15 Home Sauna Kits to Amp Up Your Relaxation in 2023

Get your wellness on with a personal in-home sauna.

Saunas have been used for centuries all around the world for relaxation and other health benefits. Reported benefits include recovery for sore muscles, detoxing, better sleep, reduced stress and inflammation and more. It's always a treat to visit a sauna at a local spa, but you don't have to wait for those few and far between appointments over the course of the year to experience one. If you love to sauna, an at-home sauna might be just the thing. It'll instantly take your self-care routine from the minor to major leagues, that's for sure.

From high-end wood saunas with far infrared heat to budget-friendly collapsible steam saunas, we've put together the ultimate list of 15 of the best in-home saunas on the market. Bonus: It'll be all yours; no sharing required!

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15 In-Home Sauna Kits

1. Serenelife Full Size Portable Steam Sauna, $251.65 on Amazon

Made for one person at a time, this indoor sauna kit is a compact option that is lightweight and conveniently folds away when you want to move or store it. It comes with a chair that also folds. This sauna features steam heat that reaches a max temperature of 122 degrees. Serenelife Full Size Portable Steam Sauna, $251.65 on Amazon

2. Vivohome Portable Personal Steam Sauna Spa, $135.99 on Amazon

This compact in-home sauna is great for the person who can feel a little claustrophobic in a closed-door version. The seated steam sauna is made of waterproof fabric and houses a chair and your body with a hole for your head to pop out for air. Vivohome Portable Personal Steam Sauna Spa, $135.99 on Amazon

3. Almost Heaven Saunas Pinnacle Barrel Sauna, $5,444.99 at Home Depot

Crafted in the USA, this traditional barrel sauna in cedar wood fits four people so you can invite your friends to the steam party. The barrel design fosters even heat circulation and the solid cedar door includes a tempered glass window to allow light in. The at-home sauna comes with soft lighting, a dial-controlled stainless steel heater and 40 lbs. of stones that will provide a burst of steam when splashed with water. Almost Heaven Saunas Cedar Barrel Sauna, $5,444.99 at Home Depot

4. Freeport Park Herrman Far Infrared Sauna, $1,659.99 at Wayfair

If you prefer a dry sauna to a steam sauna, consider an at-home infrared sauna. This infrared in-home sauna made of sturdy Canadian hemlock wood offers space for two people on its seating bench. Far infrared carbon heating panels are controlled by an interior soft-touch control panel. Play your favorite tunes through the build-in Bluetooth audio system. Freeport Park Herrman Far Infrared Sauna, $1,659.99 at Wayfair

5. Aleko 4-Person Steam Sauna, $5,499 on Amazon

This spacious indoor sauna with double-decker bench seating for four brings an airy vibe with large tempered glass panels on two sides. Heated by a premium electric sauna heater and enhanced by lava stones, the temperature range is adjustable between 140°F and 190°F. Energy-efficient LED strips add a subtle touch of lighting in this quality hemlock wood home wellness fixture. Aleko 4-Person Steam Sauna, $5,499 on Amazon

6. Luxury Ozone Dry Far Infrared Indoor Sauna, $3,499 at Saunasnet

The perfect luxurious at-home sauna for one person at a time, this high-tech unit features seven color therapy ceiling lights, an oxygen ionizer, reading lamp, double speakers and USB/Bluetooth capabilities and far infrared carbon panels. The attractive indoor sauna comes in hemlock or red cedar wood and a tinted glass door. Luxury Ozone Dry Far Infrared Indoor Sauna, $3,499 at Saunasnet

7. Maxxus Lifesauna 2-Person Indoor Hemlock Sauna, $4,499 at Home Depot

This stately at-home sauna for two highlights its ultra-low electric and magnetic fields (EMF) output for a safe infrared sauna experience. It comes decked out with seven low-EMF carbon infrared therapy heaters and sound system. Maxxus Lifesauna 2-Person Indoor Hemlock Sauna, $4,499 at The Home Depot

8. Southwood Luxury Steam Shower-Sauna, $9,349 at Aquapeutics

With this brilliant creation, you get a sauna and steam shower in one! On one side of the in-home sauna, you get a bench with infrared radiant heat; on the other side, enjoy a rainfall or handheld shower, plus three acupressure shower jets. Plus, reap the healing benefits of chromatherapy colored lights that stimulate or relax depending on the color and aromatherapy essential oils that can be added to the shower's steam box. Southwood Luxury Steam Shower-Sauna, $9,349 at Aquapeutics

9. Smartmak Store Full Size Steam Sauna Tent, $158.94 on Amazon

This easy, no-frills sauna tent for two people is a great option for those who are on a budget or don't have space for a permanent fixture. Drop your cellphone off in the front pocket for time away from devices. One of the three windows can be opened for a blast of fresh air if needed. (Heater or steam pot not included.) Smartmak Store Full Size Steam Sauna Tent, $158.94 on Amazon

10. Sharper Image Calming Heat Sauna Wrap, $249.99 on Amazon

This at-home sauna wrap is like a mixture between a sleeping bag, sauna and massage chair. Lay back fully clothed and chillax in the calming tool that uses toxin-releasing infrared heat with eight different setting options and three vibrating massage settings. Sharper Image Calming Heat Sauna Wrap, $249.99 on Amazon

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11. Sauna Rocket 2-Person Full Body Sauna Portable Tent, $299.98 on Amazon

After assembling it in a few minutes without tools, this portable steam sauna heats up to 125 degrees in 15 minutes with 98% humidity. Wow! Upgrade it with a bench or seats, or sit crisscross applesauce on a towel. Sauna Rocket 2-Person Full Body Sauna Portable Tent, $299.98 on Amazon

12. Golden Designs Dynamic Sauna, $1,700 at My Sauna World

This sophisticated sauna has the look of a wine cellar (sorry, no vino included here). The hemlock wood construction houses six carbon heating elements, interior reading and chromotherapy lighting, interior and exterior control panels and a tempered glass door. It's designed to be installed on any type of leveled surface, from carpet to tile or hardwood flooring. Golden Designs Dynamic Sauna, $1,700 at My Sauna World

13. Far Infrared Sauna Dome, $1,589 at 1Love Health

This futuristic sauna dome made of vegan leather lets you nap or meditate during your far infrared treatment. Just lie down under the portable machine's dome and let it do its work on your body with three customizable zones as your head stays outside for comfort. It comes in standard and XL sizes. Far Infrared Sauna Dome, $1,589 at 1Love Health

14. Monticello 4-Person Ceramic Home Sauna, $3,056 at Family Pool Fun

This large and in charge in-home sauna for four people has all the bells and whistles. Enjoy the comfort of backrests, therapeutic color therapy, organizational elements such as towel and magazine racks, music via CD player (break out the collection!) or mp3 plug-in and more. Also, you'll appreciate its oxygent ionizer that sanitizes the unit and provides clean air while it runs. Monticello 4-Person Ceramic Home Sauna, $3,056 at Family Pool Fun

15. Cooseon Single Person Far Infrared Sauna, $2,911.66 at Wayfair

This lightly hued hemlock wood single person sauna with bench seating is a stylish addition to any space. Adjust time and far infrared heat temperature to your liking with the intelligent control panel. One unusual but pretty hot (pun intended) feature: It comes with a retractable hanger inside so you can hang wet clothes to dry off...or heat up for wearing in winter season! Cooseon Single Person Far Infrared Sauna, $2,911.66 at Wayfair