I'm Pretty Disturbed By These 14 Things Moms Posted About In Online Parenting Groups

1.This mom who thought it was hilarious that she forgot her two-year-old was in the bathtub and left her alone for an extended period of time:

mom posting about forgetting her daughter in the tub with crying laughing emojis
u/FknDesmadreALV / Via reddit.com

2.This mom who needs to mind her business:

mom writing that her 21 year old doesn't seem to be having sex so she's concerned
u/AutumnAkasha / Via reddit.com

3.This mom who wants the whole world to know that she thinks her baby is ugly:

mom asking why her child has to have such a big nose
u/rsanders9195 / Via reddit.com

4.This mom who took her seven-week-old baby on an intense amusement ride:

mom being told she couldn't have her child in a carrier for a roller coaster and still took him and held up during the ride
u/antisocial_HR / Via reddit.com
the post continued
u/antisocial_HR / Via reddit.com

5.This mom who values the opinion of her social media friends more than her own daughter's:

mom asking facebook if they think it's ok she didn't drive to her daughter's school with a new pair of underwear after her daughter bleed through hers
u/meatball77 / Via reddit.com

6.This mom who constantly bullies her daughter about how she dresses:

mom mad that her daughter wears athletic clothes that are unflattering
u/meatball77 / Via reddit.com

7.This mom who turned to Facebook for medical advice instead of taking her son to the doctor:

mom asking the group about a swollen testicle
u/Stupidkitties / Via reddit.com

8.This mom who thinks it's funny that her kid heard her having sex:

mom posting about her son confronting her about being loud during sex
u/bonniebelle01 / Via reddit.com

9.This mom who's actively considering leaving her baby alone in the house:

mom asking if it's ok to just have a baby monitor to leave the kid and go out
u/LasangaMagpie / Via reddit.com

10.And this mom who's actively considering bringing her four-month-old to a monster truck competition:

thoughts on bringing a 4 week old baby to the monster jam?
u/notquiterelevant / Via reddit.com

11.This mom who drove her two-year-old without a car seat:

no judgment please, i was in a rush and by baby carseat was left at my mothers so i placed him in the backseat of the car with a seatbelt and now the child's father is threatening to take him
u/noodlebox91 / Via reddit.com

12.This mom who's scared that, if she has a boy, he will be ugly:

i'm terrified of having a boy my boyfriend's sister had a baby with a one night stand and the child is ugly
u/SamMcParland / Via reddit.com

13.And this mom who's scared her boys will be "beta:"

all three of my boys better be alphas
u/TheSocialABALady / Via reddit.com

14.And finally, this mom who literally said she would give away her human children before giving away her animals:

i would consider to rehome my human child before i would ever thing about rehoming my pets
u/AliceRedfield / Via reddit.com

H/T: r/ShitMomGroupsSay