Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts for the Whole Family

st patricks day crafts including shamrock ornament and pot of gold under the rainbow mobile
37 Creative Crafts for St. Patrick's DayIan Palmer

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If you're searching for easy St. Patrick's Day crafts for the kids to make or want to try your hand at some DIY shamrock-inspired decorations, you're come to the right place! We've put together a list of easy projects that will look adorable in your home and keep the whole family entertained. If you're a beginner, with less than expert crafting skills you'll find plenty of printable crafts, including cute gift tags, banners, and lunch box joke cards to brighten your child’s day. If you're a bit more adventurous (maybe you own a cordless glue gun!), try making an elegant St. Patrick's Day wreath, stitch up lucky coin bags, or dress up mason jars myriad ways, from gnome planters to Irish flag vases to mossy terrariums complete with tiny felted sheep.

Little ones can lend a helping hand with all these St. Patrick's Day crafts, but we have ideas just for them too. Younger children will get a kick out of decorating their own picture frames or making leprechauns out of recycled paper tubes, while tweens (if you can tear them away from their phones) will love their upgraded rainbow headphones so much, they might keep them that way permanently.

Need more ideas? Our roundup of St. Patrick's Day games includes some DIY ideas too. Or move your craftiness to the kitchen and whip up some Irish recipes, such as Shamrock Soda Bread.

Mason Jar with Four-Leaf Clover Tags

Give a sweet treat this year by filling a green mason jar with candy. Adding a four-leaf clover tags will let the recipient know you put it all together just for them.

To make: Use a craft punch or cut out four leave clovers from green craft paper. Use a mini circle hole punch to make a small hole in each clover. Thread thin twine through the holes and tie to a length of ribbon. Fill a green mason jar with candy (we used green peanut M&M’s) then tie the ribbon around the lid of the jar and seal.


a green mason jar filled with green candy and four leaf clover tags attached to the lid
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Hand Painted Clover Pillow

Freehand paint a few four-leaf clovers on a natural-colored pillow cover to create a bit of sophisticated St. Patrick’s Day décor to your house.

To make: Start by removing the pillow insert if applicable. Draw clovers on the cover using a disappearing pen. Paint clover using several different colors of green fabric paint, mixing the colors together slightly to great texture and highlights. Once dry stuff with insert.


a natural material pillow with hand painted four leaf clovers on it set on a chair
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Leprechaun Mason Jar

Set out this pot of gold, brought to you by your friendly leprechaun, on your party buffet or gift to a teacher on March 15th.

To make:Paint the inside of a Mason jar with green craft or spray paint. Wrap a length of black ribbon around the lower part of the jar to create a belt. Top with a piece of yellow felt that’s fashioned into a buckle with hot glue. Fill with individually wrapped gold chocolates.

green painted mason jar with a leprechaun belt and filled with gold candy
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Oversized Clover Wreath

Welcome guests to your St. Patrick’s Day party with a door adorned with an oversized flour-leaf clover made from moss and natural rope.

To make: Cut a large four-leaf clover from 1/4-inch thick foam core or sturdy cardboard. Use hot glue to attach reindeer moss to the leaves of the clover. Wrap the stem in a thin natural rope, attaching it with hot glue. Attach a length of ribbon to the back of leaf, opposite the stem, for hanging.

four leaf cover wreath made from moss and natural rope
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Clover Garland

Bring a little luck to you house with this sweet four-leaf clover garland. No special tools or supplies needed – you’ll probably have everything you need in your craft box!

To make: Tear pages from a book or copy them onto off white printer paper. Cut the pages into 3 3/4-inch wide by 5-inch tall flags. Cut out clovers from green craft paper and glue to the flags. Use a small hole punch to a hole in the corner of each flag. Thread twine through holes and hang!!

four leaf clover garland made from book pages and green paper hung on an fireplace mantel
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Pot of Gold Hanging Mobile

Lots of luck and riches will surely come your way when you hang this DIY mobile.

To make: Cut 1-inch-wide strips of paper from colored craft paper. Use a hole-punch to make a hole in the middle of each strip of paper; stack strips in the order of the rainbow. Thread a piece of twine through holes, knotting it just above and below the paper to hold paper in place. Fold a piece of black craft paper in half and cut out a pot shape, so that you have two identical pieces. Cut out two dome-shaped pieces of yellow craft paper and sandwich between the black pieces, gluing everything together. Glue yellow mini pom-poms to the yellow paper. Punch a hole at the top of the yellow dome, and thread twine through, securing with a knot. Cut out mini clovers from green craft paper and glue to the front and back of the pot; outline with a white pen if desired.


st patricks day mobile craft with paper strips rainbow suspended above black paper pot filled with yellow mini pompoms
Ian Palmer

Tissue Paper Four-Leaf Clover Ornament

This sweet four-leaf clover ornament will look equally cute hanging from a magnet on the fridge or on the front door. Make it as small or large as desired.

To make: Tear light green, dark green, and white tissue paper into small pieces. Lay pieces in between self-sealing laminating pouches; seal. Cut out a four-leaf clover shape. Punch a hole in the top of the clover with a small hole-punch. Thread thin green ribbon through the hole and hang.


green clover ornamentm an easy st patrick's day craft for adults or kids
Ian Palmer

Lucky DIY Rainbow Headphones

Got a kid who likes to dress up head-to-toe for St. Patrick's Day? They will adore this easy paper craft for their headphones.

Get the tutorial at Merriment Design.

headphones adorned with a rainbow of paper strips with a pot of gold on either end for an easy st patrick's day craft
Merriment Design

St. Patrick’s Day Gnome Planters

These guys may be too cute for words, but they're just right for your St. Patrick's Day table.

Get the tutorial at Crafting Cheerfully.

mason jars decorated like gnomes for a st patricks day craft with long beards, green top hats, filled with green flowers
Crafting Cheerfully

St. Patrick’s Day Picture Frames

These shamrock frames are easy and fun for all ages.

Get the tutorial at @PlayingCreatingEducating on Instagram.

white square photo frames decorated with glittery shamrocks, an easy st patrick's day kids' craft
Playing Creating Educating

Bell Pepper Four-Leaf Clover Stamp

The kids can make sham-rockin' shirts and refrigerator art for St. Patrick's Day with a little green paint and stamps made from bell peppers!

Get the tutorial at Good Housekeeping.

green outline of four leaf clover stamped on fabric using a cut bell pepper as a stamp
Good Housekeeping - Hearst Owned

Mini Four-Leaf Clover Pin

Proudly display your Irish pride with this DIY clover pin.

To make:
Roll out green oven-bake clay to 3/8-inch thick. Cut out shape with a mini shamrock cookie cutter. Bake per manufacturer's instructions. When cool, brush a light layer of craft glue on the shamrock and sprinkle with green glitter. Glue a brooch pin on the back.


mini four leaf clover pin crafted for st patrick's day attached denim blue baseball cap
Ian Palmer

Shamrocks and Gold Nuggets Painted Rocks

These beautifully painted rocks can be created more easily than you think, thanks to the clear step-by-step instructions.

Get the tutorial at Sustain My Craft Habit.


green shamrocks painted on smooth white rocks scattered among smaller rocks painted gold for an easy st patrick's day craft
Sustain My Craft Habit

Recycled Paper Tube Leprechaun

Preschoolers and kindergartens will have blast crafting this sweet leprechaun from the most famous craft supply—the toilet paper tube!

To make: Wrap a toilet paper tube in green paper. Add a paper face, then draw on eyes, mouth, and eyebrows. Add a beard made from orange paper circles and a button made from brown paper; draw on button holes with a black pen. Fashion a hat from green, brown, and gold paper and glue on top.


green cute leprechaun made of handmade paper on a green background, space for text cultural and religious holiday st patricks day

Pot of Gold Mason Jar Gift Idea

Fill up these cute Mason jars with chocolate coins to remind your loved ones that they make you feel lucky every day.

Get the tutorial at Polka Dot Chair.


mason jar gift filled with chocolate gold coins, printable tag reads you are the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow
Polka Dot Chair

"Box" of Gold

With a few standard craft supplies, any shape or size of box can be transformed into a seasonal "box" of gold.

To make: Wrap a box in green crepe paper. Wrap top in green streamers. Cut shamrock shapes from green craft paper and attach to the front of the box. Fill box with pennies or chocolate gold coins, and top with a rainbow made from paper strips and cotton balls.


diy leprechaun trap with gold coins, rainbow and green ladder st patricks day background gift idea, decor saint patricks day step by step child kid craft process top view irish holiday
Detry26 - Getty Images

Rainbow & Gold Lucky Sign

You'll want to keep this adorable sign up all year, especially with the fun gold accents.

Get the tutorial at Landeelu.


st patricks day sign craft that says lucky with a shamrock emblem on a background of white and multicolor stripes

Green & White Wreath

Decorate the front door or above the mantel with this shimmery seasonally appropriate wreath.

To make: Wrap a Styrofoam wreath form with green ribbon. Create "X" shapes around the wreath using a thin white ribbon. Add felt clovers, attaching them with straight pins.


decoration on your door to celebrate st patricks day
Dmitrii Balabanov - Getty Images

Paper Shamrock Wreath

All you need are different scraps of paper to create this cute shamrock wreath.

Get the tutorial at The Craft Patch.


shamrock shaped green paper door hanger craft for st patrick's day, adorned with a green button in center
The Craft Patch

DIY Kiss Me I'm Irish Shirt

Anyone can make this cute shirt at home with the provided template and some bright green paint.

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.


gray diy st patricks day tee shirt that says kiss me i'm irish in white and green type
Lovely Indeed

St. Patrick's Day Lunch Box Jokes

Brighten your child's day with these silly St. Patrick's Day jokes and riddles that will have them giggling until they get home from school.

Get the tutorial at Artsy Fartsy Mama.


handcrafted st patricks day lunch box joke cards, how is a best friend like a 4 leaf clover, hard to find and luck to have
Artsy Fartsy Mama

Paper Potted Shamrocks

Give your nearest and dearest a little luck of the Irish with some paper four-leaf clovers in matching mini pots.

Get the tutorial at Design Improvised.


diy paper potted shamrocks st patricks day craft
Design Improvised

St. Patrick's Day Pencil Toppers

At last, the magical homework incentive your little ones will love—green clover pencil toppers.

Get the tutorial at Laura Looloo.


painted shamrock pencil toppers craft for st patrick's day with takes that say wish you luck
Laura Williams

DIY Fabric Wreath

You only need a bit of green fabric and a wire frame to bring this wreath to life... because even your front door could use some holiday love.

Get the tutorial at A Mom's Impression.


st patricks day wreath crafted from fabric strips of various shades and patterns of green tied onto round wreath form
Erica Golding

St. Patrick's Day Party Hats

It's not a real celebration until the festive party hats come out to play. Deck your guests out in true St. Patrick's Day style with these easy DIY green accessories.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.


st patricks day green marbled party hat s craft
The House That Lars Built

Shamrock Garland

A garland of rice-filled, fabric shamrocks makes a subtle St. Patrick's Day statement, meaning you can win holiday decorating points without having to go overboard.

Get the tutorial at A Wonderful Thought.


shamrocks made of green ticking fabric filled with rice and strung on twine to create a garland for st patrick's day
A Wonderful Thought

Leprechaun Stick Puppet

If you're heading to a St. Patty's Day parade, don't let your crew show up empty handed. Collect craft sticks and paper plates to create the most true-to-theme holiday decoration around.

Get the tutorial at I Heart Crafty Things.


childs hand holding leprechaun puppet made of craft sticks, paper plate, construction paper, googly eyes for st patrick's day
I Heart Crafty Things

Lucky Shamrock Shadow Box Craft

A shadow box filled with paper shamrocks (including one four-leaf clover which kids can try to find) doubles as an interactive game and St. Patrick's Day decor.

Get the tutorial at Houseful of Handmade.

natural wood framed st patricks day shadow box craft filled with loose shamrock paper cutouts, black type reads feelin lucky
Houseful of Handmade

DIY St. Patrick's Day Banners

Choose between three free printable designs to craft a beautiful backdrop for your St. Patrick's Day party.

Get the tutorial and free printables at Ella Claire & Co..

three printable st patrick's day banner crafts including patterned flags, shamrocks, and pennants spelling out lucky
Ella Claire & Co.

Pot of Gold

When painted and filled with gold-wrapped chocolates, a plain terracotta flower pot becomes a playful St. Patrick's Day decoration.

Get the tutorial at The 36th Avenue.

terra cotta pot painted black with glittery gold rim and shamrock decoration, filled with rolos candy for st patrick's day
The 36th Avenue

Ireland in a Jar

What better way to celebrate the holiday than with a St. Patrick's Day craft that honors Ireland itself? Recreate the country's serene landscape with a Mason jar terrarium complete with moss, gravel, and tiny felt sheep!

Get the tutorial at Sadie Seasongoods.

vintage mason jar made into a terrarium for a st patrick's day craft filled with moss, small rocks, and tiny felted sheep
Sadie Seasongoods

Watercolor Clover Cards

Have the kids help out with this gorgeous card that can be given to friends or family.

Get the tutorial at Hello Wonderful.

white card decorated with green watercolor shamrock made from three heart shaped paper cutouts
Courtesy of Bonnie Scorer

Shamrock Mason Jars

Turn a few spare Mason jars into these chic gold-and-shamrock creations, which are perfect for holding flowers, candy, and other trinkets.

Get the tutorial at Mason Jar Crafts.

mason jar craft painted gold, decorated with tiny green painted shamrocks, st patrick's day craft for adults
Mason Jar Crafts

Irish Coffee Mugs

Enjoy the holiday while you sip coffee or tea with this festive mug.

Get the tutorial at It All Started with Paint.


dark green mug decorated with a burst of gold dots with a shamrock in the center, easy st patrick's day craft for adults
It All Started With Paint

Leprechaun Candy Huggers

The kiddos will love making these candy huggers and handing them out to their friends at school.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.

leprechaun paper cutouts hugging gold chocolate coins, st patricks day craft
Lia Griffith

Anti-Pinch Polish

These are the perfect party favors for your St. Patrick's Day party.

Get the tutorial and free printable tag at Eighteen25.

green nail polish in clear bag with confetti tied with green twine, tag says anti pinch polish for a happy st patrick's day

Leprechaun Trap

Have the kids help set up this trap—maybe this year you'll catch one of those pesky leprechauns!

Get the tutorial at The Fickle Pickle.

green laundry basket leprechaun trap with gold rolos and pot of gold cupcakes for bait, easy st patricks day craft for kids
The Fickle Pickle

Lucky Gift for Neighbors

Leave your favorite neighbors with a pot o' treats!

Get the tutorial and free printable tag from Eighteen25.


green caldron filled with st patrick's day candy and other goodies with printable gift tag that says so luck you're our neighbors

Lucky Shamrock Coin Bags

Surprise your kids or friends with some gold treats. It's their lucky day!

Get the tutorial at Ribbons and Glue.

handsewn canvas coin bags decorated with glittery green shamrocks, st patrick's day craft for adults, shown with gold coins
Ribbons and Glue

Irish Flag Mason Jars

If you have any Irish blood in you, celebrate your ancestry with these bright and beautiful jars.

Get the tutorial at Mason Jar Crafts.

mason jar vases painted with green, white and orange stripes, filled with white flowers, for an easy st patrick's day craft
Mason Jar Crafts

Leprechaun Bait

This super easy treat is perfect for a class party or entertaining any group of kids.

Get the tutorial and free printable label at Mom on the Side.

snack bag of lucky charms sealed with printable label that says leprechaun bait, decorated with classic patrick’s day themes
Mom on the Side

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