The Beloved "Hunter X Hunter" Series Is Finally Back And I Need Answers To These Lingering Questions

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Influential Japanese author Yoshihiro Togashi, creator of YuYu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter, announced the end of a nearly four-year hiatus in the most modern way possible: by making a Twitter account. He claims he'll use the platform to update fans on new HxH content, which led to him racking up over a million followers in less than 24 hours. Needless to say, the community desperately missed him.

Hunter x Hunter logo from the 2011 TV series
Madhouse / Via

The 390th chapter of Hunter x Hunter, titled "Clash: Part 1" was released in 2018. Togashi's recurring health issues then forced him into an extended break, but the hiatus gave fans time to speculate about multiple plot threads. With chapter 391 on the horizon, here are 14 questions every HxH fan needs answered.

Kurapika playing with his hair
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Obviously, *SPOILERS AHEAD* for anyone who's not up-to-date with the events of the Hunter x Hunter manga.

1.First things first: is Togashi happy and healthy?

Kurapika, Leorio, Gon, and Killua in a framed photo

Togashi has suffered from crippling lower back pain for decades, aggravated by the brutal work schedule that many manga artists are subjected to. While his return is a pivotal one for the industry and the community, his biggest fans are always concerned about his health. We want to hear that he's taking care of himself, above all else.

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2.Will we be seeing Gon and Killua again soon?

Gon and Killua smiling

Most of HxH covered Gon's journey to find his father. He met Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio during the Hunter Exams and they became the beloved "main four" (though antagonist Hisoka is widely considered the fifth main character). With the current story arc revolving around Kurapika, Gon and Killua have been sidelined for a hot minute. Seeing them again after so many years would be a true delight, but is it in Togashi's game plan?


3.Will Leorio finally get his own story arc?

Leorio reading a book

Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and even Hisoka have each received a large chunk of screen time throughout the series. When will it be Leorio's turn? Given that he's currently in the same location as Kurapika, many fans assume he'll be taking the spotlight in the (near?) future. Togashi, please. Let Leorio shine.

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4.Is Hisoka actually disguised as Illumi on the Black Whale?

Hisoka looking menacing

This theory threw the HxH community for a loop. As the story stands, Hisoka is the most wanted man in the series after killing two Phantom Troupe members. Rumor has it he's on the Black Whale ship that the current arc takes place on, but no one has been able to locate him yet. One idea that picked up steam at the end of 2021 is that he has disguised himself as Killua's brother, Illumi, who is also on the ship... or is he? You can watch the full theory video here, and it's admittedly a mind-blowing one.

Madhouse / Via

5.If Hisoka isn't disguised as Illumi, then where the heck is he?

Hisoka stretching his arm out

Seriously, where is this man hiding? Is he even on the Black Whale? We need answers.

Madhouse / Via

6.Will more Spiders (aka Phantom Troupe members) die?

Chrollo speaking

Hisoka vowed to kill every last Troupe member, but how close will he get to accomplishing this? Will he die trying? Will someone beat Hisoka to the punch and kill a Spider or two before he does? Togashi is an unpredictable author, so fans have no idea what to expect.


7.Will Chrollo have a "Requiem 2.0" moment?

Chrollo holding his arms up like a composer

Kurapika killing Uvogin triggered one of the most phenomenal sequences during the Yorknew City arc. Chrollo's requiem for the fallen Spider is iconic, but now that he's lost two more Troupe members, will he honor them in a similar manner?


8.Is Kurapika going to die?

Kurapika using his chains

This has been a hot topic within the fandom for years given the downside of Kurapika's Emperor Time ability. This power eats away at his lifespan, leading some fans to believe he'll have a tragic ending. Others feel like Togashi would never kill off a main character (at least not for good). We won't get an answer to this question for a while, but HxH fans will not rest until then.


9.Is Togashi ever bringing Gyro back?

Gyro sitting during his backstory

Gyro, the founder and former leader of NGL, received a shockingly sad backstory during the Chimera Ant arc. However, that's all we ever really see of him. He seems too important to simply brush off and never mention again, but will Togashi commit to looping him back into the story?


10.Will Togashi actually make it to the Dark Continent this time?

A picture of the Dark Continent from the Hunter x Hunter anime

The Black Whale is en route to the perilous Dark Continent, but some fans fear that Togashi's health won't allow him to dock the boat. The current Succession Contest arc (also known as the Succession War) is so convoluted that resolving most of the plot threads could take a lot out of the author. Does he realistically intend to go that far without another hiatus?


11.Will we get more information on Don Freecss?

The Dark Continent journal with the letters W and E on the cover

Don traveled to the Dark Continent and allegedly recorded his experience in two journal volumes called "East" and "West". However, only the "East" volume has been found, meaning "West" is either lost, doesn't exist, or is still being worked on. The latter would mean Don is alive and we're meant to meet him, but will he be mentioned again in Togashi's upcoming new content?


12.How much is left of the Succession War arc?

With the Kakin Princes in the midst of a royal family war, Hisoka playing hide-and-seek with the Spiders, Kurapika draining his lifespan, and Leorio waiting for his time to shine... just how many chapters will it take to wrap this arc up?

13.How far is Togashi going to push Tserriednich as a villain?

While fans have their eyes on several of the Kakin princes, like Camilla and Halkenburg, Prince Tserriednich is by far the most terrifying character in HxH at the moment. His potential is absurd, so how will he be interacting with the main cast?

14.Will the anime be returning?

Gon clenching his fist

Now that there's more HxH in the pipeline, will the anime be picked up for a seventh season? Technically, the manga content that hasn't been animated yet could support another full season. If Togashi intends to have a more consistent release schedule this time, is the anime's continuation an option?


The possibilities are endless with an author as ambitious as Togashi. The fact that even one of these questions—or any other question that fans developed over the last four years—could be answered throughout 2022 is exciting enough. We're just happy to have him back.