15 Creative Office Accent Wall Ideas That Will Breathe Life Into Your Home Office

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Working from home isn't set to go anywhere soon, and this means that home offices are still as popular as ever. If you're looking to add some visual interest to your home office space, why not consider an accent wall?

Accent walls help to define a focal point in the room and can make spaces appear larger, which is ideal for small office setups. Plus, there are so many creative ways to add an accent wall to your space beyond just paint.

Here are 15 creative office accent wall ideas that go beyond a simple coat of paint to add some life to your WFH setup.

Try a Gallery Wall

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Here's a simple, chic, and low-commitment option for you: a gallery wall. Gallery walls are ideal for showcasing your favorite artwork or family photos and are simple to style and install. We recommend laying out your frames on the ground before tackling the wall to plan out the arrangement. You can even cut pieces of paper to match the size of the frames and then tape them to the wall to see how it will look before you start making holes in the wall.

Glam It Up With Metallic Wallpaper

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Add a little shine and texture to your space with metallic wallpaper. This style of wallpaper is ideal for elegant, elevated spaces where you want to add a little glam. It's also great for reflecting light around the room, making it appear naturally brighter and bigger.

Pair Wallpaper With a Bold Wall Paint

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One of the most important things about adding an accent wall to any space is to ensure that it blends with the room's decor and looks intentional, rather than an isolated design element. Adding wallpaper to an accent wall and then painting the rest of the space a matching color is a great way to achieve this seamless look.

Try a Colorful, Artistic Wallpaper

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Channel creativity in your space in a major way with a colorful and artistic wallpaper like this watercolor-inspired wallpaper chosen by Ashley DeLapp Interior Design. You can pull colors from the wallpaper to inspire the rest of your decor in the space for a cohesive and intentional design.

Wallpaper a Small Nook

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No need to cover an entire wall to create an impactful accent feature. If you've got a small nook or recessed wall in your home office and you're not sure what to do with it, adding some wallpaper and turning it into an accent wall is a great option.

Use Built-ins

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Accent walls don't need to just be painted or wallpapered—you can take the functional route too. For some added storage and serious style, consider adding wall-to-wall built-in shelves to create a unique accent wall. While investing in custom built-ins is always a viable option, if you are handy or up for a DIY there are plenty of ways to hack custom-looking built-ins.

Go for Board and Batten

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Board and batten is a classic type of wall paneling that is an excellent choice for accent walls. This home office by Rushme Home features a dark blue board and batten accent wall that matches a blue desk on the opposite side of the room.

Add a Sneaky Pop of Color

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Add a sneaky pop of color to your office space with a small accent wall built in behind your desk setup. This works particularly well if you have a large desk with shelves on the side and above, which leaves the perfect little space for some color. This office features a bright blue wallpaper that adds some color and texture to an otherwise white and bright space.

Choose a High-Contrast Print

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Channel productivity in your space by choosing a bold and high-contrast wallpaper for your home office accent wall. This office by Duffy Scott Interiors features a geometric black and white accent wall that screams "work gets done here."

Use Wood Paneling

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Installing wood paneling is a great way to add some texture and visual interest to a home office space. Plus, there are endless ways to tackle it. From elegant options like picture frame molding and beadboard to more rustic choices like shiplap, there's a type of wood paneling for every style.

Create a Plant Wall

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Plants are a great way to literally bring some life to your home office space, and they can even be used to create a unique and eye-catching accent wall. You can keep it simple by installing a single shelf and using lots of long, vining plants to fill it out, or you can get creative and fill an entire wall with plants using shelves, hooks, hangers, and more.

Try an Accent Ceiling

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Sometimes called the “fifth wall,” don’t forget about the ceiling if you’re considering adding an accent wall to your space. Opting for a light and bright design or color can make the space feel bigger, while darker colors invoke a more cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Add a Colorful Built-in Desk

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If you're working with a smaller space, turning your desk into an accent wall may just be the way to go to optimize space. This small office by Potthast Design showcases how it can be done. The built-in desk and shelves are painted in a light and cheery shade of blue to add a pop of color to the space and maximize storage in a major way.

Go Big With Built-ins and a Fireplace

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If you're up for a bigger project, get ready to be inspired by this elegant home office by Rebecca Rollins Interiors. It features a bold accent wall that combines two built-in bookshelves and a tiled fireplace feature. It may require some extra leg work but the finished product is sure to be worth it.

Turn the Closet Into an Accent Wall

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If you have a closet in your home office, try taking the doors off and creating an interesting focal point in the room. You can either paint it a bold, contrasting color or add some wallpaper on the inside like Twelve 15 Design Studio. Not only will it add an interesting focal point, but it'll make the room feel bigger too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which wall should be the accent wall in an office?

There's no right or wrong answer as to which wall in an office should be the accent wall; it all depends on the room and its dimensions and configurations. Keep in mind that whatever wall you choose will become a focal point in the space, which is why many choose to use the wall behind the desk, which is a natural focal point as well.

How do you decorate the walls in an office?

There are endless ways to decorate the walls of a home office, including adding artwork, hanging family photos, adding plants, using paint or wallpaper to add a pop of color, installing shelves, and much more. Consider how you will use the space and the types of things that bring you joy and will help the space feel productive.

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