15 Genius Accessory Organizers That Will Tidy Up Your Wardrobe - All on Amazon Prime!

You don't have to be a professional organizer (or even a fan of Marie Kondo's Tidying Up) to get your closet in order. All it really takes is the right tools. Because accessories - shoes, jewelry, and beyond - can be the most challenging items to store neatly, we've rounded up 15 clever organizers that are game for the task. Better yet, they're all available on Amazon Prime, so you can get straight to organizing in just two days' time.

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    Hulu's new satirical series The Great is not your average period piece. The hit dramedy, set in 18th-century Russia, is loosely based on factual information surrounding Catherine the Great's rise to power - taking liberties in everything from the shoddy politics to the quips about sex with a horse to the hair. (Especially the hair.) The show's head hairstylist, Louise Coles, told POPSUGAR that the team did a lot of research into the royal era - "looking at portraits, going to galleries, reading historical literature to find as much authentic imagery as possible" - then injected a bit of modern flair to each beauty look. "Because you're obviously in a world that is very satirical and there's a lot of playing around with the facts, we were able to tailor each character in a way that wasn't completely defined by the historical research that we did," she said. "We were able to bring in some modern textures and slightly different shapes to the hair so that we could individualize each character and make them as rich as they're written. It was quite fun to not be completely chained to being historically accurate to their imagery at the time." "It was quite fun to not be completely chained to being historically accurate to their imagery at the time." Of course, the extravagant nature of the monarchy is well-documented, seeing people in and out of the court in lavish wigs and makeup. That much is true, and it's a reality Coles and the hair department came prepared to re-create. "Everyone on set wore a wig," she said. "Actually, in order to make the schedules work, everyone had more than one. Artistically, some of the ladies could afford to have more than one anyway, depending on what they wanted to do and how it went with their outfits, so they had two to three. Principal-wise, we must have had about 150 to 200 wigs. And then with crowd, we had about 300 if not more. I've never counted the exact number, but we think it was probably around 500 wigs in total that we had throughout the series, maybe more." And that's not even the crowning glory of behind-the-scenes beauty secrets that went into making the Hulu's The Great, as Coles so delightfully demonstrates ahead - to which we say: huzzah, indeed.

  • Naya Rivera Has Died at Age 33

    Naya Rivera has died at age 33. On July 13, the Ventura County Sheriff's Office recovered the actress's body in California's Lake Piru, five days after she went missing while boating with her 4-year-old son, Josey Dorsey (whom she shared with ex-husband Ryan Dorsey).

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    A weak pelvic floor can impact many aspects of your life, regardless of your gender. It makes sense - as part of your deep core, the pelvic floor has a number of crucial functions.

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    Michelle McNamara, the writer behind the book I'll Be Gone in the Dark that inspired HBO's new documentary of the same name, spent years tracing the Golden State Killer, and this search was at the center of her story. McNamara, who was married to actor Patton Oswalt, dedicated her life to true crime, specifically the Golden State Killer case, but died in her sleep two years before her book about the case was published.