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14 things Yahoo shopping editors tried and loved in February 2024

We're professional shoppers — it's tough to wow us. These impressive products stopped us in our tracks.

editor favorites: mascara, sneaker, earbuds, milk frother
February's editor favorites were all about beauty and clothing, with some tech and home goods sprinkled in for good measure. (Amazon/Nordstrom)

When you test as many items as we shopping editors do, you quickly learn that not all products are created equal. But when we come across something we're impressed by, well, that's saying something. This month, our staff discovered a slew of new favorites, from an affordable pair of earbuds that rival AirPods Pro to a hands-free milk frother that'll take your morning coffee from "meh" to downright luxurious. Beauty, clothing and home goods were all having a moment in February as well, so if you're looking to engage in some retail therapy during these final weeks of winter, keep scrolling to see what else we were wowed by.

14 things Yahoo shopping editors tried and loved in February 2024

Your lashes, but better. Add length and volume with a few swipes of this mascara, which is only $8 on Amazon!

$8 at Amazon
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$8 at Ulta Beauty$9 at Walmart

"I'm a creature of habit when it comes to mascara, but after a three-year love affair with L'Oreal Lash Paradise, I decided to make a switch and try this Maybelline sensation. The first time wearing it, a friend asked me if I had lash extensions — so, it's safe to say, I'm sold. The curved brush grabs every lash, curling and coating lashes from root to tip. It's magic in a bottle — my lashes look longer and fuller, plus it doesn't flake off throughout the day." Amanda Garrity, Gift Guides Editor

My fine lines are melting away before my eyes, my skin is getting brighter by the day and even my mental health and sleep routine are better. I am 100% all-in and super excited about the power of pulsing LED red light therapy!

$483 at Maysama

"I am obsessed with my new Maysama Pulse40 LED Light Therapy targeted skin rejuvenation treatment panel and green rooibos serum. The red + near infrared pulsing LED light therapy is the latest upgrade to light therapy and it has fully blown me away. I have never seen results so quickly from any product or device. This panel is not only brightening and tightening my skin, but it helps with sleep, mental health and even pain management. It’s worth every penny and then some!" April McCormick, Senior Health Editor

Oprah herself loves this bedding and loungewear brand. Turns out the queen of media seriously knows her sleepwear. 

$190 at Cozy Earth

"I knew Oprah and Yahoo Life editors alike were fans of Cozy Earth's bamboo pajamas, so when I saw that a cute new ribbed set had been released, that was my cue to finally try them out for myself. Let's just say they've ruined all other PJs for me. They're indescribably soft, yet keep my hot-sleeping self nice and cool throughout the night. The only downside is that I always struggle to change out of them in the morning, they're that comfortable. I went with the "Pistachio Cream" green, but they also come in a lovely "Limoncello" yellow — good luck choosing!" —Britt Ross, Deals Writer

Check out one Yahoo editor's full Cozy Earth Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set review for more.

This anti-aging face mask contains good-for-you natural ingredients to moisturize skin and helps decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

$5 at Target

"My sensitive skin has been so dry this winter. I was looking for something that could give it a quick boost of hydration without irritating it and without spending a lot, which led me to this $5 ESW Beauty face mask. After washing my face at night, I put the mask on for 15 minutes, then massaged in the leftover serum and went to bed. When I woke up, my skin looked noticeably brighter and bouncier than before. Since then, I've stocked up and use one at least once a week." —Ellie Conley, Senior Commerce Editor

This hoodie is made from impossibly soft bamboo-derived viscose, so it'll keep you comfortably cool as the weather starts to warm up (but it's still cozy enough for cold days, too).

$128 at Cozy Earth

"I can't remember the last time my boyfriend splurged on an article of clothing (let alone loungewear) so I was so excited to treat him to something way nicer than his well-worn tees. The hoodie's fabric is so plush and cloud-like, I almost bought an extra one for myself. He hasn't stopped raving about it (or the matching joggers) ever since he opened the package. He loves the set so much, he even told his friends about it (I'm hoping he gets me the women's version for my birthday)." —Izabella Zaydenberg, Deputy Editor

I cannot think without my morning coffee — that includes thinking about how to get the perfect level of foam on my cappuccino. You can sleepwalk your way through a satisfying cup with a dense layer of foam with this hands-off machine.

$37 at Amazon

"I'm a West Coast worker who works East Coast hours so, clearly, I cannot function without my morning coffee. This gadget makes my 5:45 a.m. sunrise caffeine fix decadent, as opposed to simply being a utilitarian necessity. Before I bought this, I’d labor over a slowly boiling pot of milk with my hand frother. This hands-off frother has four functions and only takes a touch of a button to get a decadent, customized level of foam every time." —Janelle Randazza, Commerce Editor

I'm logging lots of steps chasing after my puppy, so I needed comfy new sneakers that could keep up.

$100 at Nordstrom

"I have a 10-month-old puppy who requires lots of walks and exercise. My 'cute' sneakers weren't up for the job, so I decided to invest in a sportier, more supportive pair. The New Balance 530s have lots of great reviews around the web and I like the 'dad' style minus the super chunky sole that some others have. I've been running after my dog in these for a few weeks now and I'm glad to report they are super lightweight, very comfortable and also easy to get clean by just throwing them in the washing machine." —Jeanine Edwards, Commerce Director

This excellent tinted sunscreen does triple duty. It nourishes skin while smoothing your complexion and offering broad spectrum SPF.

$24 at Walmart
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$38 at Amazon$38 at Kohl's

"I tried dozens of products for our Best Tinted Sunscreens 2024 roundup and, while many were fantastic, there's something about the rich texture and skin-lumifying finish of Peter Thomas Roth's version that's a cut above the rest. It manages to smooth imperfections and soothe redness while offering a potent SPF 45 — plus, the tint magically works for most skin shades." Jennifer Romolini, Senior Beauty Editor

This foundation-serum hybrid goes on smooth and offers sufficient, dewy coverage without drying out skin.

$14 at Ulta

"I recently tried this foundation from Makeup Revolution and it’s one of the best I’ve used yet. It offers lightweight yet buildable coverage and moisturizes skin so you don’t need to worry about it getting cakey or dry. It’s also incredibly easy to blend and apply — a great option for someone looking for the quality of a high-end product for less." —Kristin Granero, Senior Commerce Writer

My white bath towels were bordering on brown, it was time for refresh and I wanted to keep the cost in check, while also not feeling like I was drying off with burlap.

$14 at Target

"I've always loved a crisp white sheet and towel set, but I know when it's time to admit defeat. These dove gray $14 towels are 100% cotton and about as fluffy and soft as you can get without veering into high-end home goods territory. They wash and dry well and look as good as they did when I bought them." —Lisa Schweitzer, Senior Editor

This backpack is so stylish, you'll have cats fe-locking to you. Seriously though, it's expandable for kitties with a little more to love and has plenty of breathing space for your furry friend.

$33 at Amazon

"My cat is a bit of an escape artist, so while trying to find a way to take her safely outside, my wife found this. Gracie easily fits into the backpack and enjoys looking out through the bubble, while I have plenty of peace of mind that she won't be able to escape. It's lightweight, too! Even with the addition of a 9-pound cat, it doesn't put too much stress on the shoulders and back. She gets to go outside and watch while I garden now, and her little sniffer has never been busier." —Patrick Hearn, Deals Writer

I can't get enough of this refreshing candle that makes my kitchen smell like a spring garden.

$22 at Amazon
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$22 at Kohl's$28 at Yankee Candle

"I've been dying for springtime and warmer weather for a few weeks now, and this earthy candle makes me feel like it's finally arrived (even though it's still cold outside). While the main notes on this candle are Egyptian basil and tomato leaf, the candle also packs hints of clove for a calming scent. The lightweight fragrance isn't overpowering and truly smells like you're walking through a tomato garden. I also love the pretty amber glass vessel, the long burn time and the fact that it's made from upcycled materials and traceable ingredients." —Rebecca Carhart, Fashion and Beauty Writer

I wanted a new pair of noise-cancelling earbuds but wasn't about to shell out $250 for AirPods Pro.

$42 at Amazon

"With the Air4 Pro, SoundPeats introduces yet another audio product with amazing value. Similar to AirPods Pro in nearly every way, they offer superb ANC, impressive battery life, lossless audio and a comfortable in-ear design. I found audio quality to be superb, thanks in part to the Air4 Pro's 13mm drivers. They're already a great deal at $80, but keep an eye out for sales and coupons; you may be able to score them for $55 or even less." —Rick Broida, Executive Commerce Editor, Tech

(Psst: At the time this was written, they were down to $42 with the on-page coupon!)

This microfine detailing brow pencil comes in six different shades, so there's a color for everyone — plus it's smudge-proof and waterproof. It stays on my brows all day long, which is a huge plus in my book!

$25 at Nordstrom

"My eyebrows are sadly getting thinner by the day (gotta love the aging process!) so I'm always on the hunt for pencils that will help me fake fuller brows. I recently discovered Benefit's new Precisely, My Brow Detailer and I have two words for you — game changer. The extra-fine tip (it's just .8mm) creates hair-like strokes that add detail, dimension and depth to the brows. I'm using it with my Precisely, My Brow Pencil and I love the natural look they create together. This is definitely a new staple in my makeup bag." —Rory Halperin, Partnerships and Branded Content Editor