected Interiors

This dreamy slate blue, aptly named Stardew by Sherwin Williams, lends instant softness to this small laundry room designed by Collected Interiors. White walls and marbled white quartz add lightness, while gold hardware infuses a bit of warmth.

Rust Red

<p>Nobilia North America</p>

Nobilia North America

Craving a bit of drama? Opt for a rich, rusty red. The Nobilia North America cabinets here have a matte finish, but you can play with a satin, eggshell, or glossy finish, depending on the look you're going after.

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Medium Blue

<p>Erin Konrath, Kathryn Murphy Interiors</p>

Erin Konrath, Kathryn Murphy Interiors

There are countless shades of blue to choose from, so take your pick! Pictured here is Benjamin Moore's Blue Note. "We chose it because it was beautiful with the original wood tones throughout this 1880s home while still feeling interesting with that fun wallpaper," says interior designer Kathryn Murphy.

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Dark Forrest Green

<p>Kimber Collective</p>

Kimber Collective

Nature-inspired hues, like this deep forest color used in this design by Kimber Collective, evoke a calm serenity. It's contrasted with a creamy white countertop and backsplash. Try Porsche Irish Green by Backdrop for a similar look.

Mid Gray

<p>Spacecrafting, Bria Hammel Interiors</p>

Spacecrafting, Bria Hammel Interiors

Here, interior designer Bria Hammel kept things cool and sophisticated with a medium gray paint with a slightly blue undertone. (Try Farrow & Ball Plummett or Behr Dark Pewter). To keep the space from feeling too stark, which gray can do, she weaved in natural textiles, fresh flowers, an oil painting, and lots of light via a tall window.

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