12 Genius Produce Savers That'll Help Your Fruits and Veggies Last So Much Longer

If I had a dollar for every time I put half an avocado in the refrigerator and the next day it was fully brown, I would be a millionaire. Avocados aren't the only vegetable that goes bad for me quickly. I also struggle to keep my fruits fresh for more than just a few days, especially if I've already broken them open. Finally, a friend recommended I invest in produce-saving containers. After a quick Google search, I realized I was missing out all this time.

As I began my hunt for an avocado saver, I came across tons of other useful products that I suddenly needed. Before I knew it, my shopping cart was overflowing with these cool produce savers. Ahead, I curated a list of 12 of my favorites that you can shop, too. So whether you're looking to save an apple or asparagus, I've got you covered. Keep reading to check them out.


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