This 14-Year-Old Is Bursting Onto The British Mountain Bike Scene

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There is no denying it anymore, the kids these days are insane riders. Finley Davies is no exception.

Watch the 14-year-old British phenom’s profile below.

Even though Davies is just a kid, he is already a menace on the bike. In this video, he shows off his skills on both the mountain bike and the dirt jumper.

Davies and fellow Brit Harry Schofield are often mentioned in the same sentence. Both are barely teenagers and some of the best riders in Britain. This poses the question; how did these youngsters get so good?

Perhaps they grew up at a time when the sport of freeride was fully developed these kids had role models and public jump lines to learn biking on whereas their forebears had to build the infrastructure themselves.

The youngsters these days are also helped by what appears to be a less than rigorous curriculum. Davies’ parents are concerned about his academics but admit that he can get behind when he is off riding bikes.

This generation of kids missed a couple of years of in-person school during the pandemic. In this vacuum, many spent their time at the dirt jumps learning new ways to hurt themselves. Nowadays they are killing it in the sport.

It is great to see brands sponsoring these youngsters that are pushing the sport. Before too long they will be at the forefront of mountain biking.

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