14 ~Secrets~ Charli D’Amelio’s Birth Chart Reveals About Her

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Charli D'Amelio isn't just famous—she's *TikTok famous.* Millions of fans watch her every move on TikTok, eat up all she has to say on her podcast, and buy each and every product she endorses...but do they know the real her? Do they know what her future has in store?

The answer to both of those questions is "probably not." However, if we look at her sunrise chart—which what we call a birth chart when we don't have someone's exact time of birth and the Rising is set to the Sun sign—we can learn multitudes about her inner world and her aspirations for the future.

1. She cares about structure and stability

The Sun symbolizes your preferences, personality, and radiance. So, with a Sun in Taurus—the first earth sign of the zodiac—Charli cares deeply about structure, stability, and consistency. IRL, she probably prides herself on being super down-to-earth.

2. She was destined to be famous

Born on May 1, 2004, Charli entered our world just a few days before a Lunar Eclipse, which means there is a powerful link between her identity (represented by the Sun in Taurus) and destiny (symbolized by the North Node of the Eclipse). People born during eclipses tend to have larger than life experiences, which certainly could explain Charli’s meteoric rise to fame!

3. She’s a serious perfectionist and practices her craft often

The Moon represents your emotional inner-world, along with how you “nourish” yourself. Charli’s Moon is in Virgo—the meticulous earth sign that is famously detail-oriented. Based on this placement, it’s safe to say that Charli takes her career seriously!

4. She has a great sense of humor

Charli was born with both Venus (the planet of values) and Mars (the planet of action) aligned in the sign of Gemini, the “prankster” of the zodiac. These placements reveal that Charli has an excellent sense of humor. Not only does she appreciate comedy, but she loves to make people laugh. This is a huge part of her personality!

5. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, though she doesn’t always feel understood

Charli was born with Mercury (the planet of expression) in fiery Aries, which means it’s important for Charli to speak her mind. However, because Mercury is creating a tense connection with Chiron (the celestial body symbolizing one of our deepest wounds), she may feel like she’s often misunderstood.

6. She has more talents than we know

With so many planets and celestial bodies embedded in Gemini—the playful air sign known for its mischievous duality—Charli is good at so many things.! It’s likely she’s always working on multiple projects simultaneously, so she definitely knows how to keep busy!

7. For her, friendship and romance are always interconnected

Since Venus (symbolizing love) and Mars (representing passion) form a positive connection to Mercury (the planet of communication) in her chart, it’s likely that friendship and love are often intertwined. This could mean that she falls head-over-heels with her best friends or that her lovers become her BFF! Did someone say Lil Huddy?

8. However, she hates waiting to DTR

Although friendship and romance go hand-in-hand, Charli isn’t always happy about these blurred lines: Venus and Mars meet Charli’s Moon at a tense, 90º angle that often feels like an elbow jab to the stomach. Even if it feels like a chore, it’s important for Charli to make sure she always defines the relationship!

9. She just experienced her Saturn Opposition

The infamous Saturn Return occurs when in your late 20s, and represents your cosmic coming-of-age. The halfway point of this cycle is known as your “Saturn Opposition,” which means Saturn in the sky directly opposes its placement in your birth chart. Charli experienced her Saturn Opposition when she was 14, which means that age was the year she began defining her personal independence.

10. Her father is really important to her

Speaking of Saturn, this ringed-gas giant represents rules, stability, structure, and (in traditional astrology) one’s relationship with their father. Charli’s Saturn is in Cancer, the sensitive water sign often associated with maternal energies. Suffice it to say, Charli’s father plays a major role in her life, specifically one of an emotional nurturer.

11. She needs to get in touch with her intuition

When multiple planets form powerful connections, they create shapes known to astrologers as “aspect patterns.” The most prominent aspect pattern in Charli’s birth chart is the T-Square to her Moon—basically, this means Charli’s emotions play a huge role in her life…and that can often feel frustrating and overwhelming. The more Charli taps into her intuition and innate psychic powers, the easier it will be for her to navigate all these complicated feels!

12. At the end of 2021, she’ll probably go through a glow-up

Every nine years, eclipses illuminate our chart in a major way that propels us towards our destiny. At the end of 2021 and through 2023, eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis will activate the North and South Nodes in Charli’s birth chart, meaning major transformation is on the horizon!

13. It looks like she may be getting her own TV show next year

It takes Jupiter (the lucky planet of expansion) 12 years to complete an orbit, so whenever it forms a connection in our birth chart, big things are bound to happen! This upcoming February, Jupiter in Aquarius will connect to Charli’s natal Neptune, the planet that represents creativity, fantasy, and (you guessed it!) entertainment! So what does that mean? I suspect that Charli will be starring in her own television show in the very near future—we love to see it! Dixie *did* say that a reality show about their family was in the works.

14. Her 21st year will be memorable

It takes a birth chart a whopping 30 years to fully mature, which means that 16-year-old Charli has a long way to go! Suffice it to say, Charli should look forward to an epic 21st birthday—not only because she can finally hit the clubs, but because many of her planets (including Mercury, Venus, and Pluto) will be activated at that time. So what should we expect? Sorry to say, cosmic warriors, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

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