14 Ways to Decorate with Winter-Flowering Bulbs in Your Home

Let nature star in your indoor seasonal displays with these creative flowering bulb ideas.

<p>Jacob Fox</p>

Jacob Fox

Even amid the holiday lights and tinsel, nature provides some of the season's most dazzling ornaments: Bulbs that are ready to be coaxed into bloom indoors. As stunning as amaryllis, paperwhites, and hyacinth look on their own, though, they can make even more of an impact as the centerpieces of a festive display. Take a cue from these 14 winter-flowering bulb decoration ideas for tabletops, mantels, or wherever else you could use a little extra cheer.

Sculptural Display

<p>Carson Downing</p>

Carson Downing

A tall, clear vessel shows off dogwood twigs and striped butterfly amaryllis like pieces of art. Fill the base with white sand and a handful of small ornaments for interest at the base (the sand will also keep the display from tipping over).

Twinkling Centerpiece

<p>Jacob Fox</p>

Jacob Fox

Battery-operated fairy lights bring a little holiday shine to the waxed bases of amaryllis. To keep the bulbs upright, their bases are hot-glued to small tart pans lined with pebbles. Clustered together, the bulbs create a beautiful holiday centerpiece; individually, they make sweet gifts for hosts or party guests.

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Gathered from Nature

<p>Andre Baranowski</p>

Andre Baranowski

You may already have most of what you need for this casual display. Just collect some pinecones and berry-laden branches from the yard, and a small houseplant you already have on hand. Arrange everything in a wire basket along with a potted winter bulb ('Faro' amaryllis is shown here).

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A Pretty Lineup

<p>Jason Donnelly</p>

Jason Donnelly

All you need are a few square glass vessels, potting mix, and the flowering bulbs of your choosing for this simple centerpiece. For a clean look, plant the same type of bulb in each vase; for a more dynamic look, plant a mix of types.

Lush Landscape

<p>Andre Baranowski</p>

Andre Baranowski

Miniature ferns and moss create a tropical effect around a striped 'Splash' amaryllis. By keeping the amaryllis in a separate pot set into the center of the planting, you can lift it out when the blooms are done, and replace with other flowers if you like.

Bulbs on Bulbs

<p>Michael Partenio</p>

Michael Partenio

Bring on the shimmer: A top dressing of small bulb ornaments adds holiday cheer around fragrant paperwhites. Placing them in a silver footed bowl makes the display elegant enough for a table centerpiece for a holiday celebration.

Forest in Miniature

<p>Jacob Fox</p>

Jacob Fox

This vignette takes its cues from the woods, featuring snowy-white 'Carnegie' hyacinth along with an evergreen branch and a handful of pine cones. Everything is tucked into soil, which is topped with sheet moss to mimic a forest floor.

Red, White, and Green

<p>John Bessler</p>

John Bessler

A traditional holiday color scheme is rendered here with berry branches and paperwhites. A deep planter makes the display look complete (and means you can just leave the plants in their nursery pots instead of hassling with repotting them).

Winter Wonderland

<p>Blaine Moats</p>

Blaine Moats

For a cabinet of curiosities–style display, place paperwhites in an open-top glass terrarium along with other natural elements like evergreen clippings and pine cones. White pebbles echo the color of the flowers.

Cut Flower Vignette

<p>Andre Baranowski</p>

Andre Baranowski

The full shapes of amaryllis make them standout cut flowers. Clear vases with a narrow opening hold the top-heavy stems upright and keep the focus on the colorful petals. For a serene scene, choose pale and pastel flowers and display several together. Complete the display with moss, votives, and even a few ornaments or other seasonal decorations.

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Three's Company

<p>Greg Scheidemann</p>

Greg Scheidemann

Amaryllis come in so many interesting patterns, why not show off more than one of your favorites at a time? Place three different varieties in a row, unified by matching containers, in the center of a tabletop or on a mantel.

Bird's Eye View

<p>Andre Baranowski</p>

Andre Baranowski

For bird lovers who want to recreate this whimsical display, fill a medium-size pot with about three-quarters full with potting mix, then place a faux bird's nest from the crafts shop on top (lightly fill it with potting mix as well). Wrap the bulb in sheet moss, securing it with twine, and set it inside the nest with its roots gently folded underneath; they will grow through the nest into the pot below. Set an artificial bird or two on the nest’s edge.

A Merry Mix

<p>Andre Baranowski</p>

Andre Baranowski

To showcase several types of amaryllis, vary the height and vessels, utilizing glass cloches, vases, baskets, and pedestals. The plants shown here include: 'Summertime’; budding ‘Faro’, which opens with a white starburst on salmon petals; 'Purple Rain’ under the cloche; red and white ‘Splash’; and green-throated ‘Emerald’.

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Winter Whites

<p>Michael Partenio</p>

Michael Partenio

Cluster several potted paperwhites in a mix of white and silver pots and trays for an elegant display that takes almost no effort. A top dressing of pebbles gives the pots a finished look.

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