15 Positively Hilarious Fails From The Internet This Week That Make Me Glad I'm Chronically Online To See Them All

Happy April Fools Day, everyone! In the spirit of things, I thought I'd share with you my compilation of the funniest fails on the internet this week, in no particular order. Without further ado, please enjoy!

1. Starting off strong, this intern moment:

Twitter: @jilltwiss

2. This pizza... which may actually be a huge win, if you love mushrooms:

Twitter: @juan_amayah

3. This grocery store:

Twitter: @zjfrank13

4. Ain't Peter's Church:

Twitter: @thescottbarber

5. This creepy bathroom:

Twitter: @wownicebuttdude

6. Falling for this evil trick:

Twitter: @Sosowski

7. Receiving this text from mom:

Twitter: @mikescollins

8. This wheelchair ramp that is definitely not ADA compliant:

Twitter: @doxie_gay

9. This interaction:

Twitter: @witnessborne

10. Being turned down by Nathan Fielder over email (although, kind of a win?):

Twitter: @peachyphus

11. This eeevil parenting moment:

Twitter: @dougboneparth

12. The things kids say:

Twitter: @clhubes

13. This secrecy strategy:

Twitter: @jusstlikeb

14. The way cats mess with us:

Twitter: @HannahAlOthman

15. And finally, this lamb cake (although I'm sure it tasted amazing):

Twitter: @TarotSkeptic

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